Article Title: Agera Energy And Personal Growth

Agera Energy will continue to look for learning and will prioritize this in their business at all times. The business is not interested in stagnation, they are interested in forward momentum growth.

They understand that there is no limits in what can be accomplished if individuals invest and move forward in a precise and direct manner with key focus on initiatives that have profit and potential tied into it. Agera Energy knows that learning will drive progress and makes certain that key Agera Energy people invest in themselves.

These executives were able to see that these network effects were present within the early days of the internet. Companies such as eBay saw that the more individuals were a part of particular business or platform, the more value that they might have been able to derive from the sector.

eBay aggregated sellers and buyers together and realized significant network effects. Paypal might have also benefitted from network effects in the start by having more people who were on it send and receive value from.

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