Article Title: Sharon Prince, The Owner Of Grace Farms, Invites The Public To Visit Her Property

Article Text:

If you wanted to experience a whole new level of relaxation, come visit the Grace Farms located in the small town of New Canaan Connecticut. The small paradise sits on an 80-acre lot, and it is managed by the Grace Farms Foundation.

The owner of the farm is Sharon Prince, who is also the mind behind the establishment of the Grace Farms Foundation. She has a heart for nature and encourages all nature lovers to take a trip to her farm and experience nature like never before. Grace Farms is an ideal family recreation site, and there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed while inside the facility.

Fishing and farming are two of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed at Grace Farms. There are fish pens that are filled with different species of fishes, and families can catch one that they wanted to eat for a small fee.

Crops are also planted all over the farm, and those who wanted to pick a fruit or vegetable can do it openly by paying the facility.

Grace Farms also has different structures built inside property to cater to the visitors. They have the visitor center that was built from old barns, a huge library and pavilion for families to enjoy, and a huge amphitheater where performances are held.

Sharon Prince stated that the more people are coming into her farm after they have discovered it online. She is also promoting the farm and encourages those who wanted to enjoy outdoors to drive immediately to New Canaan and enjoy what the farm offers.

Sharon Prince also added that the farm was established to cater to those who wanted to deepen their faith and relationship with God. Grace Farms is surely a serene place that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

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