Thanks To Deirdre Baggot, The Healthcare Industry Is Being Introduced To Better Payment Systems

In the medical realm, there has been a substantial impact in recent years by a professional known as Deirdre Baggot. Her expertise is of very high value with regards to business strategies and payments systems in the modern medical industry. Academically, Baggot has produced some impressive results, with multiple degrees from Southern Illinois University, Loyola University and Denver’s University of Colorado. She has earned an M.B.A., a Ph.D. and also a nursing degree, making her one of the most well-educated candidates for her position. Visit her website at

Deirdre Baggot has truly found longevity in health care, having given her professional years to the industry ever since 1997, when took her first position in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She learned how to coordinate resources as well as manage an administrative group. Later, she became useful to the University of Michigan Health System not only as an administrator, but also as an analyst. She would eventually have her leadership qualities officially recognized and earn the Lean Sigma certification.

In Colorado, the place at which she found success is the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Hundreds of the institution’s employees depended on her leadership, and she handled tasks like marketing, payments, recruitment and even developing business ideas. Deirdre went above and beyond and added to the organization 11 more much needed clinics in a few new locations. She also began working with GE Healthcare Partners, and she reached the role of Senior Vice President.

Payment systems, throughout her healthcare career, have been a key area of focus for Deirdre. Major publications in the realm of healthcare featured her, and Ms. Baggot has even been invited to NPR multiple times during her career. The National Bundled Payment Summit sought out Deirdre Baggot as its chair due to her impressive track record in the field and constant search for innovative payment solutions in healthcare.