Article Title: Business Starts With Evolution

Article Text:

In December of 2011, phenomenal Chief Executive Officer and Founder of also known as, Richard Liu was awarded China’s Economic Person of the Year. The prestigious award highlights Richard Liu Qiangdong’s entire career success as China’s premier entrepreneur for over two successful decades.

Satisfactorily accomplishing the impossible, was regarded in 2016, to be the first Chinese internet commerce to be considered for the Fortune 500 list. An incredible and remarkable feat, that Richard Liu declares would have been possible without his business strategy team and managers.

While completing the gradual transition from a brick and mortar business to an e-commerce platform, it was one of his experienced managers, who suggested Richard Liu explore e-commerce.

What makes special, is naturally the innovative company’s considerable interest in efficiently utilizing novel technologies. As well as, seamlessly incorporating these necessary technologies into a specialized consumer experience that ensures overall business efficiency.

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