Susan McGalla; Gender diversity in the work place

Statistics have shown that companies with gender and ethical diversity perform better than those that lack. This is because they are open to new ideas. Nonetheless, only a small percentage of C-level slots in S&P 500 companies are held by women.

As many women struggle to reach top positions, there are those like Susan McGalla that have helped lead the way for women leaders. McGalla grew up with a football coach dad and two brothers and was not treated any differently because she was a girl. She had to work as hard as everyone else which is an attribute that has helped her rise in ranks after breaking into the working scene.

She started her career as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing and grew to managerial roles, and later made it to company president and chief merchandising officer. Her rise in ranks was due to her hard work and struggle to make it in male-dominated areas.

While Susan’s success is encouraging, many women are still not being given the opportunity to prove that they are capable. Their networks and initiatives have worked tirelessly over the years to make a change and to determine that there is equality between men and women’s capabilities in the workplace.

Women can rise above this menace in organizations by creating sponsorship opportunities. Those that are highly invested in their careers should find decisionmaking executives to serve as sponsors. The sponsor can help them build opportunities, recommend them to lead projects or work on important tasks. In other words, work as women’s advocate. Executive sponsors would then be provided with incentives to motivate them in their quest to invest in women leaders. Mentorship and sponsorship may just be the solution that we may have been looking for to break the glass ceiling for women in business and give more women chance to be like Susan McGalla.

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Perry Mandera’s Benefits of Bill of Lading

Perry Mandera is the founder of a transport business that is called The Custom Companies, Inc. He created the company in 1986. The company has grown to become one of the greatest transport institutions in the country. The company’s clients are rich guys most of which own Fortune 100 companies. The Custom Companies, Inc. has over 300 workers, and its headquarters are in Northlake, Illinois. The company also has another major office in Los Angeles, California. Perry Mandera is also philanthropy oriented and has a charity organization called Custom Cares Charities.

Perry Mandera directly manages the sales operations and business development departments at The Custom Companies, Inc. Mandera has introduced numerous online-based features that are meant to improve service delivery to the customers. One of the most notable features is the electronic bill of lading. It is commonly abbreviated BoL or B/L. The document serves three primary functions. They include:

  1. It is the evidence of a contract of carriage between the client and the company. This document is legally significant and can be used to file litigations in a court of law. This document also acts as the reference point to ensure that carriers convey the goods according to the will of the seller. Incorrect filling of this document may lead to criminal prosecution of the courier company
  2. It is used to show acknowledgment of the goods. This document is used to indicate that the carrier has received the goods from the seller in sound condition. This is crucial as the seller can easily follow where the goods got damaged in case the buyer complains of receiving cargo in bad condition.
  3. It serves as a document title to the goods in transit. The document also aids in giving the carrier the right of ownership of the good at the time of transportation. The carriers can use this document to demand payment from the buyers upon delivery of the goods.

This is just one of the many innovative practices that Perry Mandera has brought to The Custom Companies, Inc. making it one of the most trusted institutions in the transport business. Perry Mandera is also a strong believer in charging clients the appropriate prices for the service.


Glen Wakeman: The Man Leading Launch Pad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is someone who is incredibly proficient in the field of finance and is considered to be an industry leader. He is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings and has helped the company grow incredibly since it first started out ( Having ample amount of experience in the field has helped him achieve his professional goals, and has given him all that he needs to be a prominent name in the financial sector.

One of the reasons why Glen Wakeman has become such a successful name is because of the education that he received. He pursued a degree and went to the University of Scranton in finance and business. Soon after, his next endeavor was another degree this time being from the University of Chicago, to attain his MBA. Soon after completing his education, he started to work at a number of high profile companies, which at the time were some of the biggest in the city. These initial ventures that he partook in proved to be incredibly valuable to Glen Wakeman, as they helped shape his career, providing him with better opportunities for the future.

One of the first companies that Glen Wakeman worked at was GE Capital, which is a well-known company in the field ( He worked under some of the most prominent names in the financial sector and looked up to them as his mentor. He spent a considerable amount of time working here before he decided to move on to other professional pursuits.

Having over two decades worth of experience, leading a company was not a hard task for Glen Wakeman, which is why LaunchPad Holdings has grown to be such a huge success in the industry.


Launch Pad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman Offers Aspiring Entrepreneurs the Tools to Succeed

Launch Pad Holdings co-founder and CEO Glen Wakeman is a citizen of the world ( He has lived in Europe, South America, and Asia. That was while he worked for GE Financial. During his two-decade tenure at GE, he was responsible for managing profit and loss (P&L) and business development.

Launch Pad Holdings is a Software As A Service company (SAAS). In business for three years, LHP was born of Glen Wakeman’s desire to lower the rate of start-up failures. Launch Pad offers online services that help budding entrepreneurs chart a course to success.

A new business can’t succeed without the proper tools, so Launch Pad offers a “toolkit”. The kit that Glen Wakeman created helps start-ups identify risk and develop a business strategy. This is accomplished through a series of questions posed to the would-be entrepreneur.

There are many ways in which Glen Wakeman can be defined.

  • CEO
  • Mentor
  • Blogger/author
  • Entrepeneur
  • Business advisor

The starting lines that put Glen Wakeman on the track to success were the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago. He holds a degree in Economics and Finance from the former and a Master of Business Administration from the latter. He financed part of his education by cleaning restrooms in a plant that produced auto parts.

The first business he founded was Nova Four. NF offers support services and helps businesses in their incunabulum find seed money.

Devoted to helping fledgling businesses succeed Glen suggests that the founder(s) should discuss their idea with others. As he sees it not thinking an idea through contributes to the failure of most start-ups.

Glen lists multiple benefits to stating your idea out loud to others. Sometimes just hearing themselves describe an idea helps its founder to see that it is a non-starter. Glen suggests that when an audience finds fault with an idea ask them to be specific about any flaws they see. Having to defend the idea means that the originator has to think it through more thoroughly before sharing it with others.


Class Dojo Is Setting The Stage For Quality Educational Platforms

Class Dojo is a unique method of improving on education that focuses on improving the level of communication between parents and their children while they are in school. For the longest time, communication in school was a difficult thing to achieve, mostly done through teacher conferences or scheduled meetings that often are too short and disorganized. Class Dojo is changing this with their innovative app which takes a new approach to education on the market of educational tools. There are many platforms for education out there, but none of them work to help improve communication or even the school community so much. Class Dojo is creating an air of positivity among students, teachers, and parents as all parties have never been able to stay in such close contact.

Teachers of any given classroom can directly control or influence the type of content that is available on Class Dojo and what children are able to see. This mostly includes class projects, stories, notes, and special moments that happen in the classroom.

The majority of teachers out there have expressed how much they enjoy the new additions that come with the Class Dojo app, allowing for parents and students to be more involved in schoolwork than ever. The co-founder for Class Dojo, Liam Don, has said that he was inspired to start up this platform when he traveled the country and saw the poor state of communication and the lack of participation from parents. Teachers especially expressed their concern with the falling conditions of not just schooling environments but the stigma placed on schooling as well. Class Dojo was Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary’s attempt to bring parents, students and teachers together in a way that has been missing from school for a long time.

According to most, Class Dojo easily has the potential to change the way people view education moving forward. Up til now, Class Dojo has done an excellent job, building on the school community and improving learning for students around the country. Two-thirds of all schools in the United States have experienced what Class Dojo has to offer, with profound effects on student’s demeanors. The most exciting part about this platform is it is free for everyone to use and signing up is as easy as asking for an invitation from a teacher.

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