Jason Hope Is Helping Researchers Find Ways To Treat Degenerative Diseases

Most doctors know that it’s important to inform their clients about aging. There are new discoveries that talk about how the aging process starts within the body. Most people begin to suffer from different illnesses and decide not to go to the doctor. On the other hand, they may not recognize their suffering as an illness. They may feel that it’s only symptoms. Most anti-aging treatments start with a combination of rejuvenation in cells.

Jason Hope knows that by continuing to research, there will be someone that will feel much better. Hope has already given $500k to research. He knows that there are laboratories that look for ways to use medication to stop degenerative diseases. The labs look for treatments and cures. Jason Hope wants to give labs those opportunities to never stop searching for answers.

The philanthropist wants researchers to look for clues to help individuals find answers for Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and cellular damage. This will help people to find the comfort that they need, especially whenever they’re traveling back and forth to the doctor. It’s important that charities reach out to these individuals.

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Whenever there is an issue, drugs can be used to correct the negative effects of the aging process. Throughout the history of researching drugs, doctors usually find better ways to slow down the process. Their clients feel better after taking a certain medication. For that purpose, clients have to stay on the medication so that the body can begin to recover quickly.

Jason Hope looks to network with doctors and nurses that assist people with mental illnesses. In most cases, the doctor has been educated enough to share experiences with Jason so that he can pass along the knowledge. Jason knows that whenever people begin to age, their elasticity is not what it used to be in their bodies. It’s almost as if the person stretched. Hope feels like more research in labs will be able to pinpoint the spread of diseases. The labs will give the reports in doctor’s magazines and at seminars. Research has worked its way into many hospitals and offices. Jason Hope feels that the lab will be able to find a way to eliminate the process of degenerative diseases.

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Ara Chackerian Uses His Experience to Help Others

For Ara Chackerian, the point of helping people is something that makes his life easier. He wants others to realize he’s doing a good job at making things better for them and he wants everyone to see he can make positive changes for the way they industry works. It’s his goal to help people and his goal to keep showing them what they can get on their own. Even when Ara Chackerian first started showing people the right way to do things, he knew he could make it better for them. He also knew everything would change based on the hard work he put into the business. Thanks to his experiences, he could show other people what would make a difference and how they could do things that would help them through the biggest difficulties of their life. For more details visit norluyce.com



While Ara Chackerian knows that recovery from any illness takes several different steps, he believes technology should play a big role in the recovery process. That’s what TMS Health Solutions is all about. Ara Chackerian works with doctors to come up with ideas to use technology to help treat things like depression and other mood disorders. He wants other people to realize they’re getting a better experience and a better life because of how hard he works to come up with these options. He wants people to feel good about how they can get better and how they can take a multi-step approach toward helping them through the most difficult parts of the industry. You can visit angel.co for more.



There were times when Ara Chackerian had to take a step back from the work he used to do. Even though he enjoyed working as an angel investor, he knew he could make a difference for people who were a big part of the industry and who were trying to make things better for everyone. There were also times that Ara Chackerian knew what he could do to give people the options they needed. Ara felt comfortable making positive decisions and giving everyone the right opportunities they needed to continue with their business. He felt comfortable showing people the right way to do things.



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Adam Milstein Says AntiSemitism Is Alive In New Coalition

Adam Milstein is one of the Jewish community’s most outspoken philanthropists, and he’s written many articles on the state of Judaism and issues surrounding it for news outlets like the Jerusalem Post and the Jewish News Syndicate. He posted an article with JNS about how radical Islam is now one of the leaders in antisemitism because it has common ground in wanting the destruction of Israel with the progressive leftwing groups in the US. Milstein wants young people to be aware of this and says it’s all the more reason why Jewish leaders need to let the truth be known about the propaganda of these groups. Milstein’s organizations have been involved in many lobbying efforts to make sure legislation passed in the halls of congress doesn’t favor antisemitic groups. Follow Adam Milstein’s profile on twitter.com.

Adam Milstein is originally from Israel himself and he’s even served in their military during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He began his professional career in building framing working with his father on various projects in Haifa, and then sometime later he relocated with his wife Gila to the US to pursue further education and build on his career. Milstein is an executive at Hager Pacific Properties in Los Angeles, a real estate firm that has a large portfolio of million-dollar properties spanning across three different states. But his philanthropy is what he spends most of his time in, and he has a philsophy of philanthropy that has three main pillars to it that are active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy.
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Most of Adam Milstein’s activism is channeled through the Milstein Family Foundation that he and his wife Gila founded in the year 2000, and partners that they’ve worked with for many years include the Hasbara Fellowships, the StandWithUs coalition, AIPAC, Students Supporting Israel, Hillel International and the Anti-Defamation League’s west coast branch. He’s also Chairman of the Israeli-American Council which hosts meetings targeted at young Jewish-Americans from all over the US and brings people together from various ideological spectrums. Adam Milstein and his wife Gila also started a Hebrew curriculum for families that includes famous Jewish literature along with it. Visit Adam Milstein’s Youtube channel.

Thor Halvorssen Fights For Justice

A Personal Cause For Him

Most human rights activists aren’t motivated by something that actually happened to them. usually, they are motivated by something they have seen on the internet or something they have seen in other media. However, for Thor Halvorssen he is trying to fight for a cause that has personally affected him and his love ones. Born in Venezuela, his family includes some of the most prominent members of Venezuelan society. The rise of dictators in his home country has made life difficult for his loved ones. In fact, some of them have even been arrested or killed for their resistance.

How He Stands Up For Others

The most important way that he stands up for others is his efforts to expose the conditions that are so common for those living under dictatorships. To do this he often employs the use of documentaries discussing the lives of those living under oppression. Beyond his efforts to expose these injustices he has also made attempts to spread his message to people living under dictators.

What He Plans To Do Now

The Human Rights Foundation is the center of activism against closed societies. No other organization has made such an effort to change things around the world and no other organization has received so much recognition. To keep things up Halvorssen wants to focus his energy on connecting with other activists and doing everything possible to create a more global movement to stand up to the dictators around the world who threaten the rights of their people. He refuses to allow this to deter him in the slightest.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a human right activists known for his work as the president of the Human Rights Foundation. For more than 13 years he has used his talent to help expose the conditions of people living in closed societies and made an effort to uplift them from their typically abysmal lives. Beyond his philanthropy he has also worked as a film director with many big names in Hollywood such as Quentin Tarantino.