Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Business Background at Recent Forum

JD founder Richard Liu Qiangdong was invited to attend an annual business forum. When attending this forum, Richard Liu sat down with a panelist and talked about his career and business experience. At first, Richard talked about his educational background and then discussed his first experience as an entrepreneur. While he was talking at the forum, Richard Liu also discussed his primary objectives as an entrepreneur. He said that he wants to make a valuable impact on society rather than achieve great wealth. Liu also mentioned that he is looking to expand the company into more regions in the world in the near future.

Richard Liu Qiangdong pursued a higher education once he was finished with his compulsory education. Liu went to a leading university in Beijing to study and complete an educational program in sociology. Richard Liu also went on to pursue a graduate level degree in business administration. While he was still in college, Richard taught himself computer programming. This provided him with an essential skill that can help him attain quality employment opportunities once he was done with his higher education programs. The entrepreneurial career of Richard Liu Qiangdong began while he was still a student. During this time, he founded a restaurant which provided him with first hand experience on how to run a business.

Since he was very busy with his schoolwork, he wasn’t able to devote enough time to running the restaurant. As a result, this venture failed but he went on to continue entrepreneurship in the future. In the meantime, he went on to work as a computing professional and executive. During the next several years, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the computing field. He spent time in computer programming and executive management. Liu was part of a leading company known as Japan Life. Richard Liu eventually resigned from this company to found another business in the retail industry. His second business closed down and he decided to start up another company. Liu founded JD in 2005 and built it into one of the most successful retailers in the world by using ecommerce solutions and offering fast shipping to customers.

The Six Core Values of ViSalus

Founded in 2005, ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle global company known for its innovative health food products and a successful marketing platform. It offers some of the best nutritious products to people who want to lose weight, maintain weight, or just remain fit and healthy. Can you transform your body with just a challenge program? Take its Body by Vi Challenge.

It is a simple Body By Vi 90-day challenge that will transform your body and let you face the world confidently. ViSalus provides all necessary products and support services throughout this process of body transformation. It has a large community that is ready to support its members at all times so you will never feel alone in your endeavor to achieve health and prosperity.

ViSalus has 6 core values that drive its mission. Its first mission is to inspire people so they believe in themselves. You will work harder to achieve your goals when you are motivated. Its second value is building trust with collaboration.

Over the years, it has perfected a system that allows all its partners to collaborate without any difficulty. Its third value is to make you a good teacher as well as a better student. The fourth value is to help everyone become a successful entrepreneur. It is ready to provide all resources and support in this venture. The fifth value is seeking simplicity. There is no need to make things complex when simple solutions are more effective. The sixth value is to challenge you as well as others. For this purpose, it has come up with Body by ViSalus challenge which is a 90-day program to help people facing weight and fitness health problems. See This Page to learn more.

With its offices in Los Angeles, CA and Italy, ViSalus has the resources, personnel, tools and systems in place for all these sales, support and charity activities. Come and become a part of this community. It will help transform your body, making you a confident, active, helpful and resourceful person. Go To This Page for related information.


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Jack Plotkin Discusses Telehealth

Jack PlotkinAccording to Jack Plotkin, telehealth has been around for quite some time now but it’s not until recently that technological innovation has made it become more prevalent and widely available. So how has it become more accessible to the average person? Well, for one thing, they now have portable devices than can track your biometrics and wirelessly transmit that data back to the lab for the doctors to analyze. While this does make it much more convenient to receive a diagnosis remotely, there are still a few obstacles to making this type of treatment widely accessible. For one thing, most doctors who do telehealth consultations don’t typically have access to the medical records of the patient whose condition they are currently attempting to diagnose.

As it happens, they’re not the only ones who are dealing with this major setback. Many nursing call centers out there find themselves in this same boat as their access to electronic medical records is limited at best and prohibited at worst. The only way for the system to work is to make this data readily available to those who need it. They’ve already begun working on a new platform that just may rectify the situation. As Jack Plotkin is quick to point out, this new system is known as Virtual Health and it is designed to integrate these EMRs with the rest of the information in their system so the doctors will have all the data they need to diagnose and treat patients.

