Sharon Prince and The Need For Talks

There are ways to make money from Climate change and the way that these companies intend to make revenue is by adopting different processes, such as trading in older processes for new ones. In some cases, it is by creating completely new initiatives that would lock down the capital they would need to survive the losses of changeover and adaption.

One thing that remains of note here is that the fossil fuel industry, which is generally projected to have the most significant losses due to the current changeover to environmentally practices, also reports estimated revenue of approximately $141 billion. This is unprecedented and seems quite likely, but the figures are still very much there in the report for everyone to see.

This has raised questions among some regarding the authenticity and the transparency of the findings that are shared in the report. These concerns are not only shared by the readers of the report, but also by CDP which has compiled the findings submitted to it by the participants of the findings.

The Initiative is the First of Its Kind

With that being said, this is the first time that large scale corporations have taken the initiative to assess the risks posed to them by climate change and the actions that they are taking to mitigate them.

The companies that joined the program to submit their findings included names such as Google’s parent firm Alphabet, global electronic conglomerate Hitachi, and large scale bank Banco Santander. Hailing from the U.S., Japan and Brazil, respectively, these organizations highlight the scale of participation by global organizations for the making of this report.

As such, Sharon Prince knows that the world needs to have more discussions, more forums and more expression. That is why she has worked on Grace Farms and keeps it vibrant and welcoming to a large community of people.

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Oren Frank Tries To Close The Gap Between Therapy And Patients Through Talkspace

Although there has been a lot of effort to cut the stigma in mental illnesses, there are still people who are afraid to get therapy. Oren Frank, the co-founder and the current CEO of Talkspace is trying to reduce the stigma and offer therapy for people who needs it through the use of the latest technology and the convenience of the Internet.

Advancements on computing devices and Internet connectivity bring a lot of services online, including therapy. He created a platform called Talkspace, which connects customers to licensed therapists. Talkspace has been helping people all around the world get the therapy that they needed, with the majority of clients using the platform had never received therapy before.

Talkspace is also beneficial for therapists who like to have a side hustle in order to supplement the income from their main job. Licensed therapists that work with the company can work in their best schedule and while at home. They can also decide the number of clients they’re willing to help. For more information, be sure to follow Oren Frank on social media including his Twitter page

Oren Frank was a senior marketing and advertising executive when the idea for Talkspace was born. “Therapy for all!”, both accessible and affordable is where the idea for the company came from. Frank and his wife Roni first hand experienced the effect of therapy when they attended sessions that helped save their marriage. Right now, the couple is living happily together with their two daughters. Roni left her career as a software developer in order to focus on Talkspace.

One of the habits that makes Oren Frank productive is to apply moderation in everything he does. He believes that the system in may offices are destructive to people. Employees should work reasonable hours, as well as have a healthy lifestyle and family life. Good work and life balance should enable an employee to enjoy other interest and alone time other than being in their jobs.

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Betterworks your Continuous Performance Management Solution

Silicon Valley, the hub of technology, saw itself produce another outstanding technology known as Betterworks in 2013. This technology offers continuous management solution necessary for running a company smoothly. This is made possible through the user data and organizational tools it offers you to enhance the productivity of your company.


This software has unique features of its own, that helps you keep your team and yourself on the right track. Companies looking to grow steadily and keep track of their performance need this impressive betterworks software. All this is to give your entities and employees continuous performance management solution.

In a survey carried out through Betterworks, it clearly outlines the troubling state of talent management. It is important to realize that talent management is essential in playing a major role in improving the performance of individuals.


Download the Betterworks App –

Companies should also realize that the transformation of an employee to leadership is a big change. Leadership comes with the responsibility of leading others and assisting others in their work.

Companies should note that most of these leaders also require full support from the company. This is because, through Betterworks, it came to our realization that leaders do not feel supported at all.

Most people managers lack a sense of purpose. Performance and leadership practices frequently pressure them rather than help them. These managers lack purpose aligned with their company. It is by the fact that employees and managers who know their purpose in the company and share the same vision of the company, outweigh and outperform the market by 42%.

