Maarten De Jeu Shares What It Takes To Be A Corporate Development Professional

There are companies that are just getting started and that need a leader. Those companies can rely on someone like Maarten De Jeu and the advice that he has to offer. This man is available to coach those who have startups that they are working on and he is also available to those who have companies that they are leading that have been around for some time. This man also offers his advice to individuals who have a lot of money and who are looking to know how they should use that money to find financial prosperity. He knows what it takes to be in his position and he has shared information to help others who want to take on a role similar to his own.


Maarten De Jeu has shared information about what a corporate development professional does so that those interested in working a job like his can know what will be required of them. He has shared that these professionals complete research related to their specific industry. He has shared that these professionals also analyze data and that they figure out what other companies are doing so that they can know what their company should be doing to find success. When one company acquires another, a corporate development professional will work on making sure that the second company is fully integrated with the first. Learn more:


Those who are wondering what types of skills they need to have to be successful as a corporate development professional can learn through what Maarten De Jeu has shared. He has said that such people need to be good at communicating with others. He has shared that these people also need to be able to present information and share it in a way that others will understand. It can be helpful for those people to have a persuasive nature and to be able to get others to agree with them. This man has shared that those who want to be successful when working as a corporate development professional must be confident and they must be able to make decisions.


Maarten De Jeu attended the University of Oxford and did well there. He is a family man who enjoys playing tennis. He is involved in many different associations, including the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This man believes that those who would like to do well as he has should focus on building relationships, being innovative, and staying up to date on all that is going on in the world.

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How Educational Professionals Are Taking Advantage Of Teach To One

Teach to One has been gaining popularity across the United States, and worldwide, for the past few years, with the majority of this being driven by the various benefits that the educational platform provides. The platform includes quite a large number of features that are focused on increasing the level of personalization that educational professionals can have when teaching students.

As a result of this, learners should also be able to see a variety of benefits with Teach to One program. However, teachers and other educational professionals who haven’t used the platform before may wonder how this is done and how it’s managed to be so successful in the past few years. There are a few important reasons for this, with a user-friendly way to customize learning for students being one of the largest.

This is highlighted through the various Learning Modalities that educational professionals will be able to take advantage of, including Independent Learning, Student Collaboration, and Teacher-Driven modalities, among others. As a result, educational professionals will be able to choose between each of these to ensure that students are getting the right type of lesson for their needs. This should also mean that lessons are more effective and that learners can better meet their educational goals.

Alongside this, the platform gives students a variety of rewards for their achievements, with the majority of these coming in the form of badges. As a result, the Teach to One platform could help incentivize students to work toward their educational goals while providing an engaging and fun atmosphere at the same time.

Students aren’t the only ones who can collaborate with the Teach to One platform, however. Instead, teachers will also be able to do so, which should mean an enhanced way of developing a curriculum that educational professionals will be able to adapt to on-the-fly.

Alongside this are a variety of resources that educational professionals and students will be able to take advantage of. Called Stories, these allow learners to connect what they’re learning with real-life counterparts, which can help to underline the importance of these lessons.

Jason Hope Is Helping Researchers Find Ways To Treat Degenerative Diseases

Most doctors know that it’s important to inform their clients about aging. There are new discoveries that talk about how the aging process starts within the body. Most people begin to suffer from different illnesses and decide not to go to the doctor. On the other hand, they may not recognize their suffering as an illness. They may feel that it’s only symptoms. Most anti-aging treatments start with a combination of rejuvenation in cells.

Jason Hope knows that by continuing to research, there will be someone that will feel much better. Hope has already given $500k to research. He knows that there are laboratories that look for ways to use medication to stop degenerative diseases. The labs look for treatments and cures. Jason Hope wants to give labs those opportunities to never stop searching for answers.

The philanthropist wants researchers to look for clues to help individuals find answers for Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and cellular damage. This will help people to find the comfort that they need, especially whenever they’re traveling back and forth to the doctor. It’s important that charities reach out to these individuals.

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Whenever there is an issue, drugs can be used to correct the negative effects of the aging process. Throughout the history of researching drugs, doctors usually find better ways to slow down the process. Their clients feel better after taking a certain medication. For that purpose, clients have to stay on the medication so that the body can begin to recover quickly.

Jason Hope looks to network with doctors and nurses that assist people with mental illnesses. In most cases, the doctor has been educated enough to share experiences with Jason so that he can pass along the knowledge. Jason knows that whenever people begin to age, their elasticity is not what it used to be in their bodies. It’s almost as if the person stretched. Hope feels like more research in labs will be able to pinpoint the spread of diseases. The labs will give the reports in doctor’s magazines and at seminars. Research has worked its way into many hospitals and offices. Jason Hope feels that the lab will be able to find a way to eliminate the process of degenerative diseases.

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Seymour Segnit Offers Entrepreneurial Advice


MAGFAST is a new company that provides charging devices using wireless technology. Seymour Segnit founded the company and serves as the CEO.

In an interview, when asked which was the most important between logic and feelings, Seymour Segnit indicated that he felt feelings were more important. He indicated that he used to use logic to make himself look smart to other people. It was not until he began using his verbal skills to make other people feel good, that he really discovered how important feelings are.

When asked about a book that has been particularly important to him, he stated that “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo, was very impactful to him. Seymour Segnit has approached communication in his company MAGFAST around information he received in the book.

His typical work day usually starts with some form of exercise. He then will have meetings between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. He does indicate that his productivity tends to be sporadic. At times he is extremely productive, but it is not a consistent thing. It varies depending upon where he is with an idea. New ideas spur great productivity in him. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Seymour Segnit finds that he does not always know how he will bring an idea to life, but he knows that once he gets started, the path becomes more clear as he moves through the process. With MAGFAST, he was profitable right from the very start. It was unprecedented as to the level of money he raised just in the first fifteen minutes of launching the business.

Seymour Segnit did not doubt the potential for success of the company. He felt that if people showed up to see the launch, the idea would sell. The only concern he had was whether people would actually show up. Luckily for the company, they did show and helped with the fast success of MAGFAST.


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American Addiction Centers Understands The Problem of Addiction Among College Students

 AAC helps treat clients who are suffering from drug addiction and other mental health and behavior conditions. It is the only publicly traded company in this field and has twice the success rate compared to the national average.

Substance abuse among college students is very high. Alcohol and drugs are easy to access, and the stress of college life can lead students to a path of addiction. This affects not only the students’ experience at college but can have long-term effects on their lives in terms of career, relationships and overall well being.

Missy Pollack who is alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center, an American Addiction Center in Florida, has recovered from her own addiction battle and has been in recovery for almost 5 years. She knows only too well how students are exposed to substance abuse. Her own addiction began when she took Adderall when studying for finals during her first year.

It was so helpful that she was right away set on a path to continue using it. She comments about how much of a difference it would have made if anyone had noticed what she was going through and known how to help. Being aware of the signs of addiction can empower people to take charge when a loved one is suffering.

It is highly unlikely that the addict will do anything to change, and so help by others is essential. Some of the signs of addiction include a change in the person’s appearance, sleeping too much or hardly at all. Mood swings and paranoia, as well as extreme lying are also signs. Stopping substance abuse as soon as possible is very important. Long-term use can lead to changes in brain function.

Treating addiction and mental health issues involves so much more than attempts to give up substance abuse. There must be new goals and new views of oneself to give the addict a path forwards.

American Addiction Centers’ treatment focuses on bringing out the clients’ positive attributes and motivating them to want to move forwards with a vision of how their lives could be good.

Just giving up addiction is a void. Replacing addiction with a life that has meaning is how recovery works.

At American Addiction Centers each patient is evaluated and a treatment plan created to meet their needs. Recovery is an ongoing process and relapse must be prevented by long term support and modification of treatment if necessary.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings provides their customers with a satisfactory loan that everyone is trying to get their hands on. People are only paying around 5 percent or less and it doesn’t matter what your credit score is they are trying to treat every person equally and provide them with the same contract as the other person. In order to get approved for this loan though you need collateral.

When International Business Owners Need Sound Advice, They Turn To The Services Of Maarten De Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is an individual who is serious about finding ways to help today’s international business owners and he has the educational and professional background to back up the suggestions that he makes. As the founder of SVM Business Advisory, he is a leader in providing some of the world’s top advisory services to international business owners. One of the most impressive points that Maarten de Jeu brings to the table is his impressive educational background.
This background includes time studying at Leiden University as well as the University of Oxford. He earned his MBA in business as a result of these efforts. Beyond the work that he does as a business and financial services professional, Maarten de Jeu is also a dedicated family man and respected civic leader. He is highly respected for the work he has done with some of the most beloved
community organizations in the Chicago area such as the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Council On Global Affairs. Maarten also regularly provides his insights to the business public. He recently commented on some of the key points that international business owners must consider when they desire to succeed in this vibrant sector of the market.
Though it might seem to many that this goes without saying, the fact is that the importance of maintaining quality cannot be understated. For this reason, Maarten de Jeu puts this at the top of his list of suggestions for international business owners to consider in their quest for profitability and growth of their business enterprises. He wants business owners to remember that quality is a
reflection to the customer on the overall culture of a company. When quality wanes, customers will lose interest in doing business with a company and they will go elsewhere. For this reason, Maarten continually emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality in everything that an international business does. Learn more:
Another area of importance in regard to doing international business is holding strong respect for the differences that will be found around the world in customs, culture, and language. It goes without saying that local customs and culture must be respected to garner business success in a specific region, but business owners might also need to consider points such as learning other languages in order to better communicate with business partners and customer bases.
Careful planning is an area that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes to a great degree as well. He points out that having a detailed business plan and following that plan is even more important in international business circles than it is in domestic ones.
These are just a few of the key points that Maarten de Jeu recently elaborated on in providing advice for international business owners. His distinguished level of success in international business makes him an individual to take seriously in this regard.

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Why Sheldon Lavin became one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs

The motivation as a child

When Sheldon was young, he fancied the business owners who had very little to worry about. He thought that owning a business comes with a responsibility that had to be fulfilled. Albeit it would be challenging to run a business successfully, the fulfillment of owning something motivated Sheldon. He wanted to ensure that he would invest in something. During his early years of education, Sheldon kept his idea to himself as he thought about it in every step of his life.

Academic qualification

Sheldon Lavin graduated with a degree in Finance and Accounting from a Chicago University. Since he wanted to join the corporate world, Sheldon took his time to understand how businesses operate as he took other minor causes in business. He got employed in different positions. After being tired of working for companies, he first set his consultancy firm where he could offer financial solutions to different companies that needed help. When working at this position, he was approached by Otto and Sons Company for financial advice and management. Keep up to date with

Sheldon as a financial advisor to Otto and Sons Company

After finding a new company for which to work, Sheldon set his eyes on the performance. Otto and Sons Company was doing fairly well from the perspective of the financial reports. There was a good customer base for the meat industry. Having understood the implications of the financial statements that he made, Sheldon focused on the company to study its performance. He was impressed by what the meat processing industry could accomplish if it got the right support. With his intellect and education qualifications, he became an asset to the growth of the company. He grew more interest in the meat industry and set his mind on it.

Purchasing the Otto and Sons Company

After the duration of working together, Otto and Sons got a large tender from McDonald’s to supply meat and its products. Otto did not have sufficient funds to take on the deal. Sheldon Lavin came in and became a partner in the business. He had better ideas of how to make the company grow, but the partnership deals were derailing it. He, therefore, decided to buy the company from its owners and developed it to the current OSI GROUP. Sheldon put a lot of efforts and resources to the growth of the company. He ensured that he maintained the employees and set high quality for production. OSI GROUP is currently among the best-performing companies in the United States.

Website: is the Answer to Unwanted Emails

Inboxes that are filled with unwanted emails are a frustrating part of business life, but has found a way to make things far simpler. People spend about 1/3 of their work days reading and responding to emails, and many of those emails come from subscriptions that the user does not want anymore or never wanted in the first place. Those subscriptions can come from a variety of places, and even if they are sent to the trash or spam folder, they can often find their ways back to the inbox. is the permanent solution to that problem. 

If a user no longer wants to hear from the subscription, will permanently delete it. There may be subscriptions that the user does want to receive emails from, but they come in a way that is disorganized. helps the user set up folders to put those emails into. The user can decide the amount of folders along with the topics. There can be as many folders as is needed. Future emails can then be found in the relevant folders. It is as easy as swiping left or right to place the emails into the folders, and the process only needs to be done once. There may even be subscriptions that the user wants to see more often. That can be done through uses the same swipe left, right, up and down system that many other apps use. can be used outside of the office. Most people check and respond to emails on the go, and can be used on all Android and iOS devices. There is finally a way to save time and energy sorting through inboxes. It is the easy to use and permanent way to spend less time on unwanted emails for good.

David McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group talks about his company’s philosophy towards China.

David McDonald sits with Andy Hanacek, editor-in-chief of National Provisioner to offer insight into the now 20-year Chinese venture.

After 20 years in China, David McDonald believes it’s an important lesson to integrate with the local economy. Although many of the local companies he deals with are international, they all must adapt to the local customs and economy. As his firm has become a giant in the food processing business, he still knows the importance of listening and problem solving, especially on a local level. Trust and understanding of the local business culture are especially important since the Chinese like many others are hesitant to deal with those they don’t know and understand.

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Uncompromising adherence to food safety and quality is a top priority but listening to customer needs is an underlying focus as OSI Group makes a constant effort to listen and respond with patience, flexibility and open mindedness. David McDonald understands that the only way to long term success is developing and maintaining relationships with his counter parts in China and has spent much time doing so.

Since coming to China in 1992, he has worked closely with Chinese businesses and government officials and has stayed openminded as they work together and as the Chinese develop their infrastructure. He thinks the Chinese are well intentioned but they are still in a development process when it comes to quality standards. A continuing challenge is trying to address perceptions. Western problems and solutions may not mesh with Chinese problems and solutions. Patience is key when dealing with different Chinese officials representing different agencies who may have conflicting goals.

As he looks to the future he is betting on partnerships with Chinese domestic companies. The length of time that he has spent in China gives him a leg up on the ever-increasing competition in the meat and food processing industry. Reliance on established relationships have and will continue to serve him and OSI Group well. He is realistic however and knows that OSI Group will have to stay competitive to remain a player in the Chinese economy. Read: