Humble Beginnings to Global Enterprise: The Story of OSI Group

The OSI group has championed themselves as one of the largest providers in the food industry as of 2018. They have pioneered themselves as a leader in the industry, with over 20,000 employees working daily at over 65 facilities in 17 different countries. However, the company didn’t start off as the food giant they are today. OSI group rose from the ground up, experiencing humble beginnings that the company would embrace as they skyrocketed to the top over the years. These values would be what the company would strive to build upon, ensuring the current and future success of business.

Early Days

At the beginning of the 20th century, a German-Immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky traveled to Chicago. It was here that Kolschowsky would open a small butcher shop that would provide quality meats to his community. Over a decade, the company had grown into much more, and the business would soon be re-branded as Otto & Sons in 1928. It was only a matter of time that their genuine, down to earth business would soon expand in a very big way.

Fateful Meeting

History would soon be made in 1955 when Ray Kroc opened the very first McDonald’s family restaurant. The restaurant was unlike anything people had seen before. It implemented the speedy delivery line, something that could create fresh hamburgers on the fly for the droves of people that would soon frequent these places. However, Ray would need to supply his restaurant with quality beef before expanding any further. Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, would enter an agreement with Kroc to supply fresh ground beef for McDonald’s. The rest is history, as anyone anywhere knows how quickly McDonald’s spread across the USA.

Paving the Way with Advanced Technology

Over time, Otto & Sons would become OSI Group, and grew in tandem with McDonald’s. However, to meet high production demands, they would need to increase their production as well. In 1973, a production plant would be built dedicated to providing McDonald’s with their quality beef. This was possible by providing their state of the art facility with the best production line technology around. Today, they still provide for McDonald’s and are one considered one of the top food providers in the industry around.

It is no secret that the OSI Group has thus grown from a small, humble meat shop into the large company providing for thousands around the globe. With no signs of slowing down, the OSI Group continues to dominate the market and provide values for others through their work.


Jason Hope On The SENS Foundation

Everyone who lives and breathes ages during their lifetime. No matter where you come from, what you do, or how you live your life, aging is something that everyone has in common and is unavoidable. Our skin starts to wrinkle, our bones get weaker, and even the normal everyday things we do can become quite a bit harder. There are diseases associated with aging including cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and arthritis. The health care system is focused on helping patients deal with the symptoms of their problems and not the root of it, which should be the solution. Instead of working on preventing these aging problems and diseases, they are treating the conditions in the aftermath.

Jason Hope is passionate about changing how we look at aging and how we can live longer and better lives. He is an entrepreneur from Arizona but also a philanthropist who works tirelessly to find ways to make the aging process a lot easier for people around the globe. There is an organization that Jason Hope particularly is rooting for and it’s called the SENS Foundation. They use biotechnology to improve and prevent disease for people. Jason Hope is so passionate about their cause that in 2010 he announced at the San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts that he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to further research. Not only is SENS’s mission focused on research to prevent aging, but they are educating people on how they perceive aging so real change can commence. They even uses volunteers, politicians, donors, and influencers to spread awareness. Their research has taken place at such educational institutions as The University of Arizona (where Jason Hope received his education), Yale University, Cambridge University, and Harvard University. Aubrey de Grey is the chief science officer and leader of SENS Foundation, which is also a non-profit organization.

Jason Hope has praised this organization for working on a number of subjects, not just zooming in on one particular facet or disease. This all encompassing approach can change the face of the medical industry according to Mr. Hope. He attended Arizona State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and continued on at the same university, but their W.P. Carey School of Business to earn his Master of Business Administration degree. Since then Jason has worked hard as an entrepreneur and philanthropist trying to make a different in the world for the better.

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Stansberry Research Provides Essential Online Financial Investment Data

An article from the Stansberry Research Digest indicated that it is essential to observe the resource sector since commodities are significant segments of appropriate plans for asset distribution (Thedailyrecord). When purchase in the correct way and time, the said commodities are better means to spread out your investments that are beyond the custom assets such as real estate, bonds, and stocks.

However, before trying to invest even the minutest amount you can afford to lose, you must be able to correctly comprehend the vital rule followed by the resource industry. So, primarily be it known that such merchandises (commodities) are cyclical, which means they tend to rise exponentially and then fall drastically. And this cycle continues or repeats itself over and over again.

