American Addiction Centers Understands The Problem of Addiction Among College Students

 AAC helps treat clients who are suffering from drug addiction and other mental health and behavior conditions. It is the only publicly traded company in this field and has twice the success rate compared to the national average.

Substance abuse among college students is very high. Alcohol and drugs are easy to access, and the stress of college life can lead students to a path of addiction. This affects not only the students’ experience at college but can have long-term effects on their lives in terms of career, relationships and overall well being.

Missy Pollack who is alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center, an American Addiction Center in Florida, has recovered from her own addiction battle and has been in recovery for almost 5 years. She knows only too well how students are exposed to substance abuse. Her own addiction began when she took Adderall when studying for finals during her first year.

It was so helpful that she was right away set on a path to continue using it. She comments about how much of a difference it would have made if anyone had noticed what she was going through and known how to help. Being aware of the signs of addiction can empower people to take charge when a loved one is suffering.

It is highly unlikely that the addict will do anything to change, and so help by others is essential. Some of the signs of addiction include a change in the person’s appearance, sleeping too much or hardly at all. Mood swings and paranoia, as well as extreme lying are also signs. Stopping substance abuse as soon as possible is very important. Long-term use can lead to changes in brain function.

Treating addiction and mental health issues involves so much more than attempts to give up substance abuse. There must be new goals and new views of oneself to give the addict a path forwards.

American Addiction Centers’ treatment focuses on bringing out the clients’ positive attributes and motivating them to want to move forwards with a vision of how their lives could be good.

Just giving up addiction is a void. Replacing addiction with a life that has meaning is how recovery works.

At American Addiction Centers each patient is evaluated and a treatment plan created to meet their needs. Recovery is an ongoing process and relapse must be prevented by long term support and modification of treatment if necessary.

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