OSI Group Joins the Impossible Craze

Impossible Foods and OSI Group have joined forces to expand production of the impossible burger. The plant-based flagship product has been all the rage lately forcing Impossible Foods to triple their production. Such demand is a little to much for their Oakland plant so OSI is stepping in to handle the excess. The Chicago-based food supplier has over 60 plants stretching across 17 countries. It also bears a solid reputation for production, quality, and safety. The partnership will see OSI begin production on Impossible Burgers in a few of its plants, but plans are to increase that production across the whole network.

The impossible craze is still fairly new but Impossible Foods itself is not. The company has been around since 2011 and has sold its plant-based meat substitutes in various restaurants. The sudden surge in popularity is due to the impossible burger 2.0. The faux burger bears a strong reputation for taste as well as the outward appearance of ground beef. It began trending when fast food franchises like Burger King decided to permanently add it to their menu. This was great news for Impossible Foods but presented them with a unique problem. The demand was starting to push the boundaries of their supply. Luckily, OSI group has supply to spare.

The powerhouse food supplier has been around for almost 100 years. Founded back at the turn of the 1900s by German immigrant Otto Kolchowsky. OSI group is most known for being the meat supplier for McDonalds. It is s role that it has served since the 1950s and is responsible for most of their success. Based in Chicago, OSI Group is an innovator in its field. Its first high-performance plant coined many of the common production practices utilized today. Impossible Foods was drawn to OSI for its reputation for quality. Since its origins in Chicago the company has always striven to produce the best product. It adheres to stringent safety standards and does not use any added chemicals in its meat. The company is very excited to join into the impossible craze. Impossible Foods has a lot of expansion plans in its future and OSI’s manufacturing capability will be a huge factor.

Jimmy John Liautaud Is Still A Man With A Plan

Nearly everyone has a life plan. Plans are essential when it comes thinking about the world.

This may include a family, starting a business or just taking it easy. One person who has seen his own plans realized is businessman Jimmy John Liautaud. In 1983, he began his career with an idea that he could sell sandwiches to college kids.

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Today, that plan has expanded to 2802 and counting locations. With over two billion in sales and, as a billionaire in his own right, it would be easy for him to sit back and rest on his laurels.

But that’s not Jimmy John Liautaud. He may have earned an incredible fortune but he still takes the helm to help customers get a marvelous sandwich eating experience.

Early Beginnings

It all began so long ago when he was a young man. He saw his father struggle until his father found a profitable niche. Liautaud decided that he could find the same kind of success if he could find a a similarly profitable slice of the market.

He realized the that the right kind of location could ultimately make a difference. It’s a philosophy that he adhered to when opening up. Serving college kids became his lifeline. He decide to distinguish himself by adding in delivery. College kids could choose to have him deliver their sandwiches right to their dorm rooms for a single quarter. This proved irresistible to kids who wanted something to eat and wanted it as fast as possible for a low fee.

Taking Off

As his business expanded, it became clear that he’d found his path. The first twelve months were a tremendous success. He put in eighteen hour days but he earned six figures in the process.

When nine of ten business efforts fail in the first year, his work clearly put him in a great place. He did even better. The resulting profits allowed him to pay back his father’s startup loan and claim full ownership of the entire business venture.

This early success made it obvious he had what it took to create an ongoing success.

Gearing Up

After the first opening, he decided that it would be a good idea to think about opening up a new shop. His second effort was also situated near a college campus. This was Champaign, Illinois where the company is current headquartered today.

He thought about ways to reach out to people in the area with new and innovative ideas about playful advertising. A decade after he opened his second shop, he was making more than a million dollars in profits on his investments. At that point he had ten shops in the area.

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It was clear this was a good way to go and use his initial idea to expand into new places. He has only seen his company continue to grow from those first small efforts. It’s been a long fun ride that enables him to find a life path.

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Highland Capital Management Covers Investments on Its Alternative Platform


Highland Capital is a private asset management company that was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company is headed by CEO and co-founder James Dondero and its assets total approximately $3.9 billion. In August 2018, Highland acquired Cityplace Tower from Parmenter Realty Partners and Angelo, Gordon & Co. in one of the largest building sales in Dallas that year. In 2018, the firm reported nearly $14 billion in managed assets.