The reason for this kind of cycle for commodities according to Stansberry Research lies mainly on the law of supply and demand, and the market often counter the current move to, modify the required balance. To expound further, when the supply of a specific commodity is scarce in contrast to demand then the price will go up. So, when the prices go up, it will entice investors to infuse new capital and likewise invite current producers to add more supplies. The expected market reactions would be the volume of supplies will go up, and then it follows that the prices will decline. After a balance has been reached, the prices will rise again, and the supply will decrease.

On the other hand, the supply and demand for resource markets are entirely different from the commodity segment, because when the demand and supply for these resources become unequal, the market for these industries tends to counter much slower. And the cause of this is because it takes more money and time to for example begin a farming operation, drill wells, or build a mine to extract minerals, etc. Hence, the capital needed for these resources need millions to billions of investments, which is why it is difficult to control the prices when they begin to fall based on Stansberry Research.

Stansberry Research is an online publisher of software and financial information for investors across the globe, which could be acquired by subscription basis. It provides needed information, advice, and strategies for stock/share investments.



Anti-Semitism Sadly on the Rise in America

Adam Milstein, author of the Jewish news Syndicate at, has claimed in one of his blogs that anti-Semitism is becoming rampant in America and also specifically on some of the college campuses throughout the system. He states that historically, Muslims have typically put the blame on Jews for being “overly powerful Zionists” that “are the root of all problems in the Middle East”. Some people who are not even Muslims have these same sentiments, such as the leader of the Women’s March in America: Linda Sarsour. Linda Sarsour has taken many extremist positions and statements, and this only used to occur on the upper right side of the political spectrum. Now that it has extended even onto the left side of the spectrum, Adam Milstein asserts that this should not be occurring nor be put in the minds of young people, because it is fundamentally not true. Linda Sarsour has led a “Jihad against Trump” speech where she praised the extremist names Siraj Wajjah who conspired to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 in New York City. Moreover, Sarsour has even praised the Saudi Arabian treatment of women.

On top of all of this, Adam Milstein says that in his blog some campuses across the country have taken on anti-jewish positions themselves. At Tufts University, there is in place what is dubbed a “disorientation guide” for new students which call for a condemning of the state of Israel because it is a “white supremacist place”. At New York University as well, the state of Israel is condemned 55 times when compared to the far lesser number of times that Trump or Jihadist extremism is denounced. This type of anti-Semitism extends to Chicago as well at the Dyke March for LGBT members and the “SlutWalk”. In both of these rallies, anyone who was caught this playing the Star of David was thrown out of the march even if the Star of David was a part of their LGBT Flags, asserts Adam Milstein. Because of all of these reasons mentioned, and many more, anti-semitism has sadly been on the rise.

High Production Foodservices: OSI Group

Having high-production standards in any field of work can be a good thing. This means that you, or your business is working at an efficient rate. If you’re working at a more efficient rate, then you’re getting more things completed. High-production rates in the food service industry equals success. OSI Group, an Aurora-based food provider, is the very definition of the term high-performance. To give you a much better understanding of how efficient the company is, just know that OSI has more than 20,000 staff members. These staff members are spread-out across an estimated 17 countries. There is also a total of 65 advanced facilities/factories.

Test kitchens, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants are used on a consistent basis. Some of the most well-educated R&D specialists can be found at these locations because this is where the magic happens. Ideas will become a reality and developments will transpire into capital. OSI Group also has some of the strictest standings of any wholesale-food provider. Providing unsurpassed food safety is one of the main goals and OSI Group certainly does things by the books. Some of the very best quality-assurance experts can be found at these locations as this particular company provides safety features such as:

• Stringent Policies

• Good Manufacturing Practices

• Process Control Measures

• HACCP Deviation Trending

• Annual (QA) Audits

• And many others

Back in 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI with the prestigious Globe of Honour Award for its excellence in environmental management. The company was just one of many other companies that possessed a five-star rating, which is required for eligibility. Kelli Grimwood, OSI’s Environmental Manager, accepted the award at a luncheon in London, England. OSI Group has made its presence known, and it is leading by example, which has transpired into its current success.

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Ian King Gives People a Chance to See Positive Investment Options

When Ian King started investing, he knew there were things he could do that would make the investments better. He also knew investing was an important part of his job, but helping other people was more important. Since Ian King spent time learning about investing and what it meant to himself and others, he felt confident he could teach people about investments. He spent a lot of time practicing the techniques he used for investing so he felt that was a good part of his career. As long as Ian King could continue helping people, he would make more money than what others usually could do while consulting. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

Not only is Ian King an investment consultant, he’s a guru. He spends a lot of time showing people there are things they can use and there are options they have that make sense. As a guru, he’s always looking for the next best option. As long as he can invest his money the right way, he’s prepared to show people what they can get from the options they have. It all goes back to the hard work he puts into the business and the hard work it takes for him to make things better.


Throughout the time that Ian King learned about investing, he knew what would happen to help people. He also knew things would continue giving people a chance for positive investment opportunities. While Ian King spent his time learning about investing, he was also spending time learning about how to teach people how to invest their money. For Ian King, the point of doing things the right way was so everyone could get the right education they needed to enjoy the things they wanted. Follow Ian on Twitter.


Even though some people struggle with investments, Ian King never had that. He’s always done well with the investments he makes and that is an important part of why he offers people a chance to see what he can do. Ian King spends his time learning about the right way to invest. He isn’t afraid to make choices that sometimes involve risks. If he can make the right choices, the risks are worth it. Ian King knows what risks he should take and how they will work out because he spent so much time investing his money and trying to help people through the opportunities they had for success on their own without negative investment options.


Ara Chackerian Successful Business Leader

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and significant donor to various charities around the world. He is someone who is always looking for ways to help others. He has done a great job taking his career to a new level. Many people enjoy working with him on a daily basis. In the coming years, Ara Chackerian plans to help other people with various business projects. Despite being financially successful, Ara Chackerian still works long hours each day. He has so many projects that he continually stays busy.



Early Career


Ara Chackerian attended Florida State University after graduating from high school. Although he did not have a firm direction for his career, he knew that he wanted to work in the business world. He graduated with a degree in marketing and entered the workforce.


After several years of working at a large company, Ara decided to take a significant financial risk. He wanted to operate his own business. Running a business is a big challenge for anyone who lacks business experience. He knew that the odds were against him, but he decided to do it anyway.


The first few years of operating the business were tough. He struggled to increase sales and profits at his company. However, he was eventually able to develop a successful business concept. You can visit for more info.




Helping Others


Ara Chackerian now spends most of his time helping other people succeed. He works with new business owners around the world. His past business experience allows him to teach other people basic business principles. Many business leaders enjoy interacting with Ara Chackerian.


Chackerian also works with charities on causes that he is passionate about. He wants to help people around the world with his charity work. During his career, he has donated millions of dollars to provide necessities to people who earn a low income. You can check out their facebook page for more details.


The Impressive Career Accomplishments of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has earned a great reputation for his outstanding contributions at Real Wealth Strategist. Matt is an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University as well as Penn State University where he studied geology and earth sciences respectively. As if not enough, Badiali later joined the North Carolina University to further his studies. It was not until 2004 that one of his friends wanted to work with him on a project. The friend believed in Matt’s ability, so he requested to partner with him to start a business. They all agreed to start a business where they would offer investors with advice on the best investment options. Matt’s friend knew that Badiali’s knowledge in science was essential for the success of the business. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The two partners decided to offer investment advice to both high-level investors and upcoming entrepreneurs. Interestingly, for Badiali to advise average Americans, he uses the example of his father. Matt remembers all the wrong investment strategies and decisions his father made in the past. He then decided to use the failure of his father to give insights to other people who want to excel in business. Matt uses the experiences of his father and blends them with his rich education background to give advice. Freedom Checks were made possible by the passing of Statute 26-F which states that companies have the ability to operate tax-free if they are a designated agency.

Matt Badiali came up with different strategies of giving advice, but he finally settled on offering insights on natural resources. Most of his clients who follow his advice keenly make double profits within a short time. In 2017, Badiali founded Real Wealth Strategist which is a partnership with Banyan Hill. The company offers investors impeccable recommendations on investment options.


According to Matt Badiali, real-life experiences give the best lessons. Matt has been to different continents globally. Some of the countries that Matt has visited in the past include Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, and Peru among others. In addition to that, he has visited thousands of mines, oil projects, and head offices of multinational companies to give advice and also learn more from such organizations.

In an interview, Matt says that his day starts quite early. Some of his daily activities include reading new and taking children to school. Matt notes that he is most productive in the morning, so he likes to use that time to carry out major tasks. For instance, he writes most of his articles in the morning. According to Matt Badiali, energy consumption is the most exciting trend. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

OSI Industries: Purchasing New Businesses for Expansion

The OSI Industries has been around for more than 100 years. Its founder, Otto Kolschowsky, is a German immigrant who came to the United States to find a job and to have a great life. He decided to put up a small meat shop on the outskirts of Chicago, hoping that it would click and become a hit. Years later, he developed relationships with customers, and many people are flocking into his meat shop only to buy his products. Otto Kolschowsky has to open up another branch to accommodate the rising number of customers who wanted to buy their protein products.

Decades later, OSI Industries will be partnering with McDonald’s Corporation to become their official partner in creating the restaurant’s signature burger patty. OSI Industries and McDonald’s Corporation developed a great symbiotic relationship, and as McDonald’s Corporation became successful, OSI Industries followed suit. Today, the OSI Industries is known for creating and manufacturing high-quality protein products, and they are still partners with the McDonald’s Corporation. The company is now under new ownership, but Otto Kolschowsky should be credited for the company’s growth. The OSI Group keeps on making it in the annual list of the top companies in the United States.

After receiving a lot of awards for their performance, OSI Industries has also announced that they will be expanding their businesses to provide jobs to people from foreign countries. OSI Industries began with the purchase of gigantic lands that will be converted to house the company’s operations. However, they thought that it is not enough, so the OSI Industries focused on building satellite offices to oversee their foreign operations, and hired foreign employees to manage their offices.

In recent history, the OSI Industries is focusing on expansion, and the best thing that they have thought of is to create more facilities that would accommodate more employees and livestock. Another thing that the OSI Industries does is that they are sending over individuals who would be observing a lot of things happening outside their satellite offices, and assess each situation. In other parts of the world, the OSI Industries is becoming aggressive in purchasing  competitors. One instance is the acquisition of Tyson Food Plant and Baho Foods. For the OSI Industries, they are just doing what is right – to expand, and they stated that they would never stop in expanding their operations overseas, and they would make a way to do business.

GoBuyside Connecting Clients With The Most Qualified Candidates

GoBuyside is a global firm which was established to create a link between employers and highly qualified employees. It is headed by Arjun Kapur who is the founder and managing partner of the company. The organization has more than 400 clients from over 52 cities in the world ranging from Canada, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, China, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Most of their clients are companies which work hand in hand with other established companies and startups to provide services in acquisitions, buyouts, growth capital, mergers, ventures and investment strategies. Setting up an account at GoBuyside is very easy. You only need to share your personal details, certificates, work experiences and career interests. The organization has a team of professionals who will review your details before approving your account. If your account is successfully approved, you can customize your account changing the settings to connect with industry professionals and school alumni. Successful candidates can view the numerous opportunities available, qualifications needed and payment information. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuyside is an organization that values the privacy of their clients. Client’s data is encrypted with a top security system as it is a requirement under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR is a law which mandates companies to secure the data of the clients using their platform. The EU passed the bill in 2016. GoBuyside protects other firm’s data such as the personal information of their clients, portfolios, bank details, names and investment interests. The bill also directs data controllers to inform their clients in case of a breach within 72 hours. Users can also decide to delete the information held by the controllers when they want to. Clients also have the liberty to request data controllers to share details of how their information is being used.


One of the advantages of being on the platform of GoBuyside is that the firm matches you with the best talents in the market thus companies are assured of hiring people with the best qualifications and experience. The data handlers on GDPR platform are either employees or service providers who have specialized in data encryption. These data handlers only hold data that is essential in processing personal information of their users and secure the information from falling into the hands of a third party. Clients registered under GoBuyside’s platform have the advantage of accessing necessary information which helps them to comply with the rules and regulations of GDPR. These companies use sophisticated technology in recruiting candidates by screening them according to the qualifications required. Initially, firms would use traditional methods to look for a suitable candidate for the position they need. The most popular method used was advertising on newspaper. This system was tedious since applicants would send thousands of applications thus making companies spend a lot of tie going through the tens of thousands of applications. However, with the evolution of internet and technology it is now easier to get a candidate of your choice. GoBuyside is one of the leading companies which has provided an optimum platform that connects candidates with recruiters. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.