Betsy Devos – In the News

As the 11th US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has been working hard since her appointment in 2017. She has steadily conducted interviews, worked with school leaders, and campaigned for educational choice. At the same time, philanthropy has been at the forefront of her priorities. Despite leading the way for new educational choice programs, she continues to commit her life to helping out schools and underprivileged kids.


Across the country, students and parents have been learning more about educational choice. These programs were designed to help students in neighborhoods where they are zoned for a school that doesn’t have the right programs or doesn’t have the best curriculum. Students can choose to go to another school through a magnet program, charter school, private school, homeschool program, or virtual school.


Educational choice has polarized many Americans, especially those who work in the public school system. While teachers have asked whether educational choice will take away from public schools, Betsy DeVos has repeatedly said that isn’t the case. Most of the programs are funded by philanthropy. DeVos has donated over $35 million to the cause, and she has some other donors who support educational choice. This includes donations from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gtes of Microsoft.


DeVos has been campaigning for more states to start educational choice programs, but so far it’s been difficult to get more programs in other states besides Louisiana and Florida. Of the two, Florida is the better state for programs. Students can choose to go into any time of educational choice program in Florida, and they also can apply for a tuition-based scholarship that pays for their private or charter school education.


In addition to work with educational choice, Betsy DeVos has been working hard on school safety reforms. With the gun violence issues of 2018, President Donald Trump appointed Betsy DeVos in charge of changing policies and improving security on campus. DeVos led the way and many policies went into effect prior to the 2018 to 2019 school year.


Schools now have guardian programs with a security officer, and there are other changes in school districts where teachers are allowed to carry guns to school. In these areas, teachers say they will know how to protect their students.


Betsy DeVos believes that Florida has the right idea when it comes to educational programs. She toured the state with the First Lady Melania Trump, starting in Miami. They visited multiple charter schools and hope to promote more changes within the school system to allow for better programs.


DeVos has less than two years to talk to more state education leaders and get educational choice programs into more underprivileged areas across the nation.


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The New Eos Lip Balm Is a Sweet Dream Come True

Whether it’s chocolate, raspberry, or even the scent of cucumber, fragrant makeups can make anyone weak in the knees. EOS’s new Sprinkle Donut Super Soft Shea Lip Balm is set to do just that; the new EOS Lip Balm dropped on June 7, just in time for National Donut Day.

The new EOS Lip Balm is a limited edition product from EOS’s “Evolution of Smooth” series. With limited quantities of each micro-batch, it’s recommended that you snatch one up quick. Once the micro batches are old sold out, they’re gone for good. With the new EOS Lip Balm containing hints of freshly-baked donuts, vanilla bean, and rainbow sprinkles it’s tempting enough that you’d consider eating it. But don’t, not when the product itself comes in a cute packaging. With the EOS Lip Balm embracing its donut theme, the cap of the EOS Lip Balm comes with real rainbow sprinkles.

With nearly a thousand people having already pre-ordered the new EOS Lip Balm, head over to before it runs out; the lip balm is being sold exclusively for $4.99. Order one so that you not only can have your lips looking good but tasting and smelling like a freshly-baked donut.

The Matthew Fleeger: The President and the CEO of Oil and Gas Company

Gulf Coast Western is a private company founded back in 1970, in Dallas in the United States. It has other locations in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company focuses on the exploration of gas and oil. The company is also known as a joint venture as it involves partnerships. The company focuses on a relatively well-developed terrain. This is to say, and the terrain should consist of well-defined geographical and geological properties. Gulf Coast Western is exploring to expand to new other stations in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is currently the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western Company. The Company specializes in the exploration of oil and gas. He is highly ranked for his professionalism in oil and gas exploration, waste management and industrial tanning activities. Mainly known for his outstanding leadership qualities such as strategic is planning, contract negotiation, team building as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Before his current role, he was the founder of MedSolutions where he served as both CEO and president for 13 good years. His role in MedSolutions was specialized in transportation and disposal of medical wastes. Moreover, he was a successful and renowned entrepreneur in the tanning industry. Fleeger earned his degree from the University Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Upon completion of his studies, he implanted his skills with oil and gas companies.

Exploration and research

The company mainly targets on exploration and land acquisition activities within the regions that are rich in oil and gas. Also, the company focuses on potential land within regions of USA that can be expanded soon. To facilitate quality exploration of oil and gas, the company is in partnerships with more a thousand certified collaborators worldwide. Gulf Coast Western maintains its code of ethics and the company’s integrity thus resulting in high standards of oil and exploration.

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James Dondero: The Donating Factor

Helping our communities should be something that each of us should have as a goal. It’s not just about making a profit and only taking care of ourselves. If you want to know about any organizations needing your help, start paying attention to what’s around you. James Dondero is a clear example of this and has done a fantastic job in his giving to worthy causes. To him, the city of Dallas is a wonderful place, and he wants to keep that way. He is known for giving where it counts. You can just ask the Dallas Zoo about their soaring profits and how that came about. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

James Dondero is president of Highland Capital Management. This is an investment firm known for helping companies and individuals make the most out of their economic situations. This is the kind of company you need backing you if you are looking to invest. Dondero has a keen eye for spotting the best ventures to invest in, and you might find that beneficial. Just ask the country of Argentina how they were able to prosper from his help. You will find that this is a talent that he’s not going to retire with anytime soon.


Whether it’s donating or investing, James Dondero has a gift that flourishes every time he puts it to use. Companies grow, profits soar, and countries are no longer impoverished all because he takes the time to work on them. You won’t find real investors like him anymore. Read more about James Dondero at


Rick Cofer Contributions to Criminal Justice Reforms in Austin

Did you know that defending alleged child sex perpetrators in a court of law is extremely challenging? According to legal experts, the main reason why defending this class of people in a court is challenging is because of systemic discrimination. However, Rick Cofer is redefining this reality — by advocating changes in the legal systems. He is also passionate about eradicating flawed judgments and unlawful hurt the system puts children into — when looking for justice or when defending their innocence. In the last five years, Rick Cofer Law has become synonymous with human rights in the corridors of justice — in the USA and specifically in Austin.

In the past seven years, he has been pushing for reforms because he is one of the legal experts that believe in equal representation. In order to achieve reforms in the judicial system, he has worked with different lobby groups and activists. Rick Cofer understands that achieving equity in the legal world requires a multi-dimensional approach. He also points out that writing has also been one of the ways he has fought for reforms in this niche. In the last five years, he has written some of the best legal — both informative and thought-provoking — pieces on this niche. Through these approaches, the system is slowly changing, making legal representation ideal for all parties.

In addition to being vocal on challenges facing legal experts while defending suspects, Rick Cofer understands the importance of productivity in the legal world. For example, he understands that the recipe for winning cases and representing clients well is by being productive. According to him, winning cases and helping clients get better judgment and settlement is one of his main obligations as an attorney. Rick Cofer Law is home to productivity and better legal preparations in the world of legal representations in Austin. The following are some of the ways he is redefining productivity in the legal world.

First, he is a believer in systematic planning of tasks. Rick Cofer understands that planning is a game changer in time management. However, while planning, he understands that bringing all people on board is critical, and it is one of the best ways to maximize productivity. Second, he understands the importance of delegating tasks to his partners and juniors at Rick Cofer Law. Since he represents so many children in defense cases, he needs assistance from other professionals – both in preparations and writing legal responses. Thanks to his employees and professionals in his law firm, he is making legal representation a reality to hundreds of people.

Getting to Know the Agera Energy Company

There are a lot of consumers making the switch to the Agera Energy company. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Not only is this company offering lower and more affordable rates, but Agera Energy is one of the most trusted energy companies in New York. They have innovated all of the technology used to provide high-end energy needs for their consumers.


You can check out their Twitter page, where Agera Energy is able to keep their customers updated on all of the greatest tips and tricks for lowering their energy usage at home. You will also want to consider looking at their other social media pages so that you can get to know Agera Energy and all that they are offering. You will enjoy what this company is going to do for your home’s energy needs and why so many individuals have already chosen to make the switch. Agera Energy is there for your home and your family. Follow Agera Energy on


Nicolas Krafft importance to fashion and beauty

L’Oreal Paris held an annual fashion and beauty event on a floating catwalk in the city of France. They showcased their unique looks and offered an opportunity for the brands. The brands were dedicated to their work and enabled the products to be available to their customers. Diversity in women’s beauty was the central aspect of the event. The event was attended by various famous individuals such as Eva Longoria and Louise Bourgoin, who walked on the floating stage. It was a chance to show the latest fashion trends and appreciate the culture of our generation.

Nicolas Krafft utilized 20 years at L’Oreal to manage and transform departments into doing better in the industry. In the L’Oreal Paris event, which was under his management, the hair stylist and the make-up artist did 70 different styles. There were huge screens all over town, which allowed everyone around to see the event. The event got filmed by drones, which are the new technology in shooting events at different angles. The broadcast was aired to 30 different nations helping the brand to reach their potential customers. It is through this event that their supplies and sales improved significantly.

Nicolas Krafft holds an executive position at Pulp Riot, and his mandate is to execute approaches globally. He has utilized his analytical skills with L’Oreal in different roles he has managed, such as marketing and digital strategy. The entrepreneur pursued his studies finance and accounting from the University of St. Gallen. Later, he began his marketing journey as a product manager in Canada. Afterward, he moved to Germany after he acquired his marketing skills and expertise. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit and interest in Asian culture, he went to Asia, where he led the launching of Matrix. In this position, Nicolas Krafft operated on product development to fulfill the needs of the countries and assisted them in setting up distribution. After spending five years in L’Oreal, he went to New York to work with DMI. Here, the businessman was to assist the company in improving its profits and diversifying to Northern America. In this role, he acquired skills to manage appropriately by using mutual influence and information.

