Nitin Khanna: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Life of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna immigrated to America when he was 17 years old. Born in India, he obtained his entrepreneurial spirit from his family. His father was in the army, and the rest of his family pursued many different business ventures including a motorcycle parts factory and a cement plant. After attending one of the best educational institutions in Asia, The Lawrence School, he soon found himself as a leading candidate for Purdue University.

Nitin Khanna obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Purdue in Industrial Engineering. His vast education laid the groundwork for a robust career that he would pursue in the world of business. He knew he still had much to learn and even more to offer.


Nitin Khanna founded Saber Corporation in 1998. Saber Corporation became the largest provider of state government solutions in the United States. Saber Corporation had yearly revenue of $120 million before he sold the company to EDS for $460 million. Nitin assisted EDS and was able to grow the company to a yearly revenue of $300 million.

Nitin’s experience at Saber Corp. gave him the experience he needed to help him start his next company, MergerTech. MergerTech was founded in 2009 and is a boutique technology bank that provides M&A advice.

Nitin has also pursued new markets in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Nitin Khanna founded Cura Cannabis in 2015 and it has already become one of the largest cannabis oil providers in Oregon.

Aside from his own business ventures, Nitin also sits on the boards of Freewire Broadband, Vendscreen, the Classic Wines Auction and TiE Oregon. Nitin also advises many companies in cloud, social and mobiles spaces.

Nitin believes in the power of social media and is one thing that really excites him as an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur should live by his words of wisdom. Nitin says to not be anxious, be steady and patient and to work had and be fair in all your dealings.

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Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, Leading Sustainability at The North Face

Sustainability has been at the heart of what The North Face does since it began in 1966. The explorer-gear company’s foundation is a love for the outdoors and the promotion and protection of natural playgrounds. It’s taking the opportunity this holiday season to give back to the community by making sustainable practices a central part of The North Face’s product manufacturing. The North Face is releasing its Eco Heritage Collection this fall, which uses recycled materials to remake classic outerwear from the 1990s. These products use 100 percent recycled fleece and have a lifetime warranty.

The Eco Heritage Collection also includes The North Face’s newest, most innovative, durable and breathable waterproof material called Futurelight, which also consists of 90 percent recycled products. In this regard, The North Face leads not only in innovation but also in sustainability. The North Face’s commitment to sustainability continues with its Renewed Collection, which conserves materials from production scraps or defects to make new products with a lifetime warranty, thereby saving on waste and energy.  One of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution is the apparel industry.

To counteract that, The North Face has initiated the Cali Wool collection. Production for this collection, which The North Face makes in the US, not only limits its carbon footprint but works to stay positive by carefully thinking through all stages of wool production from farm to shelf. Such efforts include land-management techniques to reinvest carbon dioxide and enrich the soil. The North Face’s unveiling of its team-tested, ultra-thin Futurelight material, made with nano-spinning technology, is headed by Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, a champion of outdoors activities and natural surroundings. Steve Lesnard has an impressive campaign portfolio, including marketing for two Olympics, the European region and top brands, resulting in $5.3 billion in returns.

Steve Lesnard Spearheads Promising Marketing Campaign For North Face’s Innovative Futurelight

The well respected and recognized outdoor wear company, North Face, needed someone who can introduce cutting edge innovation in fabric technology for athletic wear. And get it into the hands of pros and athletes around the world. It’ll require one who can bring as much cutting edge innovation in marketing. That’s what North Face’s Global VP of Marketing Steve Lesnard is all about, introducing North Face’s latest breakthrough fabric innovation, Futurelight. Steve Lesnard is all about innovation and marketing. He has had a successful career having led successful launching of iconic brands and unlikely niches on the global stage.

And with this latest launching of North Face’s Futurelight, Steve Lesnard has the best of worlds. His marketing innovation on top of the fabric ingenuity is to bring physical technology to the athletes who will wear them. Working closely with his niche market to inform the design of the best possible athletic wear is pure genius. Steve Lesnard’s marketing process starts with that one big idea, the result of what technological innovation has to offer and what his niche market needs. Then he takes that idea and brings to bear that one solid strategy to get it out there. One compelling idea. One effective strategy.

