Dr. Jennifer Waldens Recognitions

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon who recently opened her own private practice located in Austin, Texas. She was originally born and raised in Austin, Texas before moving to New York to pursue her dreams in the medical field. She specializes in plastic surgery offering some of the most popular procedures available today. She is known for her amazing cosmetic work as well as her extensive aftercare. She has won numerous awards over the years and has been mentioned in many notable oublications. Below are just a few of Dr. Jennifer Waldens most notable achievements.


Dr. Jennifer Waldens achievements started long before she became a certified medical doctor. While attending University Walden received the title of elected vice president as well as president at her Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Society. It was a special achievement and one that started a long list of awards and achievements. Throughout University Dr. Jennifer Walden won awards such as the Herman Barnett Memorial Award which is awarded to graduating seniors for demonstration of excellence in the field of surgery as well as anesthesiology. Walden also won the Donald P Duncan Memorial scholarship award in anatomy which is awarded to a medical student for demonstration of superior knowledge of anatomy. In 2005 Walden won the best scientific exhibit award by a resident or candidate. The award is presented at the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery.


In August of 2012 as well as in August of 2013 Dr. Jennifer Walden was named an Austin Business Journal women of influence power and rising star nominee. It is one of the highest honors in the Austin area. In December of 2012 Walden was honored as one of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the Plastic Surgery practice magazine. Throughout her time in the medical field she has also won a large variety of other awards and achievements. She has also been published in many notable sources.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been published in many top magazines including Cosmopolitan, Lifestyle, and Austin women. Dr. Walden has also been featured in magazines such as Texas Monthly as well as Texas MD where she has been on the cover. Dr. Jennifer Waldens work has also been featured in top magazines such as Health Magazine as well as Style and Vouge. She has also appeared on CBS as well ABC and Fox News as well as a variety of different TV and radio outlets. She is often a top go to source for information regarding plastic surgery as well as technological advances in the medical field.