About Edwin Vladimir Miranda

Edwin Miranda was born in year 1981 on January 28. His full name is Edwin Vladimir Miranda. He was a top footballer of Salvadoran but he has already retired. Edwin Miranda was brought up in California specifically in Los Angeles. While in California Edwin Miranda played college soccer for four years. The college was called Cal State-Northridge. While he played, he was entitled, for two times, Big West Conference Defender of that year.

Edwin Miranda was conscripted in a round as the sixth out of 54. This drafting was done by Dallus Burn in MLS Super draft which took place in the year 2004. At this point Edwin Miranda was not in a better position to be among those who got into the first squad team of Dallas. This led him to transfer to Portland Timbers of the first division of USL in the same year 2004 for that year’s season.

He spent a period of two years in Timbers and after these he opted to go to Puerto Rico Islanders. Later in the year 2009 Edwin Miranda was proclaimed to be leaving the Islanders. This was caused by them not coming to an agreement of how much should a player be paid. Thereafter in April the same year, Edwin Miranda decided to sign an agreement that would last for a year with USL first division for the team Miami FC. Nationally, Miranda called to the El Salvador national football team in year 2008 on December. He then obtained his number one cap in the following year 2009 on January 24 in the nation’s cup of UNCAF.

He is the Chief Executive Officer and also he founded a performance, spearheaded franchise called KOI IXS. He trusts in the might of execution marketing. Edwin Miranda is also determined to assist worldwide brands to obtain a large share in the market, thus obtaining new buyers.

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