Take Control of Your Inbox

2019 is all about reclaiming our time and practicing a little self-care. Cleaning up your email inbox is a great start. Every day over 180 billion emails are sent worldwide. With almost 50% of companies using some form of email marketing we are flooded with advertisements, reminders of abandoned carts and newsletters, and many of us have unknowingly opted in to receive them. Unroll.me wants to change that.

Unroll.me is simple. It compiles a list of all of your email subscriptions and lets you decide which ones you don’t need anymore, just swipe left and you are unsubscribed from receiving emails from that company. It also allows you to curate a feed, called a Rollup, of all the subscriptions that you want but don’t need right away. The free app features the popular social media swipe to view model making it easy to only scroll through the subscriptions you want to see. Unroll.me directs all of the subscriptions you want to your Rollup, which is delivered to you once a day at the time of your choosing, keeping them out of your inbox.

Unroll.me values privacy and the algorithms focus only on commercial and transactional emails.Your personal information and any other information that could be used to identify you are encrypted. Unroll.me then uses the anonymous information of millions of users to create graphs and statistics to provide companies with real and accurate industry trends. Your personal information is never included in that data.

Unroll.me won’t replace the need to check your email, but it will save you time by cutting down the number of emails in your inbox daily. Your Rollup is a great way to keep up with your favorite subscriptions so you never miss a great content from your favorite companies.

Unroll.me is free and is available for both Android and Apple devices.


How Financial Institutions Support Clients By Providing Tailored Services

NexBank Capital recently announced the completion of a private placement of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes in particular financial institutions as well as high net worth investors. NexBank Capital Inc is geared toward channeling these proceeds to the corporate world. With the closing, the company has raised about $283 million equity as well as debt since 2016. According to usbanklocations.com’s report, the raised notes are described as non-callable and will remain so for five years. They have also stated maturity of 2027. They also have an interest rate of 6.37 percent for about five years. Thereafter, they will register a floating rate based on the spread above the three-month LIBOR of 458.5 points. With Sandler O’Neil and Partners serving as the agent of placement for the private offering of these notes, they are not registered with the Securities Act. Therefore, they may also not be offered in America.


NexBank is a high-profile financial services institution that operates in three main divisions namely mortgage banking, commercial banking, as well as institutional banking throughout the United States of America. The company’s professionals are dedicated to delivering tailor-made services coupled with results-oriented solutions to meet the financial as well as banking needs of their clients. According to FINRA, besides, NexBank contributes to the growth of the community through various investment grants, community service as well as sponsorship. The management offers expanded access to different packages of home lending products in order to meet the needs of low-to-moderate income earners, rebuilding the community through partnerships to provide primary services including child care, housing assistance, as well as financial literacy. NexBank also majors in providing accommodating housing loans for more than 2,000 veterans residing in Texas. The management reaches the community through outreach programs as well as teaming up with like-minded organizations that can benefit residents in the community through development.


NexBank Capital also offers different services in traditional as well as modern investments. The company’s core mission covers diverse businesses as well as personal interests. For more than 90 years, the company has served as a partner to many families as well as individuals throughout the Texas community by offering responsive banking solutions. The bankers in this institution have insight regarding a broad spectrum of services to create a better banking experience.