Serge Belamant is a Legend in Bitcoin Technology

He has many years of experience in the industry, and some of his work has been featured in various platforms. Serge is one of the pioneers of Zilch Technologies and is a patent holder for several blockchain inventions. He believes that every entrepreneur must be ready to challenge themselves and their ideas for them to succeed. The French citizen was born and raised in the country until he became a teenager where they moved to live in Africa with his parents.

After completing his high school education in a local institution, he enrolled for a Computer Science course at Witwatersrand University. He has worked for several firms during his career, where his knowledge was crucial to develop technologies that facilitate banking processes around the world. He used his coding skills to come up with innovative transactions software. Serge Belamant is the brain behind a company called UEPS, which specialized in developing modern payment systems.

He attracted the attention of various international corporations through his innovations. In 1995, he entered into a partnership with VISA to help the company to develop an offline card that could be used by its clients. The use of the card has gained prominence in our modern lives as they facilitate financial transactions. One of the innovations by Serge Belamant that touched the lives of many residents in South Africa was a digital payment platform which could be used to transfer money to different parts of the country.

Currently, the payment system is used in various countries around the world, including Russia, Iraq, and emerging economies. Serge Belamant is one of the board members at several corporations in the United Kingdom, including Prism Group. During one of his interviews earlier this year, he said that the idea of developing financial products for young adults came from his son, Philip.

Serge Belamant makes a to-do list daily to enable him to accomplish some of the most important tasks during the day. He is still a member of management teams at several firms, and his insights have been instrumental in identifying any potential challenges and developing appropriate solutions for them as early as possible.

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Article Title: Announces New Partnership With Grand Tokaj

Jingdong, or is the Chinese e-commerce and regular commerce giant of China. They are constantly introducing new products, as well as importing a huge variety of foods from all around the world for their customers to try. One of these new partnerships is with Grand Tokaj – a sweet wine producing company that is headquartered and based in Hungary. This company has not sold products online in China prior to this, so their decision to choose is a big one. Jingdong was chosen because of their advanced technology that can help sellers of e-commerce products with their unique analytics and information on what customers desire.

The Grand Tokaj winery makes high quality wines and they are a company backed by the Hungarian government. They are located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary, which is also famous for vineyards and the unique process used there. This process, called ‘noble rot’ which lets the grapes turn into raisins – but only partially. This gives the grapes an overall sweeter flavour. Thus, this creates a sweeter overall wine.

The wines made by Grand Tokaj Company had a promotional launch on in late April, just when the summer wine season was beginning. The launch was small, only 1,000 bottles of wine, but they were completely sold out within 10 hours of release. In addition, the specific online store allocated to the Grand Tokaj winery has garnered of 400,000 total followers on the site – a huge number.

Grand Tokaj’s success is not surprising, though.’s analytics predict that more than 75% of Chinese citizens prefer foreign, imported wine to the local Chinese ones. In addition, Jingdong’s huge platform and user analytics are an unparalleled tool in terms of selling in a e-commerce marketplace. So, Grand Tokaj makes a good wine, however, by partnering with, they are also giving themselves the absolute best tools possible for the job. is also the biggest alcohol seller in all of China as well. It will be exciting to see how this brand takes off in the future, once the brand joins on a permanent basis.

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Sharon Prince on the Importance of Standing Up for Your Rights

Standing up for yourself is perhaps one of the best things that you can do in your life. Sharon Prince, the founder of Grace Farms, has been on the forefront in encouraging women to exercise their voices whenever they find themselves in compromising circumstances. One way through which she has managed to do so is through her Grace Farms Foundations.

Sharon Prince has been particularly vocal on matters about gender parity. She has been among those encouraging companies to hire both men and women in the same numbers devoid of any bias. She allows notes that it takes effort and courage for women to exercise their voices and stand up against any discrimination. It is particularly hard to confront power structures and those in authority when they are the perpetrators of gender discrimination.

Calling Out Sexism

Sharon Prince has been vocal in calling out instances of sexism whenever she has found herself in any situation that warrants action. She confesses that people’s actions can act as a great way of breaking down gender barriers. Sharon prince opines that there ought to be noticeable change when it comes to everyday practices such as referring to women as ‘you guys’ or married women as ‘Mrs.’ without a term for married men.

Sharon Prince notes that although sexism has reduced over the years, it’s still present in the modern age with a vast majority of women falling victims. Therefore, she reveals that the prevalence of retrogressive behavior in the contemporary era is the main reason the practice should be discouraged regardless of the circumstances. Women should be on the forefront in doing so, however risky it is or if they are the only women present in the setting.

Sharon Prince admits that collective action among men and women will eventually eliminate gender bias. A higher degree of impact will be witnessed if everybody exercises their voice.

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