A New Found Direction for Hedge Funds By Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik has had a diverse experience throughout his life. After getting a degree in law, he began his career by working as an associate attorney. He, then, switched to the world of finance by becoming the Senior Vice President at MF Global. Before starting his own merchant bank, Farvahar Partners, he served as the Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory at the Bank of America. His knowledge about financial aspects with respect to the concerned laws led him to the offices of the position he held. The vast financing experience he possessed enabled him to execute the idea of taking the hedge fund industry one step further.

Recently, he highlighted the benefits of pre-IPO trading by incumbent firms. He says that this non-traditional market move will help startups garner additional liquidity to strengthen their position in the market before the company goes public. There is no doubt about the fact that going public can take up a lot of time and in the meantime, a secondary source of investment would also be ignored. Hence, Malik’s firm offers advice to the clients on how to take advantage of this young market trend. Special importance is given to employees who have to wait for a company to go public so that they can buy or sell shares. Farvahar Partners offers investment and capital raising services to its clients, additionally.

Despite the unpopular opinion that led to a halt of the hedge fund’s success and potential in the marketplace, Omeed Malik was determined that it has a lot in store for companies than just what can be seen on the surface level. He holds that this is an emerging market where hedge funds can be utilized by private firms to incur profits and have access to more liquidity.

About Omeed Malik: medium.com/@omeedmalik