Highland Capital Management offers an alternative investment platform and manages mutual funds, equity funds, fixed income funds, and ETFs. Its first three ETFs trade on the New York Stock Exchange as Highland HFR Global ETF, Highland HFR Event Driven ETF and Highland HFR Equity Hedge ETF. The company’s investment capabilities include high-yield credit, public and private equities, real estate, leveraged loans and sector-specific verticals.

Through its Highland Fund Advisors, the firm manages investments in global public equities, fixed income markets, high yield bonds and structured products. The Highland Funds affiliate offers a suite of open-end mutual funds and an ETF that cover a range of asset classes and investment strategies. Find More Information Here.

Highland Capital Management has been involved in several bankruptcies and reorganizations that were related to distressed debt, including those of Bridge Information Systems and Delphi Corporation. In 2004, the company acquired NexBank, followed by the acquisition of ING Capital Management in 2005.

Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has branch offices in New York City, Singapore, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and Seoul. The firm is a founding benefactor of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and provided the Center with a $10 billion endowment in 2018. Highland Capital designed the first electronic loan tracking software that is used by many lenders. Highland sold the software to JP Morgan Chase in 2003. Read This Article for related information.


Visit them on https://www.highlandcapital.com/about-us/




One of the earliest successes in network business modeling came from Kynect, a Dallas, Texas marketing company. Its goal was to link consumers and suppliers in the energy industry to create an environment where affordability, profit, and business-building flourishes. Now that Kynect has been rebranded, it exhibits an even more robust model that is centered on people helping people.

Kynect’s founder, Rob Snyder, is excited about his company’s newest ventures. This venture is powered by the needs of people groups, and their potential to create wealth. Whenever someone needs to purchase services like wireless internet, home heating, or security, they can go through a major corporation, or a private representative. Kynect is empowering thousands of individuals to start their own niche for providing these services. This model allows entrepreneurs to profit from helping their peers find affordable services. Read This Article to learn more.

Of course, every entrepreneur who uses Kynect to “connect” with consumers builds the potential for profit. In order to recognize the efforts of company affiliates, Kynect has designed a unique rewards system for its top performers. Along with their extraordinary earnings, the best performers will receive vacation packages. Top associates will earn Kynect Getaway vacation packages to some of the poshest resorts in Mexico.

The ultimate goal of Kynect is still the smooth distribution of commodities to a wide range of people. Consumers have a better chance of purchasing needed services like wireless internet and fuels through independent contractors. The model that Kynect has established ensures that outlets are available to make this happen.

Consumers who benefit from the opportunities that Kynect Associates provide do so in many ways. They can take advantage of select market prices, and they can become Kynect members. In the best multi-level marketing tradition, people who benefit from the Kynect system can turn their fortune into a money-making opportunity. As more consumers join the Kynect network, profitability is shared throughout the purchasing model. Anyone interested in learning more about this model is encouraged to contact Kynect directly at as@wekynect.com.


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Source article: https://www.directsellingnews.com/stream-completes-sale-to-nrg-energy-rebrands-as-kynect/


Smita Shah Helps Commemorate The Indian Community in Chicago

Smita Shah, born in Chicago but of Indian descent has demonstrated that perseverance and drive can give a woman everything she wants. Smita Shah used her intelligence at an early age. She recalls that while other kids were working on word problems, she was turning them into algebraic equations. Her intense drive led her to pursue a degree in electrical engineering and later an MBA in civil engineering. 


In the mid-1990s Smita Shah founded her own engineering firm in the greater Chicago area. She has since won many awards for her innovative projects including an award by Inc magazine as one of 1,000 top up and coming businesses. 

Over the years she has taken on jobs for the greater Chicago area that promote innovation and growth, and while she is a very dedicated businesswoman, she also takes an interest in her community. 

Smita Shah’s Other Interests

Aside from running her company, Smita Shah also promotes community growth and ethnic collaboration in many ways. One such project is the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. As the international representative for sister city, Delhi, India, Shah started the luncheon in 2014 as a way to commemorate the efforts made by the Indian American community in Chicago. This yearly luncheon motivates Indian business leaders and offers a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi and his work for human rights in India and his close connections with the United States. 

Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon Receives a Special Proclamation

This year at the luncheon, mayor Lightfoot, a special guest, made a proclamation that October second would be the official Mahatma Gandhi day in Chicago. The pronouncement thrilled Smita Shah as it was a recognition for the Indian community of Chicago, and for the importance, Mahatma Gandhi had for human rights movements throughout the world. This type of commemoration means Chicago is finally recognizing its ethnic communities. 

Smita Shah reflected her pleasure in working with Chicago and seeing that her efforts and those of the Indian community are noted. She says, “It has been an honor for the Indian American community to have this day officially noted. Smita also feels that it is a personal honor to have her work recognized in this way. The idea for the luncheon came about when she was named the international representative for Chicago’s sister city Delhi, India. She mentioned that Chicago is made up of many communities and each should be recognized for its efforts. Learn more: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/node/721011

Smita Shah hopes that this will strengthen the relationship between Delhi, India, and Chicago as well as the Indian community that lives within the city. Through these associations, the Delhi international committee hopes to see more cultural and business exchange relationships. Delhi, India has supported the luncheon through Smita Shah since 2014 and plans on continuing to do so to honor the similarities between Indian Americans and Indians.

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Elite Worldwide Protection  for Government, Corporate, and Private Clients

Corporate, Government, and Business worlds have all seen moderate changes over the last few years. Adaptation is needed in order to survive and be successful and competitive. One of those vital changes– Security. Both logistics and business intelligence have rapidly upgraded systems and have increased to higher technology, all to improve reliability, accountability, and precision in today’s fast paced world.

Providing a complete business or private consulting service, TigerSwan, is a worldwide known Private Security Company. A number of valuable services can be provided: operational risk management, instability, training, logistics, risk mitigation, crisis management, business intelligence, global affairs, and security related issues in the personal or private sector.

TigerSwan was founded in 2007, by James Reese, former member of the United States Delta Force. Its office is located in Apex, North Carolina. James Reese served as an invaluable asset and Commander in Delta Force, with 25 years of operational and training services to others. His dedication and expertise has now carried through to his work at TigerSwan.

TigerSwan has four Private Security divisions: Enterprise, Families, Government, and Private. Each division has different needs. The common goal is to protect people, places, and assets.

In Enterprises, global exposure puts companies at a higher risk. TigerSwan is able to respond immediately in crisis situations, allowing company employees to concentrate on their normal tasks. Software, product shipments, and work locations are considered assets that all need protection.

In Government, critical infrastructure–a building’s physical security, can be guided by TigerSwan’s security consultants. Their experience and insight will develop a plan of action and implement changes to ensure safety.

In families and private sector, TigerSwan will prepare a Risk Management Plan and determine precisely what services are needed. Some families/persons are interested in traveling to foreign countries, needing assistance or assurance of their safety.

Whether it’s Government, Corporate, Business, or Private the Security Services provided by TigerSwan are professional, elite, worldwide, and state of the art. Internationally and in the United states, everyone wants to feel safe. Companies need vital assets protected. TigerSwan stands on the principle of all source protection and due diligence.

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Peter Harris: Maximizing Insurance Success by Offering Specialty Insurance Products

In the insurance business, many people and businesses are familiar with common insurance policies. Dental insurance, automobile insurance, theft insurance, and common medical coverage are some of the usual insurance policies that people are aware of. The same picture is reflected in the number of insurance companies offering the same services in the industry. However, other insurance companies operate in different and special sectors. This is where Peter Harris demonstrates his knowledge and experience.

The former Chief Executive Officer of CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in different parts of the world has played a key role in addressing some areas that are not covered by the mainstream industrial players. Peter Harris has brought into the industry what other companies in the insurance sector don’t offer — addressing insurance needs in very critical and unique sectors that are rarely covered by even the largest insurance companies.

Specialty insurance products include policies that address some unique insurance needs that make traditional insurance policies more comprehensive. Businesses and individuals need insurance companies that offer additional services and cover them against risks and uncertainties in some special areas. Peter Harris has been addressing these areas while at the same time ensuring that all the businesses and people in lookout for special insurance policies get them. This has been a huge reprieve in the insurance sector because businesses and employees know that their insurance needs are met.

Peter Harris, through CBL, has been addressing some of the most complex insurance demands that are not covered by other major players in the insurance industry. Some of these factors include life insurance, which is one of the most complex insurance products in the insurance industry. Other specialty insurance products offered by the company include short term and long term disability and critical accident coverage, among others.

About Peter Harris

Besides the professionalism and experience that Peter Harris has demonstrated in the insurance sector, the knowledgeable financial expert holds other influential positions and is a member of boards in various organizations. He is a board member at Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd and European Insurance Services Ltd, among others.

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The Career of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the Lead Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of New Residential. Nierenberg has been part of the Board of Directors since November 2013, since her was made Lead Executive Officer and President. He was named Chairman of the Board in May 2016. Visit Newresi.com to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Before he became the Lead Executive Officer of New Residential, Nierenberg was the head director as well as head of Universal Mortgages and Securitized merchandise of Bank of America Merill Lynch, there he had the responsibility of all deals and trading actions inside the division. He joined Bank of America Merill Lynch from JP Morgan in 2008.

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At JP Morgan Michael Nierenberg was the head of Global Securitized merchandise as well as a member of the Director committee of the investment bank. Before his term at JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg held a variety of senior leadership positions over a decade with Bear Stearns such as; head of interest rate as well as overseas exchange trading performance, co-head of constructional products as well as co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.


Angela Koch: How a CEO is Looking After Her Employees

Many employees who work for the US Money Reserve are saying that Angela Koch is one of the best chief executive officers who led the company. Angela Koch joined the US Money Reserve several years ago, and in 2015, she was promoted to become the leader of the company.

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Before she was given a career at the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch is a struggling mother who worked for any job that is offered to her. She became pregnant at an early age, and her boyfriend left her.

She also dropped out of college, and she never received any degrees or diplomas from any college or university. Despite these challenges that she faced, she worked hard for her child and started working for two to three different jobs.

Angela Koch would be jumping from one job to another, and the money she received are automatically saved in her bank account for emergency purposes. She would also master different skills during this time, allowing her to present herself as a jack-of-all-trades.

She did not expect a lot when she first tried applying at the US Reserve. She knows that there is a chance that the company would reject her application, but she still pushed through.

The interviewers did not look at her educational background – instead, they considered her years of work experience from different companies. She was hired, and she was thankful for the decision.

Now that she is the chief executive officer of the company, Angela Koch stated that she will continue to look for individuals who have the right skills and will give them a chance to work for the company. This is her way of giving back to others who might be having difficulties in searching for a job.

Another thing that Angela Koch is currently focusing on would be providing her employees with sufficient training and seminars that would transform them to become the next leaders of the company.

The US Money Reserve is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, and the CEO stated that the company might need new people who can serve as leaders.

She also said that the people who are being trained will be capable of making decisions on her behalf. Angela Koch also shared a time when the employees who were left inside the office had to decide because she was on a holiday.

She was surprised knowing that the employees she trained can handle the situation properly. She also added that the younger generation of workers for the US Money Reserve has a lot of potentials to lead the company.

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Angela Koch believes that it is her responsibility to look after her employees and provide them with the assistance that they need because the company has invested in them.

US Money Social Profiles;

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How Clement Perrette Sustained the Operations of Barclays Bank and Managing Director

Business leaders have much work to do about various organizations where they are working. They are expected to have a significant impact on their operations while at the same time make sure that the organizations, they’re running create profits. Most of the people working in the financial sector know that it is all about profitability, failure to which they will be considered as failures in the organizations they are spearheading.

Clement Perrette is one of the leading financial experts, who has excelled by ensuring that the company achieves stipulated profits. With more than twenty years in the financial sector, he has worked with a considerable number of organizations and knows what it takes to increase profits.

Barclays Bank is an international financial organization that takes deposits, creates credit, and has an investment bank in its operations. Clement Perrette has worked in this organization for many years, spearheading it to profits. Visit This Page for more information.

Working at Barclays Bank, especially at the financial department is a clear indication of the knowledge that an individual has. However, Clement Perrette Barclays has not only worked as a supporting employee but has played a critical role in the development of the company. For many years, he worked as an acting director in the company. However, after several years of operation, He was promoted to the role of Managing Director at Barclays Bank.

Holding the role of Managing Director at Barclays Bank is sensitive and clearly shows the skills and knowledge that an individual has in running an organization. Barclays is a financial institution that has branches all over the world.

As a leader of Barclay’s, it is important to make serious and very sensitive decisions as little errors could lead to loss of serious funds to the company. Despite being in a critical and central position in the management of the company, Clement Perrette Barclays continually made profits in the company.


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