Medical Entrepreneurship with Dr. Tim Ioannides

Entrepreneurship in the world of medicine can take on many forms. For Tim Ioannides, M.D., becoming an entrepreneur changed the course of his career forever. As the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, Ioannides has spent the last 15 years providing his loyal clientele with expert medical dermatology services. With a focus on treating clients proactively through preventative education and skincare, Ioannides sets the bar in the practice of medical dermatology practices.

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Medicine

As an entrepreneur and medical professional, Ioannides has a unique perspective that most business owners don’t share. In addition to his business prowess, Ioannides is a highly skilled dermatologist as he earned his medical degree from the University of Miami, completed an intense internship at the University of Florida, and finished a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Tim Ioannides began his foray into entrepreneurship after cutting his teeth in dermatology working for a plastic surgeon. This side of dermatology showed him the industry’s excessive focus on cosmetic procedures. This was all the inspiration Ioannides needed to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams by starting his medical dermatology business: Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Building Treasure Coast Dermatology

Dr. Ioannides holds that his business success comes from his commitment to stellar customer service and focus on bringing a sense of humanity to his field. Ioannides initially grew Treasure Coast Dermatology’s clientele with the relationships he established working at the cosmetic surgery practice. Continuing this practice of growing a loyal following by connecting to his customers, Ioannides often writes letters to clients to thank them for their business.

The success of Treasure Coast Dermatology can also be attributed to the way Ioannides runs his practices. Never one to use physician extenders, Ioannides always sees every patient himself. During his time with his clients, Ioannides focuses on truly listening and connecting with his patients by recording voice notes rather than using a computer. Always giving 100% of himself to his patients and his practice, Ioannides’ continued success certainly comes as no surprise.

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Prevagen: Helping People Live Their Best Life

People who want to lead their best life are always on the lookout for food and supplements that help them achieve their goals. Being fit and healthy is easy if you know what to take and the kind of life that you should be leading.

Read: Prevagen Extra Strength, 20mg -30 Capsules | Rite Ai

While having a good diet and ample exercise is important for those who want to be fit, no matter what age they are at, taking a good supplement is something that can help you and can give you exactly what you need to be able to live your best life.

While taking a supplement is important, there are thousands of options to choose from, making the entire process harder for someone trying to figure out which one to take. However, there are more fake supplements on the market than ones that actually work.

For those who want to experience maximum benefits from their supplements, taking the right kind of supplements that help your body and enable you to lead a good life is important.

Good supplements always tend to have thorough research to back up their claims and also have real testimonials of people who have used these supplements and who have experienced their benefits. One supplement that has got an incredible amount of positive attention is Prevagen.

Prevagen is a supplement that was created to give people something that could help improve the functioning of their body and mind. The supplement is designed to help people become more active and is designed to help them think more clearly.

The supplement has been proven to work well because of the numerous reports that have been released concerning the effectiveness of Prevagen and the impact that it has on the bodies of those who take it.

One of the studies that were conducted entailed a group of people belonging to different age groups, taking Prevagen during a ninety-day period. During this time, a significant number of people taking the non-placebo version of the supplement saw beneficial effects of Prevagen.

These individuals reported increased energy levels, a feeling of having clearer thoughts and a general feeling of contentment.

These were all tangible results that proved the efficiency of Prevagen and the impact that it can have on those who take it.

One particular finding from these studies was the fact that Prevagen worked to improve the memory functions of individuals who were taking them.

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Individuals who experienced some or the other form of memory impairment reported beneficial impacts from taking Prevagen and stated that they were able to recall better after having been put on the ninety-day Prevagen study.

Overall, Prevagen has proven to be incredibly beneficial for those who want to take something that works well for them, and which helps them lead a healthier and happier life.

For those who are unsure of which supplements to take for their overall wellbeing, this is one of the best options that can help them and which can give them all the nutrients that their body would need.

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Business Expert Maarten de Jeu on Buying Commercial Real Estate

Maarten de Jeu has made a name for himself as a business advisor working with notable Fortune 100 companies and wealthy individuals in the US, Canada, and Europe, and even middling tech companies. One area of expertise is acquiring commercial real estate, covering everything from office space to hotels, industrial sites to apartment buildings. For those looking to invest in such a venture, de Jeu has some tips to get them started.


Commercial real estate is a solid way to diversify an investment portfolio, one that isn’t subjected to the ups and downs of the stock market. This doesn’t mean that risk is taken out of the equation. Like any investment, there’s some tested wisdom that applies when making financial decisions.


The appealing aspect of owning real estate is the ways it can generate revenue, through rent and fees and an increase in the property’s value. Addressing one can influence the other. For example, painting, changing lighting, updating appliances, and modernizing a property through a renovation can increase the property value, allowing the landlord to increase rent and fees or sell the property for a higher price.


It’s important to remember that commercial real estate, much like any other investment opportunity, is a business venture that requires diligence and time to reap any benefits. For this reason, de Jeu says investors need to regard acquiring real estate as a people business. Learn more:


Commercial real estate investors will have to spend time building relationships with other investors, lenders, and other interested parties who may come to an investor’s aid. As properties become more elaborate and expensive, it’ll become clear to any investor that they can’t cover all costs on their own. To get the assistance of other investors they’ll need to build relationships, and they must be rooted in trust.


Investors can grow their professional social networks by attending networking events. Those with the means might be able to host their own. Either way, they’ll have to make the right first impression. De Jeu suggests making a credibility packet, something to hand out to private lenders so an investor can establish their professional bona fides by sharing personal professional information, detailed business plans, testimonials, and other relevant information that will make an investor seem serious about their ventures as well as trustworthy.


Before private investors are willing to trust new players in the local real estate market, de Jeu says that investor has to be well-read on the business. Assessing potential properties is key to making investment decisions. This entails exhaustive research into the property itself, the neighborhood, the market, and all variables that will affect the value of the property. To do this, investors will have to attend more than their fair share of open houses, an opportune time to inspect the property and make note of any repairs that may have to take place once the property is purchased. Or decide to move on to another property as this one may incur too much risk.


However an investor chooses to move forward with a property, de Jeu says it’s typical to remain involved in the development of their acquisition. Making sure incoming tenants are satisfied with their new accommodations, and that the property manager the investor hires is up to the task. While there is still a great deal of risk in this venture, de Jeu believes that the right preparation, financial backing, and planning can, in time, pay off.


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu is an international business and financial expert and consultant. Graduating first in his class from the University of Oxford, he took his MBA to Aviva plc. After a time as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, I went to work for their office in London as an International Strategy Manager. There he caught the attention of TVDK Management Consultants, making professional relationships with industry leaders which lead to the launching of SVM Business Advisory in Chicago in 2012, where de Jeu helps smaller businesses reach the international stage.

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Overview of coffee and tea supplier Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a coffee producer formed in 2008 and based out of several locations in Canada, British Columbia, and Richmond. The founder is Bernardo Chua as they offer many products from coffee to tea. Visit Facebook to know more.

Chua is noted to be a veteran in the marketing industry with a fitting staff behind him. Their most popular product is their Organo Gold Coffee line that contains interesting ingredients such as their main one of ancient mushrooms called Ganoderma lucidum.


The product is said to contain many antioxidants that help with weight loss, boost the immune system and increase energy levels. Organo Gold has been able to be successful through their marketing tactics, and due to the fact, that many drink coffee. Interestingly, Organo Gold does not sell their products in stores or coffeehouses but through distributors who earn a commission for how much they can sell. If they want, consumers can also purchase their items from their website. According to statistics from an article on Bizfluent, Organo Gold has been very successful with a revenue of $35 million. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Luke Lazarus Changing the Australian Business World One Startup at a Time

 A Business Consultant Who Is Changing the World

How would you like to know you were changing the world? Maybe it wouldn’t be the entire world, but it would be a world that you were so familiar with. It was virtually the whole world.

Certain people are in the news every day who we have never heard of because they were off in a laboratory working on some formula or producing a cancer cure. The same happens in many professional businesses. We might hear of a lawyer who cracked a groundbreaking case before the Supreme Court, or a business person who landed a deal that allows free trade to go on unhindered in a third world country.

Bravo to those who think outside the box and end up changing the world because they thought they could. Such is the case of Luke Lazarus.

Business leaders in Australia have heard of Luke Lazarus because he grew up in Perth and had his first encounters with business as a young boy of eight years of age. It was then that he experienced how great it is to put his thoughts on paper and realize them in business.

Finding Business Success

Before Luke Lazarus could reap the benefits of the success, he felt destined for he first had to apply himself in his homeschooling and later in college.

He excelled in his studies as well as in sports in Perth, and by the time he wanted to attend college he had drawn attention from several universities, Ivy League and others, abroad, which offered him free education if he would cross the continents and go to a school in America.

