Aaron Lupuloff Praises David Saville for His Good Work

Recently, Mr. Nick Saban, who is known to be the current coach for Alabama Football Club, carried out an induction exercise to a total number of six class honorees. These honorees were very well inducted in the hall of fame in the Gwinnett County Public Schools. During the induction, Mr. Saville, who was also one of the inductees, gave a very motivating speech. Saville pursued his studies from Clemson University, where he performed very well. In his moving speech, Saville, who is suffering from Down Syndrome, went ahead and assured his audience that having a negative attitude is the only ever known disability in life. This means that there is no any kind of disability that can hinder someone from achieving their dreams. Saville can appropriately be described as a fruit of the community’s efforts in providing conducive learning surroundings for students.

In his speech, Saville also states that the cash raised during the anniversary will be used in the further development of Gwinnett County Public Schools. The development will help the school maintain a world class standard. Despite being born with Down Syndrome, Saville has been a common figure at the football industry. He holds several leadership positions in the industry. Saville also attended the ClemsonLIFE program which offers employment to various students suffering from different intellectual disabilities. You can visit youngupstarts.com for more details.

The Executive Director of GCPS, Mr. Aaron Lupuloff gives a speech during the event where he praises Saville by saying that he has brought a positive impact and attitude to very many people including some values such as honor, love and also integrity. This has been a great help to both his fellow peers and also to adults. He terms Saville as a very hardworking person who is well focused and determined to achieve his dreams.

Mr . Aaron Lupuloff pursued his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama, where he studied Business Administration. He is therefore well conversed with both managing and supervising. Aaron Lupuloff currently works at the University of Georgia where he acts as a member of the Student Affairs Advisory Board. He does charitable work together with his wife. For more info you can checkout gazetteday.com

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