Article Title: San Miguel And Strengthen Their Relationship

Article Text:

San Miguel is a citrus company in the Philippines. JingDong is an e-commerce company in China. Recently, the owners of the two companies met and decided to strengthen their relationship by joining hands to market more fresh products through, JingDong’s e-commerce portal. This follows reports that the Chinese company announced its recent initiative, Global Fruit Strategic Alliance, that is aimed at boosting the vegetable and fruit market activities in the country.

Cooperation Contract

The deal mentioned above does not only involve the companies mentioned above-other 17 globally-recognized companies are part of this deal. Wonderful Citrus and Zespri are among the 17 companies that have also signed up for this amazing deal. With this allowance, it is clear that San Miguel is among the leading companies in the world that produce citrus. The deal also helps to boost the company’s development through e-commerce. The company has a chance to expand its presence in the e-commerce market, a market with the largest global growth.

Reports from JingDong

During the presentation event, the general marketing manager at JingDong Fresh, Wu Zhengzhi had a lot to say about the initiative. He said that the initiative has a mission to reach masses across the globe encouraging them to improve their eating habits. JingDong Fresh wants the production to consumption processes to be done well. The company intends to help its partners reach to masses in the Chinese market, and this will result in a win-win for all those involved.

Andrés Haloua, San Miguel’s commercial manager, said that the alliance would help get them closer to their customers. He believes that e-commerce will help the company deliver various products to Chinese consumers. He is glad to be partnering with a global giant in e-commerce because JingDong’s experience in the sector will help San Miguel grow even further. The company’s management team is proud of its work because the initiative is a confirmation of the trust and value that consumers place on their products and leadership. San Miguel aims at innovation and development. It daily activities are meant to offer its clients quality produce using more and improved channels. This company aims to meeting the needs of all their clients.

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