How Recruiter Brian Torchin Brings Value To The Healthcare Field

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur in the staffing industry. He founded HCRC Staffing in January 2007 and is this company’s managing partner. He helps his clients by finding the best people to fill their open positions whether that’s a chiropractor, dentist, physician assistant urgent care doctor, front office staff, and more. He is based in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School he attended the University of Delaware, majoring in exercise science. He then attended New York Chiropractic College, graduating in 1995. Brian Torchin spent the next several years managing medical clinics along the East Coast.

HCRC Staffing is a full-service organization. In addition to matching people to open positions he also offers career consultation to people who are looking to apply their skills in the field of healthcare. As a chiropractor himself, he knows how difficult it can be to find a good position that is right for you. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

He is a detail-oriented person who makes sure that when he matches a company and potential employee they are both right for one another. This includes education, past experience, and whether they have the right temperament to fit into a company’s culture. He works with companies and individuals across the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

He fits writing about the job market into his busy schedule. Brian Torchin has written blog posts about subjects such as how to hire the best employees, what questions to ask during an interview, and what strategies to follow when it comes to online marketing. His goal is to satisfy the needs of both employees and employers so that everyone benefits. This includes making himself available to answer questions whenever his clients need and offering efficient and fast solutions. His clients say he’s a knowledgeable team player who has benefitted their organizations.

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Betsy DeVos and Causes

There are many people who don’t talk too much. There are others who talk a lot. Betsy DeVos isn’t part of either category. That’s because she only talks when it’s necessary. That doesn’t suggest that she doesn’t cherish conversation with her husband. That doesn’t insinuate that she doesn’t cherish dialogue with her kids, either. She relishes being able to open up to these people in her world. They relish being able to open up to her, too. The main thing people have to say about Betsy is that she’s succinct. She’s precise. Conciseness is something that drives her daily. She’s a woman of few words. Her words always count. They always matter.


Being the United States’ capable Secretary of Education is a vocational path that appeals to DeVos for all sorts of big reasons. She has a penchant for teamwork. Working next to President Donald J. Trump makes her feel like she has a sense of purpose in the morning. Working next to other Administration members makes her feel just as enthusiastic about her career. She knows how to interact with all kinds of people. She doesn’t think about their ages, positions, economic backgrounds or genders. She simply thinks about who they are and what they have to offer. She’s one of the fairest people around in this sense. Discrimination is something that appalls her. It’s something that appalls Dick, too. Her husband is just like she is in that he takes justice 100 percent seriously no matter what.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t a joke to anyone. It’s a proud not-for-profit that operates within the United States. It commits a lot of time to All-American causes. People who want to advance American education and culture frequently pay a lot of attention to the group. The group was born in the eighties. Betsy and Dick have been working at it for years. They’ve been making donations to it for just as long. They never complain about their donations. Charitable matters are invaluable to them. Philanthropic matters are just as invaluable to the pair.


Is Betsy DeVos a career woman? Yes, she is. She’s simultaneously a family woman in every sense of the term. She considers her kids to be gems. She considers other peoples’ kids to be gems as well. That’s why she’s so knowledgeable about all aspects of American schooling. She talks to instructors all around the United States about educational topics. She speaks with administrators all around the nation, too. Administration professionals have a lot of sway within the sizable education realm. She knows that their actions can go a long way for pupils.


DeVos used to be called Elisabeth. That was back when her surname was Prince. She used to be a college girl who knew what she wanted to do with her life. She still is that same girl in many key ways. She goes after political causes all of the time. She goes after causes that influence many things in the country.


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Betsy DeVos Gives A Platform To Low-Income Families Who Seek Change In America’s Educational System

Many people believe that the American school system needs an overhaul, and Betsy DeVos is one of these people. She has supported many different charitable organizations as well as educational movements that aim to make a change from the inside out. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, she has donated millions of dollars to educational reform, charitable causes in the sector, and specific charter schools that needed all of the help they could get. In 2015, her charitable organization donated more than $12 million to various charities. Twenty six percent of her foundation’s total giving for the year was dedicated to the educational sector.


