Betsy DeVos and Thoughts About Charity

Betsy DeVos becomes uneasy any time she meets people who are greedy. That’s because the emotion of greed isn’t at all familiar to her. It’s something that feels extremely distant to the philanthropist and activist. Being a political activist is something that’s akin to breathing for this lady from the American Midwest. She’s been operating as an activist of sorts for many decades. Calvin College was a turning point for DeVos. She attended the Holland, Michigan institution of higher learning in the seventies. That’s when she realized that she wanted to hone her political abilities. It’s the place that made her have all sorts of relevant epiphanies.


“Elisabeth Prince” was an American college student who had excellent study habits. She was always alert in her classes. That didn’t detract from her devotion to political matters on campus, though. She always put 110 percent into advancing political causes that were important to her. Things that matter to this woman are never ever placed on the back burner even for half a second.


President Donald J. Trump know a lot of people. There’s one person he knows inside and out, too. He knows this person like he knows his wife, Melania. He knows this person like he knows his daughter, Ivanka. Betsy DeVos is a lady who makes President Trump feel completely reassured. He knows that he never has to fret over her getting things accomplished. He is aware of the fact that her work ethic is of world-class caliber. Hiring someone to work as an American Secretary of Education can’t be simple. It looked simple for President Trump, however. That’s because he knew deep down that DeVos had no rivals. She has so much integrity on her side. She has so much commitment on it as well. Giving up is something that bores DeVos. It’s something that’s never on the table for her. Giving up is never on the table for her diligent husband, Dick, either. They often bond with each other due to their avoidances of surrender.


Does Betsy DeVos want to transform the planet? She wants to do so more than ever. Making the planet a functional place is something that appeals to her. It’s something that makes her want to work rapidly day in and day out. She revels in her Education Secretary position. She grasps that it’s a position that gives her a lot of sway. She likes to be able to chat with parents in the United States who want to take action. She gets frustrated when she realizes that she cannot do much to push their causes to the front. That’s why she puts so much thought into the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


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Oren Frank on Why Online Therapy Is Very Beneficial To A lot of Clients

 Oren Frank is CEO and founder of the company Talkspace. He has used his platform to talk about the advantages of online therapy for quite some time now. We sat down to speak with Oren about his views on why online therapy, including Talkspace, is more beneficial than most people realize. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.


According to Oren Frank, it is perfect for people who live in remote areas. Some people cannot get to a physical location for therapy. Their mental health issues suffer due to this inconvenience. That is why places like Talkspace are a great alternative for those who live in remote areas who do not have access to the other conveniences most do.


We have found, according to Oren Frank, there are a lot of clients who have physical disabilities. They are either in wheelchairs or homebound for some health issue. That is what makes this situation perfectly. The clients can go online to Talkspace and speak with a professional therapist who can give them the help they need. There are a lot of inbound patients who suffer from severe mental health issues. They can get the same benefits of going to into an office as they can be sitting at a computer.


Most remote access plans, including Talkspace, offer convenient payment plans and pricing. Some places you have to pay $100 a pop for a visit that is less than an hour. According to Oren Frank, that can turn people off in a big way. That is why Talkspace was founded as an alternative. The information is also more accessible.

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Agera Energy and Their Available Service Options

Having a great electric provider is key to saving money and having reliable service. Thankfully, you can find such a company with Agera Energy. The Agera Energy provider has been around for several years, and they’ve continued to grow because of the quality of their service and their affordable rates. They are located in New York State, but they offer many of their service options in 50 states around the nation. Read more about Agera Energy at


You will feel confident in choosing Agera Energy for all that they can offer to you. Their customer service is second to none and they are on Twitter and Facebook to offer helpful advice to all of their clients. If you are ready for a change and want to get to know what Agera Energy is doing for their customers, be sure to consider working with them and signing up for your very own account when and if it is needed. Follow Agera Energy on

ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Classroom

In the past, teachers were equipped with traditional and less effective tools to stimulate their students; meanwhile, parents were mostly kept out of the loop, only being informed of their children’s progress during parent-teacher conferences every other month.

ClassDojo sought to change these dynamics, and they did, through the use of their game-changing app. Teachers are now able to keep track of their students’ development through a points-based system, while also keeping track of attendance and school news. A social media feature also allows them to share photos and videos with parents, and personal-growth videos are used to teach students about empathy and perseverance.

The classroom communication app was created by teacher Sam Chaudhary and game developer Liam Don in 2011. ClassDojo is available in over thirty languages and has been used in over 180 countries. About ten million children in kindergarten to the eight grade use the app daily. The program was shaped by the advice and consultations of thousands of teachers and education professionals.

Competition in the classroom communication niche exists (platforms to upload homework, for example), though ClassDojo remains the preferred company due to their broader focus of connecting students, teachers and parents while providing enrichment opportunities through the use of innovative programs and interactive media. The company has received 250,000 drawings from young fans of the app’s monsters and mascots.

The company grew fast; in the beginning, the first version of the app spread to 35,000 classrooms in just twelve weeks. Half a decade later, the company managed to raise over thirty million from investors and is now worth about $100 million, according to Forbes.

The Business of Passing on the Torch of Success With Luke Lazarus Consulting

Days of Preparation

At the tender age of eight, yes, that’s right, eight years old, Luke Lazarus “launched” his first business. Lazarus was born in Perth, Australia, and spent his early years there.

He was academically bright in his grades and received many scholarship offerings for his college, but remained in Australia and decided to attend Melbourne Business School, where he completed both an undergraduate and MBA.

By the time Luke Lazarus was in college, he had already developed an advanced philosophy of business, and it came as no surprise to his peers that he went off and started four successful companies from the age of 24, when he had completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School till the age of 32.

Success Comes with Patience

In those 8 years, Luke Lazarus accomplished many business transactions and accumulated a storehouse of practical knowledge while negotiating many contracts. At the end of his quick success, he decided to re-configure his career to meet the needs of new startup companies.

He came to the conclusion that he could put together his wealth of knowledge and experience and move on with his own Australian-based consulting company named Luke Lazarus Consulting.

His new consulting company got off the ground in 2013 and has since received many recommendations and accomplishments form those who work with him. It is said that his contributions in a board meeting or conference setting are always accepted enthusiastically.

Luke Lazarus Consulting

Lazarus has worked as a business consultant for 20 years, but since 2013 specifically designed to meet the needs of startup companies. His peers and those who have worked with him applaud his ability to analyze different markets and understand the competition.

His business analytical skills help his startup teams locate potential markets for their goods as well as help them to drill down to the essence of their branding story and apply it to customers which fit the demographics of those they are most fit to have an emotional appeal.

Maximizing Time with Startups

Luke Lazarus works tirelessly with his startups to enable them to understand how they can influence customers more deeply by their story and presentation. Getting to the value behind the product and reaching the customers at where their values are is where he seeks to guide new startups.

Everything depends upon how to connect with the values the customer stands for and finding how their product can identify with those values. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

After the first steps of values, Luke Lazarus teaches startups how to prepare for their launch. They will need to be able to create budgets, set their timelines and milestones they reach. Most of all strategies that will enable them to reach those goals must be firmly established.

Daily Routine

Luke Lazarus, in a recent interview, shared what a normal day is like, which is rising early and multi-tasking between short meditation period, going off to the gym to keep his body toned. He returns to have a short breakfast, then begins preparing for his meetings with clients throughout the day.

Lazarus says he is constantly juggling or multi-tasking between the several things he has to accomplish to meet his daily goals with clients he will see face-to-face, or for those business dealing thru email or phone.

Lazarus stays focused on the projects at hand and prepares his material for the meetings to capitalize on the time spent with clients.

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Getting an Account with Agera Energy

If you would like to save some money on your energy costs at home, you can make use of Agera Energy. The wonderful thing about choosing Agera Energy is that they have many programs available to save their clients money every single day. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

The process is incredibly quick and provides you with exactly what you need when you’re choosing to switch over providers. You will enjoy what Agera Energy is doing for their clients and how simple it is for you to make use of this choice.


You can feel good in knowing that Agera Energy is there to get you exactly what it is that you need and how different the company is when compared to other options you might have chosen. You can see why this company is one of the best out there and why they have worked with lots of different experts within the field. They offer their services to both homeowners and those who are going to be running their own companies and know that they need a company that they can trust. You can see why this company has become a wonderful asset to many and why Agera Energy is working with lots of individuals. Read more about Agera Energy at

Jeremy Goldstein Continues Throwing Wine Dinners

Wine dinners are becoming Jeremy Goldstein’s bread and butter. Last year, he threw two amazing wine dinners on top of the Nomad Hotel, where he raised over $50,000 for Fountain House, a local charity that’s dedicated to helping men and women suffering from mental illnesses and disorders.

Last year’s dinner was hugely successful, but he wants this year’s dinner to top both of the past dinners. Jeremy Goldstein is not a man who takes failure well; he always strives to be the best at what he does. As New York’s premier corporate attorney, Jeremy Goldstein is known around the world.

He and his firm specialize in corporate governance, executive compensation, CEO guidance, and sensitive issues like acquisitions and mergers. He’s been named an excellent compensation lawyer by the USA Chambers Guide and Legal 500. He also sits on the American Bar Associations subcommittee of Acquisitions and Mergers.

When it comes to his philanthropic endeavors, he wants to aid Fountain House in all of its missions. Though awareness is a major part of what Fountain House does; the organization also offers many other services. Fountain House is dedicated to every stage of recovery, from recognizing the problem to assimilating back into society.

The biggest problem with mental illness recovery is the stigma surrounding mental illness itself. People don’t want to get help if society will cast them aside for having a problem. Sadly, 25 percent of the world’s population suffers from mental illness at some point in their lives. That’s a big number; nearly two billion people.

Across the world, organizations like Fountain House work together to remove the stigma and get people the treatments they need. Some illnesses can be cured and patients can make a full recovery, but because of the stigma and lack of support, they refuse to acknowledge they even have a problem.

Fountain House goes above and beyond for everyone they help. They even teach friends and family members of their patients how to handle living with someone suffering from mental illness in their lives. Having that extra, comfy layer of support and love can speed up recovery.

While other organizations don’t have the tools and funding to take their initiatives all the way, Fountain House provides sufferers with a work program that helps them find jobs and a place to live, speeding up the assimilation process.


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Aaron Lupuloff Is Improving Gwinnett County Schools

Aaron Lupuloff is an individual who is passionatte about the embetterment of the education system and doing everything that he can to make a positive impact. Aaron Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He and the GCPS Foundation has taken on a tremendously effective role in helping Gwinnett Countyz public schools have a more engaging and encouraging educational system. The foundation’s overrall goal is to stimulate the teaching and learning approaches of these schools so that they can shape educated and positive leaders.

Aaron Lupuloff has been an advocate for the embetterment of America’s school systems for a long time. He has worked with oragnizations like the Norcoss High School Foundation and has also taken on positions at the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. This has given Aaron Lupuloff the ability to take action and enhance the schools’ arts, and athletics programs. This will help students bond and learn more about themselves in different settings other than the classroom. The University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board is also involved in encouraging movements for the community like Partners Against Domestic Violence and more!

Their efforts and initiatives have caused Gwinnett County Public High Schools to be known as the best school in Georgia. They are reputable for educating students in the areas of science, technology, and mathematics. Because of this fact, they have also been recognized as the 13th best perfoming school in the United States of America. Their concern for embettering eduation has left their students with a happier concept of education that has been proven to encourage better academic performance overall. This school also stands out because it has a vast array of different students that come from different backgrounds and circumstances. Aaron Lupuloff and GCPS is doing their best to make sure that all these students are given an equal education experience. This will brighten their futures and the overall education system. To see more about Lupuloff visit

Sergey Petrossov Has A Disruptive Vision For The Aviation Industry

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is hard at work changing the way people fly and getting more and more to switch over to flying private jets instead of commercial airlines. The man behind this is Sergey Petrossov, a man who managed to be the CEO of a billion-dollar company before he even reached the age of 30. His “unicorn” of a company employs around 300 people and this number keeps going up as they expand across the world to different locations and countries. While their headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States along with offices in Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Zurich, London, and Dubai. The company doesn’t own any jets themselves, but they have an extensive network of charter companies that they work with to provide flights to their customers.

Users can easily book a flight from their phone using the JetSmarter app. Whether they want to book an entire plane or just a seat on a shared charter, there are a lot of options available for their thousands of users who pay an annual fee for membership in order to use their services. While JetSmarter does offer flights, Sergey Petrossov has a bigger vision for the company and sees it as a potential lifestyle and travel community where users can meet and interact with people that have similar interests as them. Along with flights, they also offer several ground services as well already to provide an inclusive experience.

The entrepreneur has experienced a lot of success at an early age and he knows that there are issues that almost every business owner will face. Getting funding for a company may not be as easy as some people think and while it’s fairly simple to attract investors, it can be very difficult to deliver a proper pitch says Sergey Petrossov. You may have a great idea for a company, but if potential investors don’t trust in your ability to grow it, they will not be willing to put their capital or time on the line. The story of a company is important and you or someone you know must be able to tell it.

Advice from business consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a consultant who works for businesses and individuals to help them get through with their own struggles. Being an aspiring entrepreneur can be difficult and so is equally starting a business. Lazarus has his very own method to help entrepreneurs and believes that the story is the most important aspect to impressing stakeholders and other clients.

He also advises that people do their fair share of research to be successful in starting their own company or in selling their products. It can be crucial, more than ever, for startups to do things the right way as a majority of them fail within just 5 years. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

However, if done the right way, aspiring entrepreneurs can make millions of dollars after building a successful company and after selling them to another company for the rights. One of the classes of entrepreneurs is “serial entrepreneurs” who collect businesses.

Luke Lazarus explains why some people can grow tired of becoming an entrepreneur and become a consultant who offers advice to startup companies and other brands. They could simply prefer to devote their time to help others as they can have a lot of experience and know the market well after so many years.

For example, Luke Lazarus started out as a typical entrepreneur who was born in Melbourne, Australia and started his own business at the young age of 8. After being bright and gifted with an array of talents, he chose to attend the Melbourne Business School despite getting many offers from Division I schools. He ultimately chose to stay close to home and pursue an MBA.

After graduating from college, Lazarus worked hard owning his own brands and sold them for a wide margin after some years. After some time working as an entrepreneur, he realized that his next calling was educating others and then chose to become a consultant. Money was no longer a driving force for him after making a hefty fortune.

Luke Lazarus understands that some people can find his methods harsh, but, he explains that it is the truth and that his advice works. He explains that he has seen well-educated entrepreneurs although they lacked some of the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Luke Lazarus helps people please angel investors and venture capitalists. The secret to the consultants’ success is in gaining the interest of the venture capitalists and investors. In addition, the individual uses videos to help teach college students how to be successful in the business world. Luke Lazarus can help many businesses and clients who want to take the next step as an entrepreneur or successful brand.

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