How Squaw Valley Resort Became A Million Dollar Company

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is undoubtedly one of the most sought after resort destinations in Northern California. Year after year, thousands and thousands of visitors flock to the resort to experience world class skiing, lodging, and popular winter activities.

The success of the resort has been documented in various magazines and online publications all over the world. Time after time, the resort has been referred to as the number one ski resort in United States. Many people are aware of the success of the resort and of its famous status, but what most visitors to the resort are unaware of the fact that it began as a small business with only a hope of becoming successful. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

With years of hard work and the amazing leadership of Andy Wirth, the company’s current Chief Executive Officer, the resort has grown in just a few years from a small resort, to a national ski destination that brings in tourist from all over the world. In a recent interview with the radio station KCRW, which is based in Santa Monica, Ca, Andy Wirth discussed the development of his company from a humble beginning to becoming a major contender in the ski lodging and resort industry.

Andy Wirth was not involved in the beginning stages of the development of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, as he is not the founder of the company. The resort was actually founded by Alex Cushing and his fellow businessmen in 1949. The resort was initially established because of Cushing’s love for the area near Lake Tahoe and his perception that the area could thrive with the development of a ski resort. Cushing remained a member of the board of directors of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort until his death which occurred years later.

After Cushing’s death, the resort experienced several purchases and sales which resulted in the acquisition of the resort by Ski Lodgings and Holdings LLC. It was after this acquisition that Andy Wirth was named as Chief Executive Officer of the company.

After Andy Wirth became the leader of the company, it experienced exponential growth. The company was soon ranked among the top ski resorts in the nation. This was difficult to attain because the company had had bad publicity in the past regarding a tragic cable car incident that resulted in the deaths of four resort visitors and the injury of more than 30 visitors.

Andy Wirth, however, was able to put the bad press behind the company and embark on a journey to create a successful reputation and build a brand around the resort. Now, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is synonymous with success, wealth, and power.

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How Mike Baur Works To Inspires Young Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it takes a seasoned entrepreneur to unleash the power of a young and inspiring entrepreneur which is exactly what Mike Baur, the founding partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory, is aiming to do with the Swiss Start Up Factory.

It was during his 20 year tenure in the Swiss banking industry that Mike watched as the old guard of power and Swiss money dropped the ball on tapping in to new Swiss innovation. An entrepreneur himself, Mike believed there was a way to bring some new blood into the mix and so the idea of Swiss Start Up Factory was born.

Climate Change Was Needed
There is a lack of cohesiveness in the Swiss business sector which has discouraged investors and resulted in a stagnation of new growth and Swiss innovation in Mike’s view and he wants to change this.

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Leonteq Mitgründer Michael Hartweg steigt bei der Swiss Start Up Factory ein

Successful launch of the Swiss Start Up Factory

The Swiss Start Up Factory Concept
Mike compares the Swiss Start Up Factory approach to that of a manufacturing process. The first step of every manufacturing process is of course creating a prototype. Once a prototype of the business is created Mike Baur and his team are able to shape, analyze and evaluate the potential of the new venture. All of this is performed at an accelerated pace as they mentor their young entrepreneur through the process. And when there is favorable proof of concept, the Swiss Start Up Factory then helps to bring a collaborative team of business professionals and investors together before removing their mentoring cap and letting the young entrepreneur take flight.

The goal is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by assisting them through the most critical step of a new business venture, start up. Mike Baur knows you cannot teach someone how to be an entrepreneur but they can help to raise awareness and hopefully help individuals tap in to the entrepreneurial spirit that might be hidden inside and inspire them to work hard to achieve their true potential.

