Angela Koch: How a CEO is Looking After Her Employees

Many employees who work for the US Money Reserve are saying that Angela Koch is one of the best chief executive officers who led the company. Angela Koch joined the US Money Reserve several years ago, and in 2015, she was promoted to become the leader of the company.

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Before she was given a career at the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch is a struggling mother who worked for any job that is offered to her. She became pregnant at an early age, and her boyfriend left her.

She also dropped out of college, and she never received any degrees or diplomas from any college or university. Despite these challenges that she faced, she worked hard for her child and started working for two to three different jobs.

Angela Koch would be jumping from one job to another, and the money she received are automatically saved in her bank account for emergency purposes. She would also master different skills during this time, allowing her to present herself as a jack-of-all-trades.

She did not expect a lot when she first tried applying at the US Reserve. She knows that there is a chance that the company would reject her application, but she still pushed through.

The interviewers did not look at her educational background – instead, they considered her years of work experience from different companies. She was hired, and she was thankful for the decision.

Now that she is the chief executive officer of the company, Angela Koch stated that she will continue to look for individuals who have the right skills and will give them a chance to work for the company. This is her way of giving back to others who might be having difficulties in searching for a job.

Another thing that Angela Koch is currently focusing on would be providing her employees with sufficient training and seminars that would transform them to become the next leaders of the company.

The US Money Reserve is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, and the CEO stated that the company might need new people who can serve as leaders.

She also said that the people who are being trained will be capable of making decisions on her behalf. Angela Koch also shared a time when the employees who were left inside the office had to decide because she was on a holiday.

She was surprised knowing that the employees she trained can handle the situation properly. She also added that the younger generation of workers for the US Money Reserve has a lot of potentials to lead the company.

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Angela Koch believes that it is her responsibility to look after her employees and provide them with the assistance that they need because the company has invested in them.

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