The Business of Passing on the Torch of Success With Luke Lazarus Consulting

Days of Preparation

At the tender age of eight, yes, that’s right, eight years old, Luke Lazarus “launched” his first business. Lazarus was born in Perth, Australia, and spent his early years there.

He was academically bright in his grades and received many scholarship offerings for his college, but remained in Australia and decided to attend Melbourne Business School, where he completed both an undergraduate and MBA.

By the time Luke Lazarus was in college, he had already developed an advanced philosophy of business, and it came as no surprise to his peers that he went off and started four successful companies from the age of 24, when he had completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School till the age of 32.

Success Comes with Patience

In those 8 years, Luke Lazarus accomplished many business transactions and accumulated a storehouse of practical knowledge while negotiating many contracts. At the end of his quick success, he decided to re-configure his career to meet the needs of new startup companies.

He came to the conclusion that he could put together his wealth of knowledge and experience and move on with his own Australian-based consulting company named Luke Lazarus Consulting.

His new consulting company got off the ground in 2013 and has since received many recommendations and accomplishments form those who work with him. It is said that his contributions in a board meeting or conference setting are always accepted enthusiastically.

Luke Lazarus Consulting

Lazarus has worked as a business consultant for 20 years, but since 2013 specifically designed to meet the needs of startup companies. His peers and those who have worked with him applaud his ability to analyze different markets and understand the competition.

His business analytical skills help his startup teams locate potential markets for their goods as well as help them to drill down to the essence of their branding story and apply it to customers which fit the demographics of those they are most fit to have an emotional appeal.

Maximizing Time with Startups

Luke Lazarus works tirelessly with his startups to enable them to understand how they can influence customers more deeply by their story and presentation. Getting to the value behind the product and reaching the customers at where their values are is where he seeks to guide new startups.

Everything depends upon how to connect with the values the customer stands for and finding how their product can identify with those values. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

After the first steps of values, Luke Lazarus teaches startups how to prepare for their launch. They will need to be able to create budgets, set their timelines and milestones they reach. Most of all strategies that will enable them to reach those goals must be firmly established.

Daily Routine

Luke Lazarus, in a recent interview, shared what a normal day is like, which is rising early and multi-tasking between short meditation period, going off to the gym to keep his body toned. He returns to have a short breakfast, then begins preparing for his meetings with clients throughout the day.

Lazarus says he is constantly juggling or multi-tasking between the several things he has to accomplish to meet his daily goals with clients he will see face-to-face, or for those business dealing thru email or phone.

Lazarus stays focused on the projects at hand and prepares his material for the meetings to capitalize on the time spent with clients.

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Advice from business consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a consultant who works for businesses and individuals to help them get through with their own struggles. Being an aspiring entrepreneur can be difficult and so is equally starting a business. Lazarus has his very own method to help entrepreneurs and believes that the story is the most important aspect to impressing stakeholders and other clients.

He also advises that people do their fair share of research to be successful in starting their own company or in selling their products. It can be crucial, more than ever, for startups to do things the right way as a majority of them fail within just 5 years. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

However, if done the right way, aspiring entrepreneurs can make millions of dollars after building a successful company and after selling them to another company for the rights. One of the classes of entrepreneurs is “serial entrepreneurs” who collect businesses.

Luke Lazarus explains why some people can grow tired of becoming an entrepreneur and become a consultant who offers advice to startup companies and other brands. They could simply prefer to devote their time to help others as they can have a lot of experience and know the market well after so many years.

For example, Luke Lazarus started out as a typical entrepreneur who was born in Melbourne, Australia and started his own business at the young age of 8. After being bright and gifted with an array of talents, he chose to attend the Melbourne Business School despite getting many offers from Division I schools. He ultimately chose to stay close to home and pursue an MBA.

After graduating from college, Lazarus worked hard owning his own brands and sold them for a wide margin after some years. After some time working as an entrepreneur, he realized that his next calling was educating others and then chose to become a consultant. Money was no longer a driving force for him after making a hefty fortune.

Luke Lazarus understands that some people can find his methods harsh, but, he explains that it is the truth and that his advice works. He explains that he has seen well-educated entrepreneurs although they lacked some of the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Luke Lazarus helps people please angel investors and venture capitalists. The secret to the consultants’ success is in gaining the interest of the venture capitalists and investors. In addition, the individual uses videos to help teach college students how to be successful in the business world. Luke Lazarus can help many businesses and clients who want to take the next step as an entrepreneur or successful brand.

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Betterworks your Continuous Performance Management Solution

Silicon Valley, the hub of technology, saw itself produce another outstanding technology known as Betterworks in 2013. This technology offers continuous management solution necessary for running a company smoothly. This is made possible through the user data and organizational tools it offers you to enhance the productivity of your company.


This software has unique features of its own, that helps you keep your team and yourself on the right track. Companies looking to grow steadily and keep track of their performance need this impressive betterworks software. All this is to give your entities and employees continuous performance management solution.

In a survey carried out through Betterworks, it clearly outlines the troubling state of talent management. It is important to realize that talent management is essential in playing a major role in improving the performance of individuals.


Download the Betterworks App –

Companies should also realize that the transformation of an employee to leadership is a big change. Leadership comes with the responsibility of leading others and assisting others in their work.

Companies should note that most of these leaders also require full support from the company. This is because, through Betterworks, it came to our realization that leaders do not feel supported at all.

Most people managers lack a sense of purpose. Performance and leadership practices frequently pressure them rather than help them. These managers lack purpose aligned with their company. It is by the fact that employees and managers who know their purpose in the company and share the same vision of the company, outweigh and outperform the market by 42%.

How Recruiter Brian Torchin Brings Value To The Healthcare Field

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur in the staffing industry. He founded HCRC Staffing in January 2007 and is this company’s managing partner. He helps his clients by finding the best people to fill their open positions whether that’s a chiropractor, dentist, physician assistant urgent care doctor, front office staff, and more. He is based in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School he attended the University of Delaware, majoring in exercise science. He then attended New York Chiropractic College, graduating in 1995. Brian Torchin spent the next several years managing medical clinics along the East Coast.

HCRC Staffing is a full-service organization. In addition to matching people to open positions he also offers career consultation to people who are looking to apply their skills in the field of healthcare. As a chiropractor himself, he knows how difficult it can be to find a good position that is right for you. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

He is a detail-oriented person who makes sure that when he matches a company and potential employee they are both right for one another. This includes education, past experience, and whether they have the right temperament to fit into a company’s culture. He works with companies and individuals across the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

He fits writing about the job market into his busy schedule. Brian Torchin has written blog posts about subjects such as how to hire the best employees, what questions to ask during an interview, and what strategies to follow when it comes to online marketing. His goal is to satisfy the needs of both employees and employers so that everyone benefits. This includes making himself available to answer questions whenever his clients need and offering efficient and fast solutions. His clients say he’s a knowledgeable team player who has benefitted their organizations.

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Jeunesse Global and Their Public Appeal

Part of Jeunesse Global’s public appeal is due to the amount of their resources they put into public efforts. Because they are brought up by the individuals who cared enough to support their company, they only feel that it is necessary to return the favor to the world. They have a grateful approach to life, and because of this, they tend to appreciate everything that comes their way

This is not just a way of living, it is a method of operating your business. Many corporations think that their success is secured simply because they have acquired it in the short term. The truth is that this is never the case. In fact, the idea of “success” is often very detrimental to a businessperson’s mindset. From the perspective of the founders of Jeunesse Global, this is a dangerous sense of comfort to attain in life. In general it should be avoided at all cost. Not that there is something wrong with feeling comfortable in your own personal life, but when you are in the competitive field, especially when it comes to the ever-changing market of the anti-aging product industry, you need to be on top of every technological progress and entrepreneurial breakthrough. Because of this, hard work is necessary for Jeunesse Global’s employees. Besides that, they need to be passionate about what they are doing. Anyone can force themselves to work for a duration of time, even if they do not like what they are doing, if they are given a high enough pay incentive. What many businesses do not realize, however, is that raising pay does not increase the quality of work from employees. It simply allows those who were never going to be a good employee in the first place to get a chance at attaining a specialized position. 

In short, while properly compensating your employees is necessary, Jeunesse Global also realizes that they need to find the right employees who will be motivated not only by their weekly pay but by their intrinsic drive to push the beauty industry forward. This is the prime motivation underlying every business action Jeunesse Global makes.


What Does Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm Mean for Silicon Valley?

After rising to become a central figure among Silicon Valley’s elite circle of venture capitalists a decade ago by providing early financial support for Airbnb and Uber, Shervin Pishevar has since gone on to become one of the chief public faces of a new generation of investors and tech innovators. With a huge following on Twitter and other social media platforms, Pishevar is highly regarded among diehard technology fans for his controversial but prescient views on cutting-edge investment strategies. When Pishevar took to his Twitter account for a 21-hour tweet storm recently, it seemed that the entirety of the tech world took notice.

  1. Are Tech Giants Becoming Too Powerful?

One of Pishevar’s most contentious statements via Twitter involved his view that Silicon Valley giants such as Apple and Google were stifling competition in an already-cutthroat market. According to Pishevar, these monopolies have created an investment landscape in which top-notch start-ups can no longer compete with corporate giants; if such monopolies are allowed to dominate the tech world, Pishevar asserted, smaller companies in the vein of Airbnb and Uber will no longer be able to get off the ground.

  1. Will Bitcoin Rise From the Ashes?

For a new breed of tech investors known as crypto-currency traders, Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm certainly came as a breath of fresh air. Predicting the reemergence of Bitcoin as a major investment opportunity, Pishevar predicted that the currency would exceed its former peak value of $16,000 per “share.” Considering that investment in Bitcoin made billionaires out of the currency’s early supporters, such news could be very welcome indeed to those who believe that Bitcoin has not yet exhausted its potential.

  1. A Pessimistic Assessment of the Economic Future

Less welcome to Shervin Pishevar’s fans was the assertion that the stock market would drop by an astounding 6000 points in coming years, triggering what would likely amount to a second Great Recession in the US economy and beyond. If Pishevar is correct in his dire market predictions, savvy investors may want to shore up resources and prepare to weather an unprecedented economic storm. By purchasing valuable stocks and properties sold for cheap in a harsh economic climate, however, investors may be able to turn a bad situation into a positive one.

For these reasons, it appears that Shervin Pishevar will remain a key figurehead in Silicon Valley investment circles for the foreseeable future. With his uncanny ability to forecast changes in the tech landscape and his army of 100,000+ social media followers, the future seems very bright indeed for one of venture capital’s leading lights. Whether they are fans or critics, its seems, tech investors would do well to consider what Pishevar has to say about an ever-changing world.

SmitaShah Rallies Tech Experts for Technological Advancement

About twenty years ago, Smita Shah observed that the world of technology was somewhat ineffective; web pages took much longer time to load and sometimes failed to load despite the lengthy waiting period. There was, therefore, a need to improve, and Smita Shah was perilously towards determined to spearhead the revolution. Despite the challenges and fear of failure, she boldly steered through, with the thought that if she did not try somebody else would and they would succeed anyway.


SPAAN Tech was born; as a result, a technology-based company that she pulled talented and very resourceful personnel to innovate and invent. This company was a great stride in her life; an accomplishment that would merge her passion in Mathematics, Science, and Technology. Through her elementary education, she was able to solve complex mathematical problems that her mates found hard to do. She was continuously applauded as very few girls dared to be like her. Smita Shah found her competing with boys majorly. However, speaking in a recent interview, she explains that she was only different, but soon after became natural for her and did not let that sink into her mind as being unique.


Smita Shah explains that it is tough to find people passionate to get into Mathematics, Engineering, and Science degree. The disparity is even higher among the feminine gender, although she notably mentions that the numbers are gradually increasing. Younger women are daringly choosing to follow these career paths. She is encouraging more women and people from minority groups to join in to grow our country more. She holds the thought that the United States has not fully embraced women in Mathematics and Engineering course as has been in her native country, India. She still finds people who think that her parents are doctors to support her in such a career which is not the case. Female expertise in such jobs is indeed welcomed to see how their diversity will shape our country.


About Smita Shah


Smita Shah is a Science and Mathematics guru, a certified engineer with the LEED AP BD+C licensing currently practicing her profession in different states in America. Shah boast of rich education background in Business and Engineering from her alma mater; University of Oxford, Northwestern University and the MIT. Her excellent grasp in technology has made her a highly sought after conference speaker, a strategic advisor, an industry expert and leader whose wisdom is found in making major tech decisions and projects. Learn more:


She is the Founder of SPAAN Tech Inc, a company that offers technological solutions in technical projects. Her contribution to the company’s growth has indeed been noted; she holds the award as one of the fastest-growing companies. Elsewhere, Smita Shah is involved in mentorship programs for the youths and young professionals, advocacy of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Tips for Using Decorative Candles in the Home

Decorative candles wonderfully add style and warmth to a home. It’s their amazing style that’s caused so many people to use them to capture their personality inside their home. Most decorative candles are scented, adding not only beauty to your home, but also fragrant smells that create a feeling of satisfaction for everyone inside.

Dozens of decorative candles are available to add to your home. Regardless of your style or the scents that make you the happiest, candles are sold to appease your needs. Choosing the best candles to place inside the home can be a daunting task with so many choices available. Ease your mind and take the advice of Donata Meirelles, an expert decorative candle and fashion designer who has the secrets that allow you to create the perfect home. Visit her on Instagram for updates

Donata Meirelles Says Leave a Candle at the Home Entrance

Candles placed at the front entrance of the home create a warm embrace immediately upon entrance as well as a subtle touch of style. Of course, if you choose a fragrance candle, the aromatic scents also greet visitors to the home.

More Candles Elsewhere in the Home

Don’t stop with placing only one candle in the home. Also ensure that a candle is placed inside the main rooms of the home, such as the living area or the home office. Also, place a candle in the bathroom, since it’s a frequented room that oftentimes contains odors. Donata Meirelles says to ensure the candles contain your favorite scents for added flair.

When to Light Candles

Did you know that candles have idal light times when they’ll work best? Light your candles at dusk if you want the best results. The perfume fragrances from the candle will welcome you home, as well as guests who come to visit. Visit:

How Flavio Maluf is spearheading environmental conservation at Eucatex

The environment is the most critical resource to humanity which is why It is essential for businesses to operate sustainably. The good news is that as we advance further into the future, many companies are recognizing the essence of corporate responsibility and are continuously coming up with ideas and projects that enable them to be sustainable. Eucatex, a company led by Flavio Maluf is an excellent example of such businesses.

How Eucatex operates

For the last five decades, Eucatex under the leadership of Flavio Maluf has been setting the pace for other businesses in Brazil through the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products. The company is named after the eucalyptus tree and uses the tree as the primary raw material of all its products. Some of its products include wood fiber sheets, MDP panels, and varnishes. To ensure that Eucatex remains environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf spearheaded the firm’s reforestation project a few years after the company was established. This way, he created a win-win situation for both Eucatex and Mother Nature. On the one hand, his company is assured of a stable source of raw materials and achieves sustainability while, on the other hand, the environment benefits because for each Eucalyptus tree cut down, the company plants two. See more on Wikipedia.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a prominent entrepreneur based in Brazil. He was born in a highly influential political family in Brazil, and despite his affluent background, Maluf stands out for carving out his success through hard work and determination instead of relying on what his family owns. Flavio pursued a mechanical engineering degree but soon switched to BA when he realized that his desire was to become a full-time business person. Apart from Eucatex, today Flavio currently leads a series of businesses in the country such as Grand food. Read more:

Who Shervin Pishevar Has Identified as the Next Ma Bells

Decades ago, one of the biggest monopolies to ever survive in America was Ma Bell. The phone giant provided the telecommunications for just about everyone. It was either Ma Bell or nothing. Shervin Pishevar now identifies a number of businesses that have a similar monopoly in the United States.

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet are five monopolies that Shervin Pishevar has named. They have access to more data than your average sovereign nation. Plus, they continue to grow in power.

Why are they a problem?

One of the biggest problems that Shervin Pishevar has with these monopolies is that they’re controlling everything. They aren’t allowing any kind of competition to enter. Any entrepreneurial business that attempts to compete is quickly bought up. While this can put money into the pocket of the entrepreneur, it’s not allowing for new companies to enter the marketplace.

Shervin Pishevar, who has invested in companies like Uber and Airbnb, has reason to be concerned. If the monopolies continue to grow and silently assassinate their competition, it could be 10 years or more before another big company, like an Uber, comes around.

If the monopolies don’t get stripped of some of their power, it can lead to problems for Americans to have a choice. Ma Bell was broken up, which was what ended up being best for people. Now, it’s time to do the same to companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet.