The Rise of Mike Baur to Being the Director of the Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur is the Co-founder and the Director of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is an entrepreneur and a speaker on the Investor Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation Semester Closing. Mike Baur has close to 25 years of experience in the banking industry.


His passion for business began while he was a teenager and pursued Business and Finance as a career later in life. Baur holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (B.A. Sc.) Banking and Finance from University of Applied Sciences Bern. He also has an MBA from Rochester University and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike guides the youths in Switzerland in becoming entrepreneurs through mentorship and financial support.


Mike Baur began his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He has risen to the executive board member position in one of the largest Swiss private banks the Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Baur has worked in other companies including the Young Entrepreneurs Club, Innovation Lab Fribourg, and the Think Reloaded Ag. Additionally, Mike expects to succeed Managing Director of the CTI Invest where he currently serves as the Deputy Managing Director.


In 2014, he began his entrepreneurial career and together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer they co-founded Swiss Start-up Factory. It is currently the leading independent and privately owned ICT start-up accelerator in Switzerland.


Mike is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF). The company has a three months start-up program which aims at educating, mentoring, coaching, providing an entrepreneurial platform and financing the young entrepreneurs. SSUF offers office spaces, desk spaces, and conference rooms at affordable prices where the like-minded individuals can meet and share connections.


Additionally, they provide services that include bookkeeping, cash flow reports, managements of invoice and payrolls, offering financial statements, and tax, & VAT reporting. Swiss Startup Factory’s portfolios include the Blinkers, Carhelper, Beaconsmind, and Struckd.


Swiss Start-up Factory has teamed up with CTI Invest in the development of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. The two organizations have launched Podcasts and Video of Swiss Startups website together and have plans of working together on their projects. SSUF will help CTI Invest with co-organizing events and training for startups.


Consequently, CTI Invest will give a hand in pre-selection and coaching in the Swiss Startup Factory Accelerator Program. Different startups have emerged through the help of Mike Baur and his team at the Swiss Startup accelerator program, which only requires just a good idea to get financing.

Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group in 1977. Prior to founding UCG (, he wrote for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Since 2015, he has also been a Director of TechTarget, Inc. He received his degrees from Washington University and American University.

  1. Levenson has served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and also the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Aside from that particular foundation, he is also involved in many other philanthropic endeavors.

He was also co-owner of the NBA team, the Atlantic Hawks. In 2015, he and co-shareholders began the process of selling the team. Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the Hawks, who convinced him the team, arena and operating rights should catch at least $1 billion.

As it turns out, the original numbers, estimated by Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports was a little overzealous. Co-founder of Ares Management LPs, Tony Ressler, entered the winning bid for the team for $730 million, according to Levenson still made a big profit with the sale, but the overestimate by Levenson’s bankers may have led to some dissuasion of other bidders, leaving some possible money on the table.

Ressler’s group includes NBA player Grant Hill and the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler. Itzler’s wife, Rick Schnall (partner at Clayton Dubilier & Rice) and BTIG co-founder Steven Starker are also part of the group.


What Is Happening With Dallas Neighborhood Homes And Local Banks?

The local banks in Dallas are all pitching in to help people like me who need better homes to live in. I have been in this area for a long time, and I am having a hard time along with people that live here who are trying to create a better place to live. We are not happy with the way that our community looks, and it is very hard to maintain everything when we have no help. We are finally getting help from Nexbank where I actually have my bank accounts. They have been great to me, and now I am able to work with them on things that will change my life.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is coming into the area to build homes for me, and Nexbank is helping to pay for it. I heard that they were planning on doing this, and I was so excited that I went and told all my neighbors. I was so pleased that I wanted to volunteer because I want to be a part of the change that will happen in our community. I have been very happy to help, and I know that the bank where I have kept my money is looking out for me. They care about me, and they care about how I will live when I have a new home.

The best thing about this is that I am getting all the help that I need from one big source. I have been shown that we can build a lot of homes for me and my neighbors, and Dallas Neighborhood Homes is here to show us how to do it. I like that Nexbank is paying for it because they are a local bank that is serving us all. They are now pitching in even more than before.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Is Helping Refugees With A $500 Million Startup Budget

The migration crisis is on the verge of tearing the European Union apart. The basic foundation of the EU is based on an open border policy and joint cooperation in economic and social issues on The EU is a European version of the United States, but it lacks the continuity of leadership and the ability to get member states to adhere to some of the edicts the EU puts out. The migration crisis has closed the borders of several EU members, and one of the major powers in the EU, Britain, is leaving the union. The leaders of the European Union have offered Turkey a sizable amount of money to keep millions of refugees from crossing into EU member countries, but that is the only attempt the EU has made to solve the most devastating event in recent history.

