The Magic of the Academy of the ArtF University

Known as one of the most visually stunning Disney-Pixar movies to date, “CoCo” blew movie-goers’ minds away with its vivid Mexican-inspired masterpiece. The movie even went on to win the Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature Film” and “Best Original Song”. The movie ran against box-office juggernauts such as “The Boss Baby”, “Ferdinand”, “The Breadwinner “and “Loving Vincent”. The phenomenal success of “CoCo” is thanks to Daniel Arriaga, an alumnus from the Academy of Art University.Daniel Arriaga is from Mexican background, and a graduate from the Academy of Art University. He currently brings magic to life as the senior director for Pixar. Arriaga wanted to make a movie that depicted Mexican culture in a positive and accurate manner- hence, “CoCo” was born. The movie is about a boy named Miguel Rivera, who goes on a mission to learn more about his family’s history. During his search, he embarks on a journey through the Land of the Dead (These scenes highlight the popular El Dia de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead). Throughout the movie, Miguel shares his love of playing music, and finds Mexican symbols such as Calaveras (painted skulls). This enchanting work of art is all thanks to Daniel Arriaga’s involvement at the Academy of Art University.


The Academy of Art University is a highly accredited school in San Francisco, CA. This University has excelled in areas such as fine art, web design, jewelry-making, and, of course, animation. Students interested in animation can learn in a studio environment. Students are taught to use props and tools such as computer graphics, shadows, textures, and lights for designing movement in animation. It is obvious to see how Daniel Arriaga was prepared by the University to excel in his current position.

In 1929, Richard S. Stephens, the creative designer for Sunset Magazines, founded the Academy of Art University. His reasoning for creating the school was clear and motivating. He to find a school that gave hard-working students proper and professional tools to go out and reach their potential career aspirations. For over 89 years, his school has allowed the best of artists to make their dreams come true.

Daniel Arriaga wasn’t the only aspired student at the academy- in fact, there are over 18,000 students at the University. Arriaga was able to come back and talk to students about how the movie made an impact in his life. He talked about the challenges of making the movie, as well as how grateful he was to be a part of it. His work with the movie “CoCo” encouraged students to show their artistic ability. The Academy of Art University truly helps students like Arriaga make pure magic on the big screen.



“Coco” Wins Big at 2018 Oscars, Academy of Art University Alumni Animator Details His Experience–coco-daniel-arriaga-shares-the-experience


Jose Henrique Successful Advertising Career

If you own a business, then it is crucial to understand the importance of hiring advertising agencies. These firms will play a fundamental role in increasing your company sales and profits. When it comes to advertising modern investor has a wide variety of options to choose from. Selecting an advertising firm is not a walk in the park.

The market is currently flooded with companies that claim to advertise your products and services at reasonable prices. However, not all these institutions have the right personnel to handle the job correctly. As an investor, you have to select an experienced individual to take on this challenging task. Without this, the businessman will end up losing customers and money at the end of it all. Several advertising agencies are reliable when it comes to advertising. Although these firms might charge an arm and a leg for their services, the outcome will be worth every penny spent.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the individuals who are taking the advertising world to a greater level. The businessman was always passionate about marketing since childhood, and he has done very well in his career life. At the moment, Jose Henrique is considered to be one of the most successful advertising experts in Brazil. The businessman has founded several companies, and they have all done very well.

Several years ago, Jose Henrique established the famous Mullen Lowe agency. Up to date, the businessman serves as one of the CEO’s and his presence has influenced the success of advertising company. As the leader of this institution, Jose Henrique is famed for his innovative approach and creativity, especially when developing the advertisement for clients. Under his leadership, the private company has created some of the most successful campaigns such as the famous Mammals of Parmalat ad that showed children who were only dressed in some animal costumes, singing some catchy jingles. This campaign did very well, and it attracted a large audience in the following: click here.

The successful businessman was born and also raised in Brazil. His mother and father were in the middle class, and they gave him the best education. After his high school graduation, Jose Henrique went to study advertising at the prestigious PUC Campinas in the country. After his graduation, the advertising expert got his first employment opportunity at a company known as Ogilvy in the year 1989. He acquired a lot of expertise and experience while working in the institution.

Meet Alexandre Gama

Gama’s Background
Alexandre Gama is a renowned advertising and Brazilian businessman. Born on June 1, 1958, the 59 years old is the founder and CEO of Neogama which is among the top 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He was the first Brazilian to spearhead a global network of communication agencies when he was the CEO of BBH.

Career Journey
Alexandre Gama graduated with honors in Advertising and Propaganda from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. The year 1982 marked the ground break of his career after he was employed as a writer at Standard Ogilvy agency. In 1999, he founded Neogama which grew to be the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival in its first year of life.

Gama’s hard work has seen him scooping numerous awards. In 2006, a group of 250 professionals from the national advertising market, elected him as one of the seven most successful professionals in the entire history of Brazilian advertising. He also won Officer of Agency of the Year in the 10th Professional Contribution Award 2006 of the Association of Professionals of Propaganda. Later on, in 2007, advertising professionals named him as one of the three most outstanding advertisers in Brazil. In 2009, Meio and Mensagem newspaper elected as one of the ten largest leaders in the communication field. His Rock Giant campaign for the whiskey brand Johnnie Walker won the Year’s campaign in 2013. Gama is among the most envied businessmen in Brazil.