Cloud Solutions Expand LED Lighting Capabilities

LED lighting has taken over and is quickly becoming one of the most cost-friendly, energy efficient moves that several companies and individuals are making. Although, incandescent light bulbs are still being used it’s becoming more and more evident that they will become a thing of the past very soon, especially since the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was passed in 2007. This act requires that light bulbs be 25% more energy efficient. Making this modification significantly reduces the brightness of traditional incandescent lights so lighting specialists started creating different options, the most popular being LED lighting. Demand for more energy efficient bulbs has increased, which has brought the price down tremendously for LED light bulbs. Using Wi-Fi connection LED lighting provides features for homes and businesses that seemed impossible before. Gooee, an IoT lighting solution provider, has expanded on LED capabilities using cloud based solutions. Gooee has developed a wireless interface module (WIM) that serves as a dimming protocol device that connects with LED power supply and sends data regarding consumption and other information to improve customer engagement into the cloud. The future of a more energy efficient world doesn’t seem so distant with companies like Gooee lighting the way.

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