Allied Wallet Receives an Honored Certification of Appreciation

Allied Wallet is a major leader around the world in providing a platform for processing payments online. The company also gets involved in philanthropic projects. Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet, and his company received a certificate of appreciation for the support and donations they gave to the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Allied makes contributions to the Red Cross, Wounded Warrior Project, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, and more. The company feels an obligation to give back to groups that protect the freedoms and rights of others. Businesses like Allied Wallet exist because of those sacrifices that men and women in uniform have made, and continue to make. Giving back is an important mission for the company.

The company continues to lead the E-commerce industry as a result of bringing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for payment processing. The company has created a number of solutions that have won awards for its ability to combine every aspect of payment processing into one effective solution (AlliedWallet).

Employees of the company work in a fast-paced environment. However, the environment feels like family for many. No ideas are too ambitious for its talented workforce to take on. Employees feel the company understands and provides what they need to give their very best. When people feel this about a company, they tend to give their all. Every employee has opportunities to grow, and this inevitably leads to greater company success.

Allied Wallet has processed more than a billion dollars in payments across the world. The company can claim millions of satisfied customers who depend on their o business services. It encrypts its services, maintains 24-hour fraud and chargeback prevention, and offers 24-hour support to customers. The company’s turn-key credit card processing solutions enable companies to transact business from day one. Dr. Andy Khawaja’s company can also customize their services to fit the needs of any client.

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