Get to Know Genucel

Genucel by Chamonix is a different kind of skincare. Based on plant stem cells, this line of products is a great natural, non-invasive way to minimize and even reverse the signs of aging. The plant-based products made by Genucel take the old adage “you are what you eat” to the next level. By using ingredients like apple stem cells, this company has found a way to firm and tighten the jawline, fight undereye bags and more.

However, Genucel isn’t just about reversing the signs of aging. This is a company that raises thousands of dollars to help women who’ve survived abuse. By sponsoring events like 5k fun runs and walks, Genucel aims to show battered women that life can go on after abuse. What’s more, they’re doing so with a healthy, natural activity. This approach reflects Genucel’s commitment to doing things in the most wholesome, most healthy way possible.

One organization that Genucel has partnered with to make this all happen is the charity Women Aware. Women Aware provides a hotline that at-risk women can call when they need help. It’s always staffed, and there are operators available in both English and Spanish. Genucel first became involved in this cause when it came to their attention that women were using their products to hide the signs of abuse. Rather than masking the signs of an abusive relationship, Genucel wanted to give women the tools to move forward in a healthy way.

Although of course it’s a long road to recovery, Genucel by Chamonix wants to take steps to help women know that there’s always help available. This is a company that takes pride in helping women feel good about themselves. Genucel aims to help women feel confident and vibrant by helping them to look their best. By donating over $5000 to Women Aware, Genucel has re-confirmed their commitment to aiding women in all aspects of their lives. Learn more on


EOS Lip Balm Review: Great All-Nature And Organic Features

Customers start to see the benefits of using products with all natural ingredients, even in cosmetics. EOS (evolution of smooth) is rocking the competition with its safe an 100% natural lip balm products. With its signature shape and a lot of flavors to choose from, you’ll first get overwhelmed by the company’s products, but for a pretty good reason.

Beautiful lips are great, but it is also important to have healthy lips, especially this summer when the heat spikes up high. The best lip balm for some would be a product with healthy ingredients. EOS Lip Balm finds a natural alternative to use for its products. Ingredients include Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and Seed Oil, which are all known to be good for your lips because of the moisturizing and the nourishing effect.

The popular lip balm from EOS is 95% organic and 100% natural. This means that its products are paraben and petrolatum-free. In addition to its all-natural ingredients, EOS’ unique shape (like an egg yolk) helps in making the product more effective and adds more value. In addition, the company also offers products with great fragrance and flavor. On top of it all, a piece of EOS lip balm such as the well-known Strawberry Sorbet can be bought for as low as $2.99 in shops such as Target for its 7g products.