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Bernardo Chua’s Mind For Business

In 2008, Bernardo Chua saw to need to create a company that would, in his dreams, improve the world. In his mind, Bernardo Chua saw a world that was educated on the importance of healthy living. This dream was what encouraged him to develop Organo Gold, a health-oriented company that has created numerous household products such as gourmet coffee that not only taste delicious and help with the everyday routine, but also come with various health benefits just from consuming these inexpensive products. What motivated Bernardo Chua to create this company was through his observation of the Asian market throughout his travels. In particular, he noticed a special mushroom that was often used as an inexpensive healing remedy that healed various ailments that ranged from mild to serious. Bernardo Chua has since then created a direct sales empire that has been based around this one product.

LinkedIn indicates that Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman who has been a large name in the direct sales industry. Bernardo Chua specifically built his company as a direct sales company for the purpose of involving the consumers with selling the product. Bernardo Chua has enlisted every single individual who loves Organo Gold to tell their friends and families about the delicious taste and health benefits that are associated with this product.

Bernardo Chua has enlisted lovers of this product to help sell his beloved product. Mr. Chua encourages those who not only love Organo Gold but also want to work for themselves or would like to make extra cash to work with Organo Gold. His goal with with this business model is to enlist and grow the amount of diversity within the company that will further spread the product. As of currently, Organo Gold is currently used within 40 different countries. Mr. Chua hopes for this number to grow exponentially within the next ten years as Organo Gold continues to sell high quality products.

The Secret Behind QNET’s Success

QNET is a leading direct selling company in Asia offering a range of different products in diversified markets. At QNET, we pride in being the leaders in the distribution of health, wellness and beauty products, high-quality timepieces and jewelry, as well as technology and advanced communication solutions.

The company has empowered people from all walks of life through helping them grow their entrepreneurial skills and run big and successful business with minimal overhead. The company has got hardworking and dedicated distributors known as Independent Representatives (IRs) across Asia, who have had the opportunity to become self-sufficient and hence improve their lives and that of their families and community at large and helping others achieve their dreams.

The founders of the company were inspired by the life and works of the great leader and activist and believer in social justice, Gandhi. The teachings of Gandhi which evolved around “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind” is the RHYTHM of the company whose belief and dedication is empowering others to succeed to be successful. The company has used this idea to empower and grow its distributors who are Independent Representatives of the company to ensure the continuous growth and success of the company.

At our firm, the leadership is built on In-service, which is a culture of service above self. Both the employees and the top management have embraced the spirit of serving others with humility, and this has helped earn the firm its outstanding reputation.

With the devotion of our company towards the empowering and ensuring the financial independence of our IRs, we pride in constantly training our IRs to help built on their entrepreneurial skills and abilities needed to succeed in their business. The constant training programs that offer a personal engagement to our IRs has helped them to better understand our products and the nature of our business.

The growth of business boundaries across Asia has seen us partner with Sharp, a Japanese technology leader who is a strategic move aimed at promoting the co-brand Sharp-QNET. The partnership will steer the growth of the two brands across Asia through e-commerce platform and help diversify our market. Sharp has had its customer base grow tremendously ever since the partnership attributing it to the ease of which the QNET brand is recognized in Asia.

Wikipedia Editor Abuse?? Really?


Wikipedia. This is one of the most popular websites to date. This article found at Tech.Mic cited some of the problems that came from Wikipedia. These problems I will talk about in this article.
So this editor wanted to write something up and post it to Wikipedia. This was a big deal to him and he felt that there were obstacles in his way that kept him from posting. He wrote to Wikimedia, which you may not know, is Wikipedia’s mother company. So he writes up this article and gets into an argument with one of it’s editors. One of these times he said he put a lot of work into writing this article and one of these people name called him.

Well this letter he wrote to Wikipedia editors and at the bottom of this letter, it says that it was so bad (meaning the experience was so bad) had him contemplating committing suicide. Now was that a bit dramatic? Yes probably, but really suicide is no joke. If someone threatens suicide, they better be taken seriously in today’s society.
Okay so I checked out this really cool website called and they can actually make new Wiki page just for you.

When you make a Wikipedia article it allows you a lot of benefits. If you are a business professional, then you can rest assured that your online prescience was made by people that know what they are doing when they make Wiki page.