Anthemis Group Founder Harry Harrison Gives Some Insight Into His Career

Harry Harrison is the former head of Barclays Non-Core. He spent over 15 years working in investment and trading at Barclays. Harrison is currently the president of Anthemis Group, a digital financial services investment firm. Harrison holds degrees from The University of Cambridge and The University of Warwick. He recently sat down and gave some insight into his career.

Harrison says that the idea to create The Anthemis Group came from his curiosity about how companies work. Harrison wanted to learn more about how businesses dealt with the macroeconomic forces that help markets operate. After studying economics, Harrison decided to pursue a career in financial services. He worked as a trader for a few years.

Harrison relies on diversity and collaboration to help create new ideas. Teamwork is also important. Harrison says that many ideas in the financial services industry are so unique that a single bank cannot handle the entire load. Harrison tries to deal with issues as they arise. Harrison tries to prioritize what’s important and delegate the rest to others. It’s important to make sure that the entire team understands how the tasks are prioritized.

Harrison advises his fellow entrepreneurs to consider trying out yoga. Harrison started doing yoga as a way to help improve his flexibility. Harrison points out that yoga has spiritual benefits. Harrison says that yoga helped him learn breathing and meditation techniques to manage the stress of work.

Looking ahead, Harrison is intrigued by the current information age. Harrison points out that many fintech adjacent companies have insurance industry applicability. Harrison also has his eye on startup companies KWH and Trov.

Harrison is a fan of Waze. He enjoys how the app is able to crowd-source information from its user base to update traffic conditions. One of Harrison’s favorite books is The Road Ahead by Bill Gates.