Ronald Fowlkes, an Illustrious Career of Service

Ronald Fowlkes has seen a long career serving his country in the line of duty. He was a veteran of the first gulf war, then went on to become a police officer for over 13 years. More recently, he has begun his endeavors into the world of business and is leading the way as the business development manager of law enforcement at Eagle Industries Unlimited.

From 1989 until 1993 Ronald Fowlkes served as a marine in the first gulf war, where he received two meritorious promotions. His experiences in the marines include parachuting into active war zones to laser designate targets deep behind enemy lines so that aerial and naval fire support can be effectively guided onto their proper targets. He also went to Iraq as a Department of Defense contractor while working with the Army’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. Here he handled infantry operations in a combat zone, as well as training the US military members he was with in several forms of operations they may encounter, including close quarters combat and hostage rescue. This experience came in handy when he moved on to serve for ten years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, followed by three years with the St. Louis County Police Department. In the last seven years of his law enforcement career Ronald was assigned to the St. Louis Metropolitan hostage rescue team, which was responsible for all SWAT, barricaded subject, and hostage incidents, of which there are over 250 a year in the area. When not operating in a tactical setting his unit was assigned to investigating and tracking down sources of narcotics and related gang activity in the city.

After an illustrious career of service, Ronald Fowlkes has turned his efforts towards the business realm by becoming part of the team at Eagle Industries Unlimited. Eagle Industries is one of the best suppliers of tactical gear in the world, with products ranging from gun bags, to slings, and even holsters. He currently works as the business development manager of law enforcement where he arranges sales with clients nationwide and is responsible for training over 150 sales personnel.


A Short Biography Of The CEO Of GSH Of Alabama

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of a well-known company that produces manufactured homes. Her company is GSH of Alabama, and they are based out of Huntsville, Alabama. GSH of Alabama is known for the durability of their homes. Their homes are built with disaster resistance in mind. In addition, their homes are designed to resist other common forms of damage, such as fungal growth and rodents. Customers have said that their homes often can go many years without requiring significant repairs, and GSH Of Alabama has many positive reviews online. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Her Career Before Coming To GSH Of Alabama:

She attended Mercer University, and she earned a degree in biomedical engineering and physics. The information that she learned during her college education has helped her to design of disaster-resistant homes. In addition to learning about biomedical engineering and physics at Mercer University, she also studied the following subjects there:

  • How to manage a business
  • Communication
  • Thermodynamics

She had a long career before she came to GSH Of Alabama. In fact, she held important positions at two other companies. Barbara Stokes gained a lot of experience in business management while she worked for these companies. One important skill that she gained was establishing contracts with the government. GSH Of Alabama works closely with FEMA.


Homes Manufactured By GSH Of Alabama:

The homes that GSH Of Alabama builds include features that increase their value and add to their visual appeal. For instance, many of their homes use granite and marble for countertops. There are other high-quality materials that their homes often include. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Organizations That Have Accredited GSH Of Alabama:

The company is accredited by several widely known organizations:

  • The NFPA
  • The AIA
  • The NSPE

Oncotarget and its Founders’ Passion to Spread Awareness on Cancer and Treatments for It

The people behind Oncotarget has an advocacy to increase public awareness on the work that is being done by so many excellent oncologists around the world. They believe that as more and more people know about the progress of cancer treatment and the many types of it, it increases the value of the work done by their fellow oncologists and therefore making their work more efficient.

In the fight against one of the most fatal diseases on earth, increasing public awareness is essential especially as for most people; they only know that cancer treatment is expensive. But every week, oncologists are making progress in making cancer treatment more available and affordable for everyone, and this is what Oncotarget wants to highlight. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Oncotarget is an online journal which is open access to everyone. It is peer-reviewed by fellow oncologists, and per week, they release two issues. The editors-in-chiefs of Oncotarget themselves are both renowned Oncologists that have done much in the fight against cancer. They are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail is known for his work with the wonder drug ‘Rapamycin,’ and Andrei is known for his research on DNA repair. They feel that it is also their duty to highlight the clinical studies, publications, and trials made by their peers because they know there are many great oncologists out there whose work deserves to be highlighted to the public. Oncotarget is so serious about this advocacy that they even created a podcast which is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Player.FM

Because of how the Oncotarget website was made, visitors can check peer-reviewed articles about Oncology and many other subjects, like studies about the process of aging and new treatments for different types of diseases, and these visitors never actually pay for that service. The Oncotarget articles are free to read, copy, paste, and share with your friends or with someone that you think will benefit from knowing about that particular study. Watch this video on Youtube.

The work of Oncotarget has revolutionized the way that the research field in Oncology works, as, now, one of the most visited websites in the field is free to read.

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