Aaron Lupuloff Dedication to Education Reform

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation (GCPS), was founded in 2006. In 2015, Aaron Lupuloff joined GCPS as its Senior Executive Director. He has a rich and rewarding history of devoting himself to the cause of improving education. Aaron and his wife are strong supporters of many different local organizations; they were inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame.

Gwinnett County, like other counties throughout the country, consider the topic of education to be most important. Many areas are concerned with multiple issues that pertain to education. It’s clear from studies that for districts to succeed and have economic growth, education is a primary factor. As our world changes, it’s essential to recognize that even though the American government is investing a high amount of money into our education system, other countries allocating less money are achieving higher academic performance.

According to affiliatedork.com, Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation was established to help complement the educational system inside Gwinnett County. Private donations allow GCPS to help provide and maintain a quality education for those attending public schools inside Gwinnett County. They work hard to provide students with a rounded, and enriched education that will prepare students for real-world success.

GCPS Foundation is unique by having board members who are presidents and current CEOs of successful organizations. They provide necessary insight, predicting trends, and help in finding prospective funding. The Foundation has also helped provide many scholarships, helping those who need financing get the education they need.

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation uses its funds to support education and views this as an investment. They desire to encourage students to move beyond high school, and after obtaining post-secondary schooling, they will stay in the area and ultimately facilitate more significant economic growth.

With the guidance of Aaron Lupuloff, GCPS is looking forward to achieving an exciting future that his determination and experience can bring to the Foundation. For more info about Aaron you can visit gazetteday.com