Luke Lazarus decided to remain in his home country and enrolled at Melbourne Business School in its Masters of Business Administration. He graduated from the program at the top of his class.

Luke Lazarus was eager to get out into the business field and execute the business plans he had been working with, planning and contemplating during hi days at Melbourne Business School.

Starting Several Businesses

It wasn’t long before Luke Lazarus has his first business underway and was working with those who were making his business a success.

He felt drawn to develop several companies over several years after finishing his MBA. Luke Lazarus was experiencing what he had envisioned business would be like following study, application, and hard work.

Luke Lazarus — Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Lazarus enjoyed his work so passionately and the thrill of building something that consumers enjoyed and profited their lives that by the time he was eight years out of his MBA, Luke Lazarus had planned and executed four different successful businesses. Luke Lazarus chose to sell all four of his companies for a reasonable market price. He moved on to another expression of his business plans.

Why Is a Consultant Needed in the Business World?

While considering what he would do net Like Lazarus asked what he could do that would use all his experience and knowledge as a way to provide the best help to others in the business world and he came up with a plan which would allow him to provide guidance and insights or counseling to startups that were struggling.

In 2013 Luke Lazarus launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia. Luke Lazarus crosses the great Australian continent where he can work with struggling startup businesses.

His goal was to lead startup businesses to a new level of success. He has experienced many of his startups go from practically nothing in sales to launching a successful IPO on the floor of a major stock exchange. Anyone who wants to inquire about Luke Lazarus Consultancy can do so here.

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Telehealth is Jack Plotkin’s Vision of the Future

Telehealth has been around for decades in various forms and fashions and is still undergoing revisions and discoveries even now. One man who shepherds this discovery is Jack Plotkin. Plotkin is the Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Health and has made a career out of instigating changes on a company-wide level in terms of mating Technology and Health Care.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin’s road started at Harvard University where he studied economics and computer science. He then took this knowledge and brought it with him to a multitude of corporations and companies where he applied his craft in the retail, health care, and finance industries. Plotkin’s goal was to invoke a transformative environment to harness the power of technology and use its best assets to help the industry that he was working in.

He didn’t rest on his laurels as he decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, initially going into digital advertising and online publishing. Plotkin then started up Virtual Health and has helped build the company into what it is today, one of the fastest-growing companies in North America. In that shade of grey where technology and business meet, you’ll find Jack Plotkin there also, searching to find new ways that those two can mix.


How Bhanu Choudhrie Has Demonstrated His Support To The Community

Besides being a shrewd business person who is highly interested in profits and business expansions, Bhanu Choudhrie is a philanthropic individual who is adored by many people. He has significantly contributed to society in various ways. One of the major contributions in the community is by having business organizations that operate sustainably. Most of the organizations that are operated under the C&C Alpha Group—his investment company— are sustainable organizations that pay maximum attention to the development of society.

Bhanu Choudhrie has hugely invested in the healthcare sector. Although many people might perceive this investment as a business opportunity, it is clear that Choudhrie has the intention of helping people who are suffering from various illnesses. The current status of the healthcare sector is not up to the standards and there has been a huge outcry due to poor infrastructure in the healthcare and shortage of medical personnel. Any person who commits resources in this industry is directly impacting the lives of low-income earners.

His investment in the healthcare sector has significantly solved major problems. By providing infrastructure and other medical facilities, Bhanu Choudhrie is improving the lives of the people who experience huge financial problems. The fact that most of his medical facilities are located in low-income communities highlights their significance. Very few business experts have committed their resources in the healthcare sector to help the community.

The philanthropic nature of Bhanu Choudhrie has led him to other ventures where he is helping people with various educational needs. In his foundation, Path to Success, Choudhrie has committed to help thousands of vulnerable children who find it difficult to access meaningful education. He believes that young people have high chances of attaining success through education. This explains why he has significantly invested in rural India, especially in the education sector.

Recently, Bhanu Choudhrie received an award from the Asian Voice Political, which is an award that is given to people who have contributed to society in various capacities that are life-changing. Besides being awarded for being the Entrepreneur of the Year, Choudhrie was awarded for his contributions in education and healthcare, which are critical aspects of the welfare of any community.

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The Triumphant Return of Gump’s


Anyone who knows San Francisco knows Gump’s.

Gumps is a luxury retailer, that was a longtime fixture of the City by the Bay. Gump’s got its start in the 1800s. Founded by Solomon and Gustave Gump, the store initially sold frames and mirrors. Later, they expanded into art and other luxury goods.

Gump’s survived the 1906 earthquake, although the store had to move. The store also survived the youthquake of the 1960s Flower Child movement that transformed San Francisco. However, for a moment it looked like online shopping could fell Gump’s. In 2018, the legendary San Francisco store closed.

Luckily for Gump’s, a longtime fan of the chain stepped in. John Chachas used to go to Gump’s with his family as a child. They did Christmas shopping there. As an adult, he helped broker a deal for the company. When they balked at his fee, he offered to accept the store’s famous Buddha statue as payment. Gump’s agreed. That Buddha became the key to Gump’s comeback. Chachas auctioned it off, and poured the proceeds into a project to re-launch the Gump’s brand.

For the first time in decades, the Gump’s name and business is in the hands of a single family. With his wife and children, John Chachas is making big plans for the Gump’s name. Get Related Information Here.

Gump’s is set to re-launch for the holiday 2019 season, with locations in San Francisco and New York. Best of all, the Gump family is happy to see this happen. Antoinette Gump, the great-great-granddaughter of one of the founders, has said that she’s happy it will be a family business again.

Fans of high-end luxury shopping will be happy, too. The Gump’s experience includes not just luxury goods, but also knowledgeable, service-oriented staff who can make expert recommendations. See This Page for more information.


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Seymour Segnit Recommends Hiring A Good Team To Succeed In Business


Seymour Segnit is a renaissance man who has tried many careers before becoming the founder of a successful company. In 2017, the businessman founded MAGFAST. He also serves as the president for his company. They specialize in wireless and magnetic chargers for Android and Apple devices. The revolutionary product is creating ease of charging for people all over the nation.

The businessman went to a prominent university in the United Kingdom. Mr. Seymour Segnit studied engineering at Oxford University. He worked for a number of big companies and was a radio broadcaster. Seymour Segnit brings his ideas to life by just making them happen.

Seymour Segnit uses his passion for his idea to drive it into existence. A typical day for the businessman starts with a long walk in the early morning. Seymour arrives at the office at nine, then gets to work. Most of the morning starts with meeting, crafting more ideas and details into fruition.

The London-based entrepreneur does not claim to be more productive at any particular time of the day. It can be ever-changing, with peak times of productivity every once in a while. Back in his youth, Seymour Segnit used to be more logic-based. Since then, he has worked on connecting with people through emotion. One book that changed his perspective was “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It helped Seymour connect more with people. Get Related Information Here.

n the end, a good business strategy helped Mr. Segnit succeed. He made sure to surround himself with a good team to make things happen. That is a vital thing to do when it comes to any business. The other part of growing a successful company is to really focus on marketing. The best $100 that Seymour Segnit spent recently was for his daughter. He bought a ticket so she could go to a show. See This Page for more information.


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Maarten De Jeu Shares What It Takes To Be A Corporate Development Professional

There are companies that are just getting started and that need a leader. Those companies can rely on someone like Maarten De Jeu and the advice that he has to offer. This man is available to coach those who have startups that they are working on and he is also available to those who have companies that they are leading that have been around for some time. This man also offers his advice to individuals who have a lot of money and who are looking to know how they should use that money to find financial prosperity. He knows what it takes to be in his position and he has shared information to help others who want to take on a role similar to his own.


Maarten De Jeu has shared information about what a corporate development professional does so that those interested in working a job like his can know what will be required of them. He has shared that these professionals complete research related to their specific industry. He has shared that these professionals also analyze data and that they figure out what other companies are doing so that they can know what their company should be doing to find success. When one company acquires another, a corporate development professional will work on making sure that the second company is fully integrated with the first. Learn more:


Those who are wondering what types of skills they need to have to be successful as a corporate development professional can learn through what Maarten De Jeu has shared. He has said that such people need to be good at communicating with others. He has shared that these people also need to be able to present information and share it in a way that others will understand. It can be helpful for those people to have a persuasive nature and to be able to get others to agree with them. This man has shared that those who want to be successful when working as a corporate development professional must be confident and they must be able to make decisions.


Maarten De Jeu attended the University of Oxford and did well there. He is a family man who enjoys playing tennis. He is involved in many different associations, including the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This man believes that those who would like to do well as he has should focus on building relationships, being innovative, and staying up to date on all that is going on in the world.

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