Steve Lesnard gets his athletes continuously informing how his innovative design is going to be and how it is best communicated globally. What can build better trust with your customers than that? That’s how Steve Lesnard creates meaningful innovation. Steve Lesnard has had extensive successful experience in global brand campaigns including Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics. He was responsible for the rise of a niche market of women’s marketing business around the world and turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry. With North Face and its latest nanospinning fabric innovation, Steve Lesnard will make his next successful legacy.

Elite Worldwide Protection  for Government, Corporate, and Private Clients

Corporate, Government, and Business worlds have all seen moderate changes over the last few years. Adaptation is needed in order to survive and be successful and competitive. One of those vital changes– Security. Both logistics and business intelligence have rapidly upgraded systems and have increased to higher technology, all to improve reliability, accountability, and precision in today’s fast paced world.

Providing a complete business or private consulting service, TigerSwan, is a worldwide known Private Security Company. A number of valuable services can be provided: operational risk management, instability, training, logistics, risk mitigation, crisis management, business intelligence, global affairs, and security related issues in the personal or private sector.

TigerSwan was founded in 2007, by James Reese, former member of the United States Delta Force. Its office is located in Apex, North Carolina. James Reese served as an invaluable asset and Commander in Delta Force, with 25 years of operational and training services to others. His dedication and expertise has now carried through to his work at TigerSwan.

TigerSwan has four Private Security divisions: Enterprise, Families, Government, and Private. Each division has different needs. The common goal is to protect people, places, and assets.

In Enterprises, global exposure puts companies at a higher risk. TigerSwan is able to respond immediately in crisis situations, allowing company employees to concentrate on their normal tasks. Software, product shipments, and work locations are considered assets that all need protection.

In Government, critical infrastructure–a building’s physical security, can be guided by TigerSwan’s security consultants. Their experience and insight will develop a plan of action and implement changes to ensure safety.

In families and private sector, TigerSwan will prepare a Risk Management Plan and determine precisely what services are needed. Some families/persons are interested in traveling to foreign countries, needing assistance or assurance of their safety.

Whether it’s Government, Corporate, Business, or Private the Security Services provided by TigerSwan are professional, elite, worldwide, and state of the art. Internationally and in the United states, everyone wants to feel safe. Companies need vital assets protected. TigerSwan stands on the principle of all source protection and due diligence.

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Peter Harris: Maximizing Insurance Success by Offering Specialty Insurance Products

In the insurance business, many people and businesses are familiar with common insurance policies. Dental insurance, automobile insurance, theft insurance, and common medical coverage are some of the usual insurance policies that people are aware of. The same picture is reflected in the number of insurance companies offering the same services in the industry. However, other insurance companies operate in different and special sectors. This is where Peter Harris demonstrates his knowledge and experience.

The former Chief Executive Officer of CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in different parts of the world has played a key role in addressing some areas that are not covered by the mainstream industrial players. Peter Harris has brought into the industry what other companies in the insurance sector don’t offer — addressing insurance needs in very critical and unique sectors that are rarely covered by even the largest insurance companies.

Specialty insurance products include policies that address some unique insurance needs that make traditional insurance policies more comprehensive. Businesses and individuals need insurance companies that offer additional services and cover them against risks and uncertainties in some special areas. Peter Harris has been addressing these areas while at the same time ensuring that all the businesses and people in lookout for special insurance policies get them. This has been a huge reprieve in the insurance sector because businesses and employees know that their insurance needs are met.

Peter Harris, through CBL, has been addressing some of the most complex insurance demands that are not covered by other major players in the insurance industry. Some of these factors include life insurance, which is one of the most complex insurance products in the insurance industry. Other specialty insurance products offered by the company include short term and long term disability and critical accident coverage, among others.

About Peter Harris

Besides the professionalism and experience that Peter Harris has demonstrated in the insurance sector, the knowledgeable financial expert holds other influential positions and is a member of boards in various organizations. He is a board member at Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd and European Insurance Services Ltd, among others.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Business Background at Recent Forum

JD founder Richard Liu Qiangdong was invited to attend an annual business forum. When attending this forum, Richard Liu sat down with a panelist and talked about his career and business experience. At first, Richard talked about his educational background and then discussed his first experience as an entrepreneur. While he was talking at the forum, Richard Liu also discussed his primary objectives as an entrepreneur. He said that he wants to make a valuable impact on society rather than achieve great wealth. Liu also mentioned that he is looking to expand the company into more regions in the world in the near future.

Richard Liu Qiangdong pursued a higher education once he was finished with his compulsory education. Liu went to a leading university in Beijing to study and complete an educational program in sociology. Richard Liu also went on to pursue a graduate level degree in business administration. While he was still in college, Richard taught himself computer programming. This provided him with an essential skill that can help him attain quality employment opportunities once he was done with his higher education programs. The entrepreneurial career of Richard Liu Qiangdong began while he was still a student. During this time, he founded a restaurant which provided him with first hand experience on how to run a business.

Since he was very busy with his schoolwork, he wasn’t able to devote enough time to running the restaurant. As a result, this venture failed but he went on to continue entrepreneurship in the future. In the meantime, he went on to work as a computing professional and executive. During the next several years, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the computing field. He spent time in computer programming and executive management. Liu was part of a leading company known as Japan Life. Richard Liu eventually resigned from this company to found another business in the retail industry. His second business closed down and he decided to start up another company. Liu founded JD in 2005 and built it into one of the most successful retailers in the world by using ecommerce solutions and offering fast shipping to customers.

Tech Expert Robert Deignan Embraces Automation Technology for the Future

Robert Deignan is an accomplished entrepreneur. A graduate of Purdue University and former NFL player is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services. ATS, established in August 2011, is a digital service provider for companies and individuals across the globe. The firm focuses on security and troubleshooting a broad spectrum of network issues. ATS also provides solutions for all data storage needs.

Mr. Deignan has earned a reputation for learning to work with technology to advance his career. He is considered an expert when it comes to technological developments and applications. In an age where tech advancements are happening more and more rapidly every day, Deignan has embraced the ever changing world and created a long standing and successful career in technology. His admiration and ability to flow with technology provides a catalyst of knowledge that helps his business thrive. 

With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and automation in business, anxiety amongst the workforce is running high. However, Robert Deignan feels that there is a minimal threat to this technology overtaking the current workforce. Rather, he feels there is opportunity for employees to expand their skill set and cement their positions within their current companies. In addition, he feels that by embracing this new technology and learning how it can enable each person to become more efficient at their jobs actually is an asset rather than a hinderance to the business world.

At present, machines tend to be good at simple manual labor tasks that involve repetitive motions; such as folding laundry. Those jobs that involve training, decision making and the ability to be flexible require extensive programming and data; which is a hinderance and expense many companies cannot afford. In addition, those positions that require interpersonal skills cannot currently be replicated by technology and will be safe from automation take over. Even if these advances do come to a head at some point, most human beings will still prefer speaking with another human rather than a robot. Thusly, Robert Deignan advises that the demand of the market will dictate whether a machine’s capabilities will actually be applicable within society. He advises to keep these details in mind when mulling over the effects and implementation of automation technology.

BetterWorks For A Better Workplace

For virtually any type of business, continuous improvement is a major goal. Whether this involves making gains in customer service, productivity, or in the use of technology, these and other areas play an important role in sustaining growth. As more and more businesses are discovering, investing in the latest software can prove to be the best step they can take in guaranteeing future success. In fact, for those companies that use Team Edition by BetterWorks, a multitude of options are suddenly at their fingertips.

A Human Resources software package that lets a company ensure its goals are being met, Team Edition is equipped with a variety of features. One of its most popular and effective features for businesses large and small involves strategic insights, which consists of allowing managers and supervisors to examine individual performance on various projects. In being able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses each member of a team brought to a project, it then becomes possible to determine the best ways in which people’s talents can be used on future assignments.