Hedge fund investor and social justice advocate, George Soros, has been trying to get the EU to offer refugees a new start, but the threat of terrorism has been a damper on any attempt by the European Union to solve the migration crisis. So, Soros, the social champion, has developed a plan to help migrants get a fresh start. Soros recently announced that he would invest $ 500 million in startup companies owned by refugees, according to an article published by He also said he would invest in companies that helped refugees get a fresh start. Soros doesn’t expect a return on his investment. His nonprofit organizations are handling the details and the investments that are made to new refugee companies.

George Soros is no stranger when it comes to giving money away to causes he believes will help the world. Soros’ Open Society Foundation is helping more than 100 countries establish democratic principles, and Soros is personally donating millions of dollars to the Democratic Party in the Unite States. Soros wants another Clinton in the White House, and he has donated more than $8 million to get her elected. But when all his donations are added up, Soros has invested more than $25 million this election year to elect Democratic candidates on Time at the state and the federal levels.

At last count, George Soros has more than $25 billion in his bank account. His Soros family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management on Bloomberg. He is the 32nd richest human on the planet, and he continues to add personal wealth to his current fortune at an incredible rate. At the ripe age of 85-years-old, Soros is still an astute investor and businessman. But he is also a social reformer and an economic expert. Soros made the decision years ago to donate his money so others would know what freedom feels like, and he will never stop doing that.

The Midas Legacy Is Out To Help Individuals, Businesses, And All Of Society

The Midas Legacy has become well established as an advisory and wealth management company. This is not the extent of their services though, as they are willing to work with anyone regardless of their affiliation to business or whether or not they want financial success. They help people not only manage finances or reach their goals for wealth, but plan out their futures, live healthier and happy, and set up their retirements for the future.

The expert and dedicated individuals working behind The Midas Legacy are passionate about helping people living happy in life, and achieve their dreams. They want to help all people improve their lives and help all businesses flourish. When working with them, people will quickly find out how invested they are towards helping them achieve their goals.

The company also has a number of business leaders and experts come in to offer advice and give feedback to clients on different matters. A great deal of the information they offer is on financial management and investment strategies, as many entrepreneurs come to them looking for guidance on how to build successful businesses and maintain them for the future, which takes a fair amount of management skills.

The company offers The Midas Code to all of their client members, which is a guidebook full of information and basics to getting started with the company and gaining experience on different matters. It also helps individuals make a plan out for their lives and even their retirements, as everyone has to retire some day. Through their guide and representatives, they can help their clients reach their potential and live the lives they want.

The Midas Legacy is also active in philanthropic services and activities, and they donate to a variety of different charities to help out. This includes the Give Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to battle cancer for children and their families. The Midas Legacy thinks it is important to contribute and help out because many organization would fall under without the support of others, and it is these organization that are doing important hings to better the world.

Cloud Solutions Expand LED Lighting Capabilities

LED lighting has taken over and is quickly becoming one of the most cost-friendly, energy efficient moves that several companies and individuals are making. Although, incandescent light bulbs are still being used it’s becoming more and more evident that they will become a thing of the past very soon, especially since the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was passed in 2007. This act requires that light bulbs be 25% more energy efficient. Making this modification significantly reduces the brightness of traditional incandescent lights so lighting specialists started creating different options, the most popular being LED lighting. Demand for more energy efficient bulbs has increased, which has brought the price down tremendously for LED light bulbs. Using Wi-Fi connection LED lighting provides features for homes and businesses that seemed impossible before. Gooee, an IoT lighting solution provider, has expanded on LED capabilities using cloud based solutions. Gooee has developed a wireless interface module (WIM) that serves as a dimming protocol device that connects with LED power supply and sends data regarding consumption and other information to improve customer engagement into the cloud. The future of a more energy efficient world doesn’t seem so distant with companies like Gooee lighting the way.

More information for IoT Lighting by Gooee can be found here:

How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings