Hussain Sajwani Looking to Do More Real Estate Deals with Trump Organization

The Dubai based billionaire real estate developer Hussain Sajwani is looking to improve on his business relationship with the Trump Organization. He has partnered up with Donald Trump’s organization in an effort to develop more luxury properties throughout the world. Sajwani met with Trump on New Years Eve and talked about completing a project called the Trump International Golf Club. This property will be situated near a number of luxury villas that have generated up to $2 billion in sales. Since he is the current President of the United States, Trump and will not make any business deals while he is serving his term.

Hussain Sajwani recently said that he has ties to Donald Trump’s children Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka. He believes that all three show great leadership and will likely help both parties expand on their real estate holdings. Sajwani believes that they will be vital to the overall business relationship between him and the Trump Organization. He has also stated that the Trump Organization is very protective of their brand and look to maintain a prestigious reputation for the firm.

Sajwani is the founder and owner of a real estate company known as DAMAC which is based in the United Arab Emirates. His company is known for making a number of glitzy properties in all parts of the world. As well as completing real estate development projects, DAMAC is also involved in the food service industry. During the Gulf War in 1991, the company helped provide food service to American troops. It has also been involved in a number of other operations in countries such as Bosnia, Somalia and other nations in the Gulf region.

Today, Hussain Sajwani and his company DAMAC are planning on making an initial public offering with the London Stock Exchange. This will be in addition to the company looking to take advantage of the recovery of real estate prices in the United Arab Emirates. The final decision in terms of getting the IPO will depend on what advice his company gets from banks within the next few months. His decision to make an IPO will also depend on the company’s intention to expand or take money from the company. Follow Sajwani on Twitter or Instagram.

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Learn How To Win In Business Like Southridge Capital LLC

For more than 22 years, Mr. Stephen Hicks has both owned and operated Southridge Capital LLC, an investment management and financial services firm located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Southridge is much more than proud to say that its investors have collectively trusted the firm with some two billion dollars’ worth of investments since its 1996 foundation. Unlike most investment opportunities, the various portfolios of Southridge Capital regularly generate greater returns than virtually all mainstream options.


Hicks didn’t reach success out of anywhere, though – here’s how he started


Mr. Stephen Mr. Hicks graduated high school in upstate New York in 1977. Immediately after completing the secondary school program, he studied at King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and left the college in May 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Further, he then immediately enrolled in Fordham University – this time, he lived in New York City to work towards his graduate-level business degree. Mr. Hicks earned a master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in 1983, then immediately went to work for various companies over the next 13 years.


One of those workplaces was Sutherland Capital, a small hedge fund that was located in New York City. The year before Southridge Capital was created – 1996 – Mr. Hicks was given a year-long heads-up as a warning that the hedge fund would close soon enough. Stephen Hicks wasn’t sure what to do at first, though he finally reasoned with the owner to seek help creating a financial services company of his own. Check out



Though Stephen Hicks didn’t directly follow in the footsteps of the best boss he’s ever had, he felt the preparation he’d received in working for the hedge fund would help him be better in other financial services fields than high-risk investing via a hedge. So far – 22 years in the making – his expertise in corporate financial services and advising

Has certainly been on display without a pause.  You can check out Bloomberg for more.


Learn more about Southridge Capital


Southridge Capital, even though the investment firm is objectively significant in terms of how much money it’s invested, only has five employees.





Alex Pall On How The Chainsmokers Came To Be

Nowadays, The Chainsmokers are a household name but their pervasive fame and fortune didn’t transpire overnight. So just how was the DJ and production duo able to achieve such worldwide fame so quickly? Mathias Rosenzweig recently sat down with Alex Pall to discuss the origins of their musical career, how they’ve dealt with their fame over the years and what lies ahead in their future. The two first crossed paths in the big apple when Taggart was matriculating at Syracuse University and Pall was still a fledgling DJ taking gigs in and around the city. After Pall’s manager introduced them, they began working together on a regular basis and, before they knew it, they dropped their first hit single, Selfie. A short while later, they released their next hit single, Roses, and it wasn’t long before the DJ and production duo had become a household name. The rest, as they say, is musical history.

I love chocolate. For real. | @olav

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What makes them unique is the fact that they actually sing on their own songs but Alex has insisted it’s necessary as the music pertains to his life. He also had a great time collaborating with Halsey as he discussed what a cool, unique and individual artist she is. They also feel a sense of closeness with their demographic which used to be mostly college students but has since expanded to include people of all ages. And they don’t take any of their fame for granted.

Pall made it quite clear how grateful he is for everyone who loves and listens to their songs. Their live shows have continued to evolve alongside the ever-changing music industry. They are particularly proud of the fact that, unlike many artists, they actually sing live during their concerts. And they’re planning on sticking around for as long as possible as Pall believes that if he took a hiatus and returned to the music scene a few years later, things just wouldn’t be the same. So we wish them the best of luck on the future of their music and hope they have continued success in the future of their career.

GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik prides himself on raising his company differently than other financial technology startups

Greensky Credit co-founder and CEO David Zalik prides himself on running his company differently than other financial technology start-ups. Zalik avoids speaking at conferences as much as he can. He did not raise a single cent from fundraisers for approximately ten years. Zalik does not treat his employees to a free meal.

Now, Zalik is opened up to the idea of raising capital. He is challenging the idea that companies should remain private for as long as possible. GreenSky has requested an IPO and could raise $1 billion. With that said, the company can still decide to decline the funding after the paperwork has been filed.

GreenSky Credit is putting most of the risk on banks. Large banks such as SunTrust, Regions and Fifth Third, are the ones keeping tabs on the loan balance. GreenSky Credit itself is not on the hook for defaults.

Zalik is not fond of individuals using their smartphone to acquire a loan in a few minutes. Never in his life has he seen a process to raise money come so easy.

Since the creation of GreenSky in 2006, Zalik, 44, has silently raised one of the major players in the financial technology industry. What is his secret? While other businesses are arguing with banks over loan terms, Zalik believes that GreenSky working with banks can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. Some financial technology start-ups claim that they are a better alternative to banks.

GreenSky Credit, a financial technology company founded in 2006, creates hardware for banks and merchants to help consumers get loans for their home improvement needs. The company is not as well known as other fintech giants such as Social Finance Inc. or Lending Club Corp partly because they do not use their capital to make loans.

GreenSky’s network of banks approves online loans to 10,000-plus customers who shop at physical retail store locations.

There are more than 900 employees working for GreenSky Credit.

Dr. Saad Saad- Medical practice and inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon who has been in the medical industry for the past four decades. In the four decades, he has made a huge contribution to the growth of the pediatric surgery. He has innovated new methods of performing surgical operations which make it easy for patients to enjoy better services which are risk-free. His wish has always been to change the status quo and make surgical operations safe especially for children and young adults. It is the urge to make changes in the industry that led to numerous innovations he made plus two patented inventions.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine. He grew up in Kuwait and studied in Egypt. He graduated with a medical degree from the Cairo University. He was a brilliant student who graduated with honors. He got an internship in England and finally moved to the United States where he underwent tests to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon. The board certification is the highest rank that any medical practitioner in the United States dreams about. With this rank, one is allowed to practice freely. However, one must adhere to strong regulations of the medical industry.


After Dr. Saad Saad became a certified pediatric surgeon, his services were greatly sought after even outside the country. The Saudi Royals managed to hire him for four and half years as a surgeon after he showed the capability to communicate very well in Arabic and English. He worked at King Faisal Hospital where he mainly dealt with the treatment of the wealthy members of the royal families. He also had the opportunity to treat the poor people who were brought to the facility.


After his tenure in Riyadh, he came back to the United States where he continued with service delivery. After serving the royal families, he became a prominent name in the industry. His services were even sought by more people now. Working for the royal families is not something that happens easily. One must be highly qualified and trusted.


Dr. Saad Saad was committed to another cause. He was determined to change the industry by introducing new devices that could ease the surgical procedures. One of the devices he invented is an electromagnetic tool that could be used to track the position of the catheter inside the human body. For various reasons, the catheter may be placed inside the human body temporarily or permanently. When that is done, the catheter might need to be traced to its exact position. Traditionally, an x-ray is used or an MRI machine. The new device does not need a scanning machine. The other invention involved the creation of a sanction system that can be used together with an endoscope. An endoscope is an optical device used for internal examinations. The suction system is meant to eliminate fluids from areas under examination. Learn more:


An Efficient Way To Create A To-Do List By Upwork

Here are 10 awesome tips for completing your to-do list

  1. Jot down all tasks

Complete a brain dump, it’s the healthy way to do it. Otherwise, incomplete tasks will haunt you and stress you out.

  1. Work on your list the night before

Get a fresh start in the morning. Right after your coffee, it’s best to use that boost to dive into work instead of diving into your to-do list. You risk the chance of burning yourself our once the list is complete instead of having a task or two shaved off your list.

  1. Keep your to-do list limited to a single location

Napkins, notes, receipts, random software programs, those are a lot of places to seek out your workload. This can become a task in itself, instead, keep all of your items in a single location so nothing gets lost and forgotten.

  1. Schedule your tasks

Add good details such as when you will start, part of the day and how much time you will spend on the task. That way you can plan your day better

  1. Assign an urgency level to your tasks

Organize your tasks according to their deadlines, that way any interruptions won’t set you back too bad.

  1. Analyze your list

Tasks that have lingered and have not added value or have no importance should get deleted. That way your list consists of things that really need to get done.

  1. Reassign tasks and move on

Use a flexible software such as ClickUp that allows you to make tasks out of comments, that way you don’t have to go through the steps of creating a task and assigning it.

  1. Break up the tasks

Large tasks can seem overwhelming. To know where to start, break the task up into sections or subtasks and tackle things one at a time until the whole task is complete.

  1. Categorize your tasks

Using ClickUp you can assign tags to tasks that you’ve assigned so if you need to follow up on the task you can simply search the category you’ve placed it under.


  1. Weigh your tasks

Some tasks may be heavier than others. Measure the amount of effort you will have to put in for each task and you can use ClickUp to categorize them also by the amount of effort you’ll have to put into the task.

About Upwork

Upwork is a global platform used for freelancing by businesses and independent contractors. They come together remotely to complete various types of tasks. Upwork is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces. It has 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients, with 3 million jobs posted annually worth about $1 billion USD.

Roseann Bennett Helps Couples Deal With Depression Of One Partner In The Relationship

As a family and marriage therapist for over a decade, Roseann Bennett has helped numerous families and couples revive their life and relationships. Every relationship is different, and there can be a different approach that can be applied to different cases. Roseann Bennett has handled hundreds of complicated cases in her career and has helped people understand that the problems in marriage and family can often be the offshoot of an underlying mental health issue. To celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Week, Roseann Bennett provides useful tips to couples to help them get through difficult times in their lives.


Marriages are something that needs constant work. When a partner is depressed, it can lead to the couple becoming distant as they are not able to talk to each other about their problems. Even though depression does not directly result in divorce, it can form a basis for couples to separate. When the partner with depression refuses to acknowledge the problem and get help for it, it can create a lot of problems. Since there is already stigma attached to depression, people are often afraid to get help. Roseann Bennett advises people to take their feelings seriously and to meet a therapist if they do not want the problem to become a serious health condition.


Roseann Bennett has helped hundreds of couples where one partner is going is going through depression and the other person feel responsible for it. But, the truth is that depression can happen for many reasons, and with therapy, one can understand the underlying problem associated with it. The best that couples can do is to be there for each other and support each other if they want to get through it. Often the depressed partner wants to get therapy alone at first and only later involve their partners in it. Roseann Bennett feels that it is a good way to start as the depressed person might not be able to share his or her feelings if their partners are present. Roseann Bennett has over a decade of experience as a marriage and family therapist and currently works at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. See This Page for additional information.




Heal N Soothe-An All-Natural Solution To Pain And Inflammation

Heal N Soothe is a natural solution for pain and inflammation. It contains many natural ingredients that take care of pain and inflammation at the source-12 to be exact.


The body will do everything it can to heal itself when it’s injured, and it will send white blood cells to repair any damage that affects the body. White blood cells with products e what is called fibrin and this fibrin can build up decreasing the mobility of the joints and causing swelling and inflammation. Heal N Soothe helps to break down that fibrin to reduce any discomfort and increasing mobility. Heal N Soothe also helps to improve memory function and has many other benefits as well. It also does not have the side effects that artificial painkillers do since it is an all-natural product.


Heal N Soothe contains many ingredients that are natural. It contains natural ingredients such as bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, Boswellia extract, rutin, Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw, and citrus bioflavonoids. It also contains proteolytic enzymes that are also beneficial.


The ingredients in Heal N Soothe helps to boost the immune and respiratory system. Bromelain was first discovered in 1957 and has been found to be very effective in removing toxins from the blood. It also reduces swelling and inflammation and short circuits pain pathways in the body. Learn more about How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


Turmeric extract comes from the dried root of the turmeric plant and is a powerful antioxidant. Papain destroys pain-causing free radicals, and Boswellia extract promotes healthy blood flow and is an anti-inflammatory. Rutin is also a powerful anti-oxidant, and Mojave yucca root is a digestive aid. It also supports the immune system and is an anti-inflammatory. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Ginger extract has been used for thousands of years and decreases pain-causing prostaglandins. Devil’s claw is a natural pain reliever and has been found to be very effective in treating arthritis. Citrus bioflavonoids protect the body from oxidative dame-age.


Livingwell Nutraceuticals is so confident in the effectiveness of their product that they are willing to offer an entire month’s supply for free for its newest members which is a $50 value.


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Jeunesse’s ZEN Project 8

Apart from producing skin care products, Jeunesse offers healthy lifestyle guides and ZEN Project 8 is a perfect example of such products. ZEN Project 8 is a simplified healthy lifestyle guide that teaches you vital habits for living a healthy lifestyle including weight management tips. This is an 8-week course that guides you on how to use premium ZEN products from Jeunesse in 3 easy-to-follow phases.

In addition, the program includes ongoing support from fellow participants and expert coaching. When it comes to reprogramming your body, it is never easy to stay on your plan but this guide from Jeunesse is quite realistic and simple. This is a complete toolkit that will ensure that you achieve your weight management goals and live a healthy life.

Phase 1 of the 8-week course is the detoxification phase where one is expected to lose the bloat. The second phase is referred to as the ignition phase that involves melting of the belly. The third phase of this course is the Thrive phase were one is expected to live their life.

The ZEN Project 8 program is supposed to transform your life by ensuring that you have a healthy and fit body. The program was designed in collaboration with a fitness expert known as Mark Macdonald. Apart from helping you to burn fat, the program helps one to increase energy and at the same time build muscles. With proper lifestyle habits and nutrition, it is possible to manage your weight.

The ZEN project 8 program offers world-class motivation, coaching tips, and weekly webinars that are important in taking your health to the next level. Apart from simple daily meal plans, the program guides you on how to optimize your portion sizes and results. In addition, the ZEN products help when it comes to building muscles, burning fat, and curbing appetite.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a manufacturing company that specializes in skin care products and natural health products. The Florida-based company was established in 2009 and has since then grown into a well known global brand. The company has a wide range of skin care product lines, supplements, as well as health, and weight management programs.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Career Life

Dr. Saad Saad was honored to receive an appointment to become the personal pediatric surgeon in charge of the Saudi Royal. Dr. Saad was given the opportunity since he was the only surgeon in the whole country who was found to be fluently speaking English and Arabic. He was also the only board accredited Pediatric with the best qualifications for the job.


Dr. Saad was joined by his family to spend over four and half years in the Saudi city of Riyadh. The entire period that Dr. Saad and his family stayed in the city was a great adventure. They all liked the stay.


Dr. Saad did not just win the opportunity. He had all the required qualifications for the position. His education and training were the key factors. His upbringing from childhood to being a senior pediatric also offered him some added advantage. Saad boasts extensive experience and expertise in the field of health, particularly in the surgery department.


Being a native of Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait in a family of eight siblings. The eight became successful people in the society have received training in various sectors. Three of the siblings, he included, are surgeons, one became a teacher, and two attained Ph.Ds. and two Masters Degrees in Engineering. The family is genuinely built by significant people in the community.


Dr. Saad received his medical degree from Cairo University, Egypt about 47 years ago. He graduated with honors where he was at the second position in his class. Two years after graduating from the university, Dr. Saad immigrated to the United States after completing an internship offer in England. Saad then completed his residency in the department of surgery specializing in pediatric surgery. He later became a fully board-certified pediatric surgeon.


It must be noted that attaining board certification in the United States is not an easy task. One requires to have achieved special surgical training from a recognized institution, lead continuous practice in Surgery, and ensure that they pass a rough examination after every decade.


While at the Saudi City of Riyadh, Dr. Saad offered his expertise at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. He was called to work with the hospital by the Chief of the Hospital where he was tasked with the duty to perform one of the complex operations.


He also led the surgery operation of the youngest patient to have ever been admitted to that hospital with an aneurysm. Dr. Saad saved the patient. His excellent work lured an international scientific journal to feature the details of the surgery with the aim of educating other people. From then, Dr. Saad won respect among the hospital, management team and all his decision were taken seriously since then. Learn more: