Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, Leading Sustainability at The North Face

Sustainability has been at the heart of what The North Face does since it began in 1966. The explorer-gear company’s foundation is a love for the outdoors and the promotion and protection of natural playgrounds. It’s taking the opportunity this holiday season to give back to the community by making sustainable practices a central part of The North Face’s product manufacturing. The North Face is releasing its Eco Heritage Collection this fall, which uses recycled materials to remake classic outerwear from the 1990s. These products use 100 percent recycled fleece and have a lifetime warranty.

The Eco Heritage Collection also includes The North Face’s newest, most innovative, durable and breathable waterproof material called Futurelight, which also consists of 90 percent recycled products. In this regard, The North Face leads not only in innovation but also in sustainability. The North Face’s commitment to sustainability continues with its Renewed Collection, which conserves materials from production scraps or defects to make new products with a lifetime warranty, thereby saving on waste and energy.  One of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution is the apparel industry.

To counteract that, The North Face has initiated the Cali Wool collection. Production for this collection, which The North Face makes in the US, not only limits its carbon footprint but works to stay positive by carefully thinking through all stages of wool production from farm to shelf. Such efforts include land-management techniques to reinvest carbon dioxide and enrich the soil. The North Face’s unveiling of its team-tested, ultra-thin Futurelight material, made with nano-spinning technology, is headed by Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, a champion of outdoors activities and natural surroundings. Steve Lesnard has an impressive campaign portfolio, including marketing for two Olympics, the European region and top brands, resulting in $5.3 billion in returns.

Smita Shah; Chair of Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee

Recently, Smita Shah, together with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Andrea Zopp (the Chief Executive Officer of World Business Chicago), First Lady Amy Eshelman, and Senator Dick Durbin, met at the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. The luncheon marked the fifth year of honoring Gandhi for inspiring civil rights movements internationally.


At the Event, Mayor Lightfoot announced that 2nd October 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. Gandhi was a renowned leader who advocated for all individuals (both the poor and the disenfranchised), championed the causes of economic opportunity, education, and equality among everyone. He was also recognized for his non-violent passive resistance philosophy.


Chicago city boasts of its traditional way of celebrating international communities and their cultures and has a rich and long history of friendship with Indian communities. This friendship goes way back to 1893, when a young philosopher, monk, and author, Swami Vivekananda went to the Columbian Exposition for the World Parliament of Religions.


The Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee


Chicago Sister Cities International is a branch of World Business Chicago that is committed to sharing ideas and building bridges between the city and its international partners and communities. It promotes tourism, international education, cross-cultural arts, global government, and business exchange.


Smita Shah joined the Chicago Sister Cities International and is the Chair of the Delhi Committee. She believes that this is a way of continuing global leadership as well as acknowledging the diversity of the communities in Chicago.


About Smita Shah


Smita Shah serves as the CEO and President of SPAAN Tech, Inc., which she founded in 1998. SPAAN Technology is a technology and a project management company based in Chicago that she started after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s in Civil and environmental engineering.


Her company was No. 1821, on the list of’ the 5000 fastest-growing private companies’ posted on Inc. magazine. Over the past decade, SPAAN Tech, Inc. has grown to $10 million in yearly revenue and fifty staff members.


SPAAN Technology is also part of a 14 million dollar joint venture that is planning to design electrical systems for navigation aids and lighting for an upcoming runway, which is scheduled to open in November. 20. The venture is part of the $ 6.6 billion expansion of O’Hare International Airport.


Smita Shah moves easily in many sectors, including political events, construction sites, and community galas. She was an intern in the White House Office of the Chief of Staff after college. Here she was two doors down from the President’s office (President Bill Clinton), and her work entailed filing paperwork and answering phones.


After two years, she was appointed as the youngest delegate by the Illinois Democratic Party during the Democratic National Convention in 1996. Since that time, she has worked at the Platform Committee and Rules Committee at conventions in2004 and 2008. Learn more:


She also sits on the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Auxiliary Council and organizes programs for the American Society of