A Comprehensive Memoir Of Robert Ivy, A Celebrated Architect

Robert Ivy is a popular figure in Washington DC’s metro area. He is renowned for authoring and publishing insightful architectural journals, as well as advocating for the best interests of the United States’ architectures.

How did he develop his profession? Mr. Ivy started his professional mission after finalizing his undergraduate from the University of the South, and postgraduate studies from Tulane University. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, and a master’s in architecture.

In 1981, just after completing his postgraduate studies, Robert established and managed Ivy & Dean, a critic company. He worked as the company’s principal until 1996, when Architectural Record hired him as its chief editor.

As an editor, Robert Ivy helped Architectural Record to gain and defend the architectural industry’s top position. During his tenure, the firm garnered the Premier Magazine Journalism Award, 26 Jesse H. Neal Award, 2008’s MPA Digital Award, amongst other accolades.

Besides working at the architectural record, Robert Ivy worked as the Editorial Director Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction Media. His role included overseeing the publications of several papers like the Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: China, Sweets, ENR, and the Constructor among others.

While working as a chief editor in prominent publishing firms, Robert received several accolades for his exemplary services. He acquired the American Business Media’ Crain Award, a prestigious accolade given to individuals who exhibit exceptional editing prowess.

In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi recognized him as the “Master Architect,” a title given to architects who understand the value of design. He was honored alongside other renowned public figures like John Wellborn, I.M Pei, Cass Gilbert, and Nathan Clifford.

Ivy is also this year’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award winner. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recognized Ivy for his outstanding contribution to the Mississippi society as an author and architect. Ivy became the first architect to receive the coveted award.

At present, Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA), a professional society based in the Washington, DC. The society advocates for the interests of architects operating in the United States construction and design industry.

Apart from Advocacy, AIA offers outreach services tailored to boost the image of the architecture profession, and it provides updated learning resources to its members.