Genucel Provides Unique Skin Care Benefits

Summer is finally here! People are spending more time outside. More time outside means more sunshine. Even though the sun provides vitamin D and other nutrients we need for our skin, too much exposure to the sun can cause serious damage. With all things, there is still a need for balance. SPF is necessary for the summer months specifically because it provides a protective shield over the skin from too much sun rays that can be damaging. Skin care regimens are necessary.

According to, a good SPF moisturizer is important. A moisturizer with SPF 30 would be the ideal strength for everyday use, whereas SPF 50 would be better for more longer exposure of the sun. SPF on the skin helps reduce the risk of skin cancers, diseases, and skin-aging.

Even though summer can welcome in skin damage, the same goes for winter. In the winter season, moisture is key. With the extremes of the drier air in the environment, it can create dry itchy skin. Having a good moisturizer during winter is important to protect your skin from harsh elements of the dry air.

Exfoliation is also important. Our pores are open and it can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Every now and again the removal of dead cell skin cells helps cleanse the pores from over clogging.

Beauty has been around even in ancient times. The importance of beauty has drastically made a lot of skincare businesses succeed. More people are becoming interested in skin-care. Yes, skincare is related to beauty, but Genucel is a healthy regimen for skin is just as important for overall health.

Plant stem cell therapy is what creates Genucel System by Chamonix so unique from other skincare brands. Plant stem cells are in the meristems of plants. Plants naturally supply precursor cells that create tissues and organs in plants to make them thrive. Just as important good skin care habits are, it also makes the ingredients on what we put on our skin just as crucial. To know more about Genucel visit