Jack PlotkinOf course, even if this new platform proves to be successful, there’s one last obstacle left to overcome and this concerns the cost of these consultations. As you can imagine, telehealth does not typically come cheap and it’s not as if any private insurers are lining up to cover this program. It is also not currently covered by Medicare or Medicaid but that’s never stopped us before. Back in the ’50s, the only way to perform telehealth was over the phone and even then it wasn’t particularly effective as doctors were unable to run any tests on them to diagnose it.


Advice from Blake Mallen Making Dreams Come True

Blake Mallen is widely admired because he is a self-made millionaire. He started as an ordinary student and went ahead to become one of the leading financial investor, TED speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur, and millennial influencer. From when he was in college, he knew that doing things the way everybody was doing would not help him achieve what he had always wanted to achieve. Consequently, he was always looking for ways to go against the status quo. One of the things he did was to look for investment opportunities which would be popular. Blake Mallen was looking for his unique solutions which would help solve some of the common issues that were bothering people at that time. During those days, people were struggling with leading healthy lifestyles through eating healthy foods and losing weight. With this in mind, he co-founded Vi, which is a health transformation platform.

The platform became very popular, and in a few years, it had generated an excess of two billion dollars in revenue. He also co-founded another lifestyle brand known as ViSalus, where he is the president. These two business ventures achieved a lot of success, and this helped put him on the map. As a self made millionaire, he is always looking to assist individuals and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. He has been invited to hundreds of events and conferences to motivate different kinds of people. For more than two decades, he has been mentoring people, and this has provided him with his extensive experience.

Because of this, he is in a position to advise even big corporations on the right tactics they can apply to go where they have always wanted to be. Blake Mallen has been appreciated and recognized by different organizations and journals. Blake Mallen is regularly featured in prominent forums such as Forbes because of his excellent work. He has also been invited by some of the biggest companies to motivate their employees. His work takes him to different parts of the world, including countries in Europe and South America. The products from the companies he co-founded are also popular beyond the United States since they are trusted and liked. He confesses that he enjoys what he does because he is the one in control of almost all the aspects of his professional life.


BetterWorks For A Better Workplace

For virtually any type of business, continuous improvement is a major goal. Whether this involves making gains in customer service, productivity, or in the use of technology, these and other areas play an important role in sustaining growth. As more and more businesses are discovering, investing in the latest software can prove to be the best step they can take in guaranteeing future success. In fact, for those companies that use Team Edition by BetterWorks, a multitude of options are suddenly at their fingertips.

A Human Resources software package that lets a company ensure its goals are being met, Team Edition is equipped with a variety of features. One of its most popular and effective features for businesses large and small involves strategic insights, which consists of allowing managers and supervisors to examine individual performance on various projects. In being able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses each member of a team brought to a project, it then becomes possible to determine the best ways in which people’s talents can be used on future assignments.

Along with its emphasis on strategic insights, Team Edition also places a premium on accountability and meeting company goals. To make this happen, the software contains the ability to automatically schedule periodic check-in conversations between supervisory personnel and their employees. Since the software is set up to allow up to 100 employees at a time to match their goals with that of the company, these check-in conversations greatly streamline the process of making sure everyone is working toward the same objective.

Since BetterWorks was founded in 2013, it has become arguably the most-used HR software in today’s business world. With its ability to be easily integrated into a company’s existing IT systems and infrastructure, it makes the jobs of HR professionals and company managers much easier than in years past. Due to it being able to be easily customized to fit a company’s needs, it can quickly transform an HR department that has been ineffective into one that is suddenly on top of even the slightest company issues.