Along with its emphasis on strategic insights, Team Edition also places a premium on accountability and meeting company goals. To make this happen, the software contains the ability to automatically schedule periodic check-in conversations between supervisory personnel and their employees. Since the software is set up to allow up to 100 employees at a time to match their goals with that of the company, these check-in conversations greatly streamline the process of making sure everyone is working toward the same objective.

Since BetterWorks was founded in 2013, it has become arguably the most-used HR software in today’s business world. With its ability to be easily integrated into a company’s existing IT systems and infrastructure, it makes the jobs of HR professionals and company managers much easier than in years past. Due to it being able to be easily customized to fit a company’s needs, it can quickly transform an HR department that has been ineffective into one that is suddenly on top of even the slightest company issues.

Due to the increasing competition in today’s business world, it is becoming very important for businesses of all sizes to invest in technology that will keep them moving forward. By partnering with BetterWorks and Team Edition, the task of meeting company goals and surpassing competitors in terms of productivity and employee-management communication becomes much easier within weeks.

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Sharon Prince Explains Why Your Vernacular Could Be A Problem

Do you know how to use your vernacular in the correct way to navigate the evolution of society in the 21st-century? Sharon Prince, the President of Grace Farms and its accompanying foundation has recently described how the way we speak could be tied to an outdated way of thinking and talking. The former head of the Icelandic 66 North clothing brand has explained how the path to gender equality is about more than just pay and should take in discussions about aspects of life.

Sharon Prince believes the most important aspects of our lives should include exercising our voices to back the causes we believe in. For most people, the voice they were born with is only used when our anger is raised and we lose all sense of the everyday life we are leading. Prince explains her belief that we should be looking for different ways of exercising our voices throughout each day, largely to keep ourselves fighting for our own rights and the rights of others.

To explain what she means by the changing face of society in the 21st-century, Sharon Prince pints to the everyday unhappiness caused by the decision of some in society to fail to use the correct words when discussing others.

Prince reports hearing those who identify as females referred to as “you guys” and married women called “Mrs.” For Sharn Prince, the only way women should be referred to as “Mrs.” is if a suitable word could be created to differentiate between single and married males.

Without using her voice on an everyday basis, Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes she will fail to have the same impact she has in other areas of her life as she will not command the respect her voice deserves.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer family values translate well into business

The mindful ’12 initiative change at Grupo RBS a Brazilian media combination from six decade year old Nelson Sirotsky to his nephew, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, has been examined the world over. It is credited for its cautious arranging by the two accomplices, its striking planning for the approaching chief’s availability, and its smooth execution, with an honor winning spotlight on polished skill and great administration.

Presently Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer it’s full speed ahead for the third era Chairman and President to rehash the eventual fate of Brazil’s second biggest media correspondences organization. In ’14, RBS positioned with Google and Globo among Brazil’s main three web organizations in producing an incentive for partners. It was additionally granted for advancement.

At its heart Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the funding and private value firm, e.Bricks Ventures, led and established by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer in ’12, to give development organize tech organizations an edge over contenders battling with swelling and high obtaining expenses. Lately, e.Bricks refocused on beginning time speculations, helping computerized new companies in Brazil and the U.S. to outpace contenders through quicker execution and long haul banding together.

At Fundação Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, named for Grupo RBS’ author and Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s granddad, the family proceeds with its three and half decade year non-benefit convention of creating Brazilian youngsters and adolescents. It likewise works with government offices to bring issues to light for various social issues including tyke assurance, with the fruitful battle Love is the Best Inheritance.

Grupo RBS is one of Brazil’s best privately-run companies. A mixed media and advanced speculation organization with a large group of interests the nation over, Grupo RBS is currently kept running by the third era of the Sirotsky family, who set the business up about 60 years back. Business is at the core of Grupo RBS. Thus also is great corporate administration and a solid connect to the networks wherein it works.