While Betsy DeVos is seen as a woman who is ahead of her time by many, she considers herself to be someone who is just doing what she thinks is right. Educational choice has been her main focus for many years, and she has been able to make plenty of progress as a leader within the movement. Today, hundreds of thousands of students are attending a school of their family’s choosing thanks to her hard work. It is her belief that every single student in America should be able to attend a school their family approves of. This is counter to the way that the country’s current educational system works, and this is something she desperately wants to change.


Betsy DeVos has been very vocal about her beliefs and has worked to expand charter schools in more than one U.S. state. She made a lot of progress in Michigan and has also worked with the state of Florida where new laws have given students the chance to attend private and charter schools. Most of these students would have been forced to attend a public school that was chosen for them based on the zip code of where they live. Instead, their families can now rest easier knowing their children are in a school they want them to be in.


While Betsy DeVos has mainly been focused on expanding charter schools and private schools, she approves of many different forms of education. She believes the current school system in the U.S. is hopelessly outdated and hopes more people will join her fight to bring it into the future. She recently commented that technology is beginning to open people’s eyes up to the fact that we are living in an age where students don’t need to show up at a specific building to receive their education. DeVos sees digital learning as a completely valid way of educating the students of today. She is also open to homeschooling and blended learning, which are other forms of education that help to put the power back into the hands of parents.


Betsy DeVos was born and raised in Holland, Michigan. She now lives in Grand Rapids and continues to help improve the city with her husband Dick DeVos. As a billionaire, she could have easily retired many years ago. Instead, she has continued to fight for those who would not have a voice without her.


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Luke Lazarus in the Business Consulting Industry

Luke Lazarus is a startup marketing consultant with over two decades of experience in guiding corporate leaders to succeed in business plans as well as in setting priorities.

As a successful individual in the corporate startup sector, Luke Lazarus typically begins his days with the medication of between 10 to 15 minutes and then involves in a busy day ahead. He generates his ideas by focusing on designing solutions to problems henceforth improving the marketplace. Besides, the experience gained throughout his career enables him to develop strategies essentials to help startups grow.

As a young graduate with an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus utilized business essentials, which enabled him to sell four companies in less than ten years.

The experience gained him the motivation to work with different enterprises; establishing and struggling, enhancing their growth. During his time in the industry, Luke Lazarus considers business plans as the primary drive to creating a well-established and personalized guide for a successful business.

Besides, Luke Lazarus suggests that a successful business plan brings out the complete financial model accompanied by limitations and visions. The business plan, therefore, provides a product story to both clients and employees in flexible terms enabling people to understand it better.

The communication method has also allowed Luke Lazarus to offer a continuous storytelling technique allowing him to gain the attention of multiple startups in need of financial support. Similarly, the presentations relate to accounts of daily experiences accompanied by persistent study of the market and factors affecting them. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

According to Luke Lazarus, knowledge in e-commerce, especially on scalable business models, allows clients to learn what to expect from customers and competitors.

As such, he generates cost-effective and coordinated techniques essential for clients to understand marketing plans, therefore, encouraging organized and successful sales.

However, failures usually occur, primarily due to a lack of planning when guiding startups. More so, Luke Lazarus helps young entrepreneurs the need to believe in what they do while accepting the challenges affecting a given outcome. Subsequently, self-confidence is the most crucial factor to consider, as it significantly helped him make a difference in the industry.

About Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is an Australian business consultant currently serving as the CEO and founder at Luke Lazarus Consulting based in Sydney, Australia. He pursued his education at Melbourne Business School, graduating with a degree and later with an MBA in Executive Business Administration in 2004.

Growing up in Perth, Lazarus relocated to Melbourne where he attained his education before venturing into his career. He began his career at Freelance serving as the Startup Business Consultant in October 2005 and left in April 2014.

Luke Lazarus successful sale four companies enabled him to become and the most successful individual in Australia. Henceforth, he became passionate about guiding startups to grow and reach their potentials in the competitive market today.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Business consultant Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world and by far the most important in South America. Despite the size of the Brazilian economy, there was no immunity from the global recession that hit in 2008. Brazil suffered a double blow that resulted in significant damage to the economy and intern South America as a whole. Not only was there an economic crisis, but also a political one that culminated in the impeachment of the sitting president. The fallout of the political turmoil caused significant damage to the economy as many private sector business people froze investments and project implementation. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more

Felipe Montoro Jens is a reporter, businessman, consultant, and infrastructure expert and has been reporting specifics regarding the economic, political and plans regarding infrastructure in not only Brazil but South America. In 2017, Felipe reported on a 57 project, $R44 billion infrastructure and debt reduction package set to reach 22 sectors. This announcement came as welcoming news as the country at that time felt to be in a political and economic free fall. These projects would include details to drastically lower the deficit of the country while implementing much need infrastructure projects to improve roads, water sanitation, and sewage and transportation projects.

The BR153 and BR364 were included to get a complete makeover, which was welcoming news for those traveling and doing business between Annapolis, Alianca, Comodoro and Proto Velho. Felipe interviewed the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, where the commissioner revealed an investment of more than R$ 2 million to hire the International Finance Corp (IFC) as professional consultants to implement the construction of 60,000 daycare centers. Mr. Montoro also reported on the public light upgrades in Belo Horizonte. The capital city of Belo Horizonte implemented the most significant example of the power of the public, private partnerships in history by upgrading all public lighting to the LEDs.

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Zeco Auriemo Carves Out a Path for JHSF to Follow to Prosperity

Zeco Auriemo is the President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a conglomerate in the development of projects including the Cidade Jardim, Fazenda Boa Vista condominium as well as the Fasano hotel chain. Zeco was recently received for dinner alongside Mariana in Edoardo Caovilla to grace the launch of an Italian shoe brand Rene Caovilla store in Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. The event which was held a few years ago and it was graced by invited guests only.

Zeco Auriemo has been part of the company’s growth for the last few decades and as a result of his contributions, it has been able to increase its streams of revenue. While still new at the company, he came up with the idea for the construction of Cidade Jardim. The idea seemed unrealistic at first with his father brushing the idea off. Zeco Auriemo’s father, however, came on board later to support his son to venture into the new niche. He led the company throughout the path to global expansion and getting into various industries including the fashion industry. As a result of his relentless efforts, he is always being invited to see off some great projects launched by their affiliates.

Zeco was also instrumental in the rebuilding of a structure on the famous 5th Avenue. He collaborated with other concerned partners to get approvals necessary to make the building the best luxurious building around. 5th Avenue is a prestigious location envied by many successful individuals and organizations across the world. Located on the east side of Central Park, acquiring the building on the location was a milestone.

JHSF has become a household name in not only the real estate industry, but also a number of other industries. It ventured into the real estate industry in early 1990s and since then, it has acquired and developed several prestigious and luxurious properties.

A New Found Direction for Hedge Funds By Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik has had a diverse experience throughout his life. After getting a degree in law, he began his career by working as an associate attorney. He, then, switched to the world of finance by becoming the Senior Vice President at MF Global. Before starting his own merchant bank, Farvahar Partners, he served as the Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory at the Bank of America. His knowledge about financial aspects with respect to the concerned laws led him to the offices of the position he held. The vast financing experience he possessed enabled him to execute the idea of taking the hedge fund industry one step further.

Recently, he highlighted the benefits of pre-IPO trading by incumbent firms. He says that this non-traditional market move will help startups garner additional liquidity to strengthen their position in the market before the company goes public. There is no doubt about the fact that going public can take up a lot of time and in the meantime, a secondary source of investment would also be ignored. Hence, Malik’s firm offers advice to the clients on how to take advantage of this young market trend. Special importance is given to employees who have to wait for a company to go public so that they can buy or sell shares. Farvahar Partners offers investment and capital raising services to its clients, additionally.

Despite the unpopular opinion that led to a halt of the hedge fund’s success and potential in the marketplace, Omeed Malik was determined that it has a lot in store for companies than just what can be seen on the surface level. He holds that this is an emerging market where hedge funds can be utilized by private firms to incur profits and have access to more liquidity.

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