Due to the increasing competition in today’s business world, it is becoming very important for businesses of all sizes to invest in technology that will keep them moving forward. By partnering with BetterWorks and Team Edition, the task of meeting company goals and surpassing competitors in terms of productivity and employee-management communication becomes much easier within weeks.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Increasing the Efficiency of Jingdong Services

The e-commerce industry has been evolving at a pace faster than any other industries in the business world today, and the accumulative business of this industry is amongst the largest as well. There are many companies across the globe that is contributing to this evolution in the retail sector, and has been making generous contributions as well in the past decade or so. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the name behind the success that has achieved and is the founder of this firm as well. He presently serves as the chairman of the board and its CEO and guides the way to develop modern business strategies that would outsmart the competition and ensure consistent growth for the company.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is known for his aggressive attitude and likes to kill the competition rather than facing it. One bold move that signifies this mindset of Richard Liu Qiangdong is that he wasn’t afraid to spend millions in making a direct selling company, a move that included setting up large warehouses in different parts of the country. It also meant large scale recruiting of the employees to take care of these facilities and work there while also sourcing tons of high quality products from the manufacturers themselves.

Even though the scale of this moves was huge, Richard Liu Qiangdong wasn’t afraid to take it seeing the long-term benefits of implementing it. It is also the main reason why he is using technology to ensure that everything is working smoothly and the dependency on humans is to a minimum. He wants to automate all of the warehouses so that the employees have better control over the efficiency.It will also reduce the error and allow the customers to receive their product at the best price. Richard Liu is always on the lookout for the best technology that would be helpful in his retail company.

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Jason Colodne Forges A Successful Financial Career Alongside achieving His Hollywood Dreams

Even the richest and most successful people in the world have dreams they wish to achieve over the course of their lives. A good example of those who have achieved success in one area of business and continue to strive for even more in another area os the Colbeck Capital Management financial expert, Jason Colodne. The co-founder and Managing Partner at Colbeck has taken up the executive producer role on a number of movies in recent years and proven he has an eye for choosing successful projects that can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

The career of Jason Colodne began in the mid-1990s when he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in History and Finance. The graduate did not wait around when it came to starting his career and set his sights high in terms of the financial institutions he was willing to work with. After leaving college in 1994, Colodne had arrived at Goldman Sachs in 1998 where he became the Head of Distressed Research, Investing, and Hybrid Lending. The New York-based investment specialist moved from Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley where he became the managing director of Strategic Financing and continued his expert role in identifying distressed business opportunities.

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Despite the success, he had achieved at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne found his most recent and long-lasting success with the decision to start his own Colbeck Capital Management brand. The company was formed with the aim of using the skills of Colodne as an expert in the identification of business opportunities with companies who are in some form of financial difficulties. The strategic objectives of Jason Colodne and his staff at Colbeck are to identify brands which can be aided in returning to good financial health. The work of Jason Colodne at Colbeck is all-consuming with the Managing Partner working to ensure all documentation, such as loan paperwork and the execution of loans that are created to protect all parties and maintain the excellent reputation of Colbeck.

Like most successful people, Jason Colodne has a long history of looking to help others in the best possible ways including providing his time for charitable organizations. One of the groups that are closest to the heart of Jason Colodne is the Young Professionals Organization-Metro New York. In giving his time and expertise to the young professionals of New York, the Hollywood film producer is giving back in terms of his own time and expertise.

Chasing his dreams is something Jason Colodne has chosen to do even after he has achieved success in the financial sector. For Colodne, the desire to enter the film industry was strong and was achieved in 2012 with his decision to take part in the production of “Act of Valor” as an executive producer. Jason Colodne did not rest on his laurels in the years after the successful release of “Act of Valor” and set out to follow this up with other movies. The release of “Beyond the Lights” in 2014 saw Colodne become involved in an Oscar-nominated movie and pushed him to achieve more than ever before in both his financial work and his movie industry dealings.


Tim Ioannides Discusses His Career

As the founder and CEO of Treasure Coast Dermatology, Tim Ioannides is currently a shining example of how to be a successful dermatologist but things weren’t always going so smoothly for him. So how has he managed to do so well for himself over the years?

Well it all began when he first matriculated at the University of Miami School of Medicine.He decided he wanted to go into the field of dermatology and excelled in his courses. During this time, he completed a prestigious internship and ended up graduating with honors.

Upon receiving his medical degree, he took his first postdoc position in the private sector working in the clerical department and shadowing doctors to get an idea of how they interact with their patients and treat their conditions.

Soon afterward, however, he realized they were only interested in making money rather than helping the patients get better. As such, he ended up leaving the practice and decided to open his own office where the patients would get treated with dignity and respect.

One of the ways they set themselves apart from many other practices is the fact they attempt to establish a rapport with them as they believe this will help them better diagnose and subsequently treat their conditions. Additionally, he makes each of his employees take notes by hand so they can focus on the wellbeing of their patients in lieu of simply staring at their screens during their consultations.

One of the books he recommends to future aspiring entrepreneurs is entitled how to win friends and influence people as he believes it lets people see things from a different perspective and helps people to succeed in the business world. In the future, he hopes to be a part of the team that helps cure skin cancer.

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ViSalus Takes Care Of The World’s Needs


ViSalus is a company that devotes its efforts to helping people live their healthiest lifestyles by focusing on periods of 90 days at a time. Looking to create lasting relationships with their customers instead of trying to sell a one-time product that doesn’t last and doesn’t impress is well noted on the agenda of the company, who has genuine care about how the end game of the product and the customer will resolve.

Incorporating and encouraging life lessons like seeking simplicity and showing kindness, whether it’s to yourself or other people. And of course, there is no change without inspiration, which is created better by ViSalus than any other company that boasts diet or nutrition supplements.

The actual products sold by ViSalus are food and supplements. Not only can you plan meals better by purchasing the idealized meals provided by ViSalus, but each one of these products is paired with a challenge for you to attain within the next 90 days or every day. Get More Information Here.

Supplement choices consist of a balance kit, shape kit, transformation kit, and other custom kits of any style you could dream of by building your own.

Having been on the market since 2005, ViSalus continues to prioritize its ultimate mission and philosophies to better improve the whole world. Being located out of Los Angeles California and Italy, this company has a wide range of voices when it comes to marketing worldwide. And having awarded more than $100 million in prizes and cash to its customer base and a totally money generation of $2 billion, this company serves its inspiring product to over 15 different countries.

With real genuine caretaking of the human race, ViSalus is in business to make moves like having donated 5 million meals to families and children who needed it. So wake up! See Related Link for more information.


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Neurocore Elimiantes Need For Meds


Most people do not enjoy taking medications for their physical illnesses and diseases. But often times people are not left with any other option. Neurocore is in business to offer an additional option for people seeking assistance with their medical needs. Mental illnesses are almost always treated with medications. A lot of times medications do not solve the problem but limit any symptoms from the mental illness.

Neurocore has a therapy that does not only treat the illness but removes any symptoms. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a science backed company that works to eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs when therapies exist to heal people.

Medication is always the first and most common approach to healing patients from mental illnesses like insomnia and ADHD. But Neurocore has developed a second approach to treating mental illnesses. Neurofeedback therapy is their way of treating behavioral and mental illnesses.

Neurofeedback therapy eliminates the need for medications. It has no harmful side effects. It has been proven to effectively treat all aspects of the illness. At the clinics in Livonia, Michigan and Boca Raton. Flordia patients are being treated all kinds of behavioral and mental illnesses with this therapy.

There are many patients that express how Neurocore has healed them. From depression to memory loss to ASD to severe migraines to stress to ADHD, so many illnesses have been helped due to what Neurocore has achieved for patients in their Florida and Michigan clinics. There are many stories on the internet of have young children have been helped by what Neurocore has achieved for people across the country. Get More Information Here.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have neurofeedback therapy procedures for in clinic and at home. Doing the procedures in clinic and at home allows a patient to truly get what is necessary for them to heal. The staff is supportive. The staff truly works with a patient throughout the entire process. Staff accesses what issues need to be fixed. In addition, staff works to access if the therapy has helped the patient. Staff works with patients until problems are solved. Thousands of people yearly are being healed at Neurocore.