Betsy DeVos and Causes

There are many people who don’t talk too much. There are others who talk a lot. Betsy DeVos isn’t part of either category. That’s because she only talks when it’s necessary. That doesn’t suggest that she doesn’t cherish conversation with her husband. That doesn’t insinuate that she doesn’t cherish dialogue with her kids, either. She relishes being able to open up to these people in her world. They relish being able to open up to her, too. The main thing people have to say about Betsy is that she’s succinct. She’s precise. Conciseness is something that drives her daily. She’s a woman of few words. Her words always count. They always matter.


Being the United States’ capable Secretary of Education is a vocational path that appeals to DeVos for all sorts of big reasons. She has a penchant for teamwork. Working next to President Donald J. Trump makes her feel like she has a sense of purpose in the morning. Working next to other Administration members makes her feel just as enthusiastic about her career. She knows how to interact with all kinds of people. She doesn’t think about their ages, positions, economic backgrounds or genders. She simply thinks about who they are and what they have to offer. She’s one of the fairest people around in this sense. Discrimination is something that appalls her. It’s something that appalls Dick, too. Her husband is just like she is in that he takes justice 100 percent seriously no matter what.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t a joke to anyone. It’s a proud not-for-profit that operates within the United States. It commits a lot of time to All-American causes. People who want to advance American education and culture frequently pay a lot of attention to the group. The group was born in the eighties. Betsy and Dick have been working at it for years. They’ve been making donations to it for just as long. They never complain about their donations. Charitable matters are invaluable to them. Philanthropic matters are just as invaluable to the pair.


Is Betsy DeVos a career woman? Yes, she is. She’s simultaneously a family woman in every sense of the term. She considers her kids to be gems. She considers other peoples’ kids to be gems as well. That’s why she’s so knowledgeable about all aspects of American schooling. She talks to instructors all around the United States about educational topics. She speaks with administrators all around the nation, too. Administration professionals have a lot of sway within the sizable education realm. She knows that their actions can go a long way for pupils.


DeVos used to be called Elisabeth. That was back when her surname was Prince. She used to be a college girl who knew what she wanted to do with her life. She still is that same girl in many key ways. She goes after political causes all of the time. She goes after causes that influence many things in the country.


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