Goettl Air Conditioning Has The Answers

Goettl Air Conditioning is changing the way people look at air conditioning, and a big part of that is because of the person in charge: Ken Goodrich. He has gone out of his way to repair this company which he purchased back in 2013. In four years, Goettl Air Conditioning is looked at in an all night light by its customers and its employees. When he bought the company back in 2013, things were not exactly looking up for the company. That is exactly when Ken Goodrich bought it and many were wondering why he did as they thought the good old days were over. Little did they know, Ken Goodrich knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it.


Goettl Air Conditioning can do repairs on air conditioners, maintenance, or they can even get a brand-new model in there. It is all about being honest with the customers. They are not interested in ripping off the customer. They just want to make sure they get exactly what they need. They respect their customers and there are truly good people working for this company. Many of the customers have commented on how comfortable they feel around them and how at ease they are when they come into their home.


That is because Ken Goodrich has sat down with his employees and made sure they were good people. It is one thing to have good workers, but it is another thing to be a good worker and a good employee. Both of them have to go hand-in-hand. He has also given back, helped out a lot of people in the heat, and been a vital part of the community. Goettl Air Conditioning is here to stay and they promise to do even more great things as the years go on with Ken Goodrich in charge and his talented staff.