EOS Lip Balm Review: Great All-Nature And Organic Features

Customers start to see the benefits of using products with all natural ingredients, even in cosmetics. EOS (evolution of smooth) is rocking the competition with its safe an 100% natural lip balm products. With its signature shape and a lot of flavors to choose from, you’ll first get overwhelmed by the company’s products, but for a pretty good reason.

Beautiful lips are great, but it is also important to have healthy lips, especially this summer when the heat spikes up high. The best lip balm for some would be a product with healthy ingredients. EOS Lip Balm finds a natural alternative to use for its products. Ingredients include Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and Seed Oil, which are all known to be good for your lips because of the moisturizing and the nourishing effect.

The popular lip balm from EOS is 95% organic and 100% natural. This means that its products are paraben and petrolatum-free. In addition to its all-natural ingredients, EOS’ unique shape (like an egg yolk) helps in making the product more effective and adds more value. In addition, the company also offers products with great fragrance and flavor. On top of it all, a piece of EOS lip balm such as the well-known Strawberry Sorbet can be bought for as low as $2.99 in shops such as Target for its 7g products.

The New Eos Lip Balm Is a Sweet Dream Come True

Whether it’s chocolate, raspberry, or even the scent of cucumber, fragrant makeups can make anyone weak in the knees. EOS’s new Sprinkle Donut Super Soft Shea Lip Balm is set to do just that; the new EOS Lip Balm dropped on June 7, just in time for National Donut Day.

The new EOS Lip Balm is a limited edition product from EOS’s “Evolution of Smooth” series. With limited quantities of each micro-batch, it’s recommended that you snatch one up quick. Once the micro batches are old sold out, they’re gone for good. With the new EOS Lip Balm containing hints of freshly-baked donuts, vanilla bean, and rainbow sprinkles it’s tempting enough that you’d consider eating it. But don’t, not when the product itself comes in a cute packaging. With the EOS Lip Balm embracing its donut theme, the cap of the EOS Lip Balm comes with real rainbow sprinkles.

With nearly a thousand people having already pre-ordered the new EOS Lip Balm, head over to EvolutionOfSmooth.com before it runs out; the lip balm is being sold exclusively for $4.99. Order one so that you not only can have your lips looking good but tasting and smelling like a freshly-baked donut.

A Look into the Skin Care Solutions being provided by Jeunesse Global LLC

Jeunesse Global LLC has been offering its products and services since 2009. The corporation deals with the manufacture of skin care products. They also produce various health supplements globally. One of the popular skin care products produced by Jeunesse Global LLC is Luminesce; this is a product that makes sure that the vitality of a person’s skin is restored. The wrinkles that usually appear with time will also disappear.

People who want to nourish their skin should opt for Luminesce. It is in the form of a lotion, and it is very gentle on the skin. When you use Luminesce, you will get back your youthful skin. Regardless of your age, this is a product that can help to alleviate the wrinkled patches that appear on your old skin. Jeunesse Global LLC has also been able to come up with a serum solution known as Instantly Ageless; this is a remedy that helps to get rid of the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Other products that are produced by Jeunesse Global LLC include AM & PM ESSENTIALS; these are dietary supplements. They are very nutritious since they contain nutrients, vitamins, and other extracts. These essentials also help to maintain healthy body composition. There is also RESERVE, a supplement that helps to repair the skin when it has been tampered with by free radicals. Such a supplement will also safeguard your cells from any future harm. Jeunesse is also producing FINITI tablets; this is a supplement that is produced using fruits and greens. It helps to fight aging. Additionally, it tampers with the cell’s DNA thus delaying the aging process.

Jeunesse Global LLC also prides itself in producing ZEN, a supplement that carries out body cleansing. ZEN also comes in handy for the people who want to lose weight. The supplement has grape seed extract, milk thistle, and dandelion root. All the mentioned ingredients have been used for many years as herbal medicine. Their composition is also highly valued. Jeunesse also produced an energy drink called Nevo. It has been manufactured using a few natural ingredients. Other supplements include MIND which is categorized as a dietary supplement. Jeunesse Global LLC makes sure that there is inclusivity as a way of making sure that their clients are satisfied with the products and services that they offer.


Jeunesse’s ZEN Project 8

Apart from producing skin care products, Jeunesse offers healthy lifestyle guides and ZEN Project 8 is a perfect example of such products. ZEN Project 8 is a simplified healthy lifestyle guide that teaches you vital habits for living a healthy lifestyle including weight management tips. This is an 8-week course that guides you on how to use premium ZEN products from Jeunesse in 3 easy-to-follow phases.

In addition, the program includes ongoing support from fellow participants and expert coaching. When it comes to reprogramming your body, it is never easy to stay on your plan but this guide from Jeunesse is quite realistic and simple. This is a complete toolkit that will ensure that you achieve your weight management goals and live a healthy life.

Phase 1 of the 8-week course is the detoxification phase where one is expected to lose the bloat. The second phase is referred to as the ignition phase that involves melting of the belly. The third phase of this course is the Thrive phase were one is expected to live their life.

The ZEN Project 8 program is supposed to transform your life by ensuring that you have a healthy and fit body. The program was designed in collaboration with a fitness expert known as Mark Macdonald. Apart from helping you to burn fat, the program helps one to increase energy and at the same time build muscles. With proper lifestyle habits and nutrition, it is possible to manage your weight.

The ZEN project 8 program offers world-class motivation, coaching tips, and weekly webinars that are important in taking your health to the next level. Apart from simple daily meal plans, the program guides you on how to optimize your portion sizes and results. In addition, the ZEN products help when it comes to building muscles, burning fat, and curbing appetite.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a manufacturing company that specializes in skin care products and natural health products. The Florida-based company was established in 2009 and has since then grown into a well known global brand. The company has a wide range of skin care product lines, supplements, as well as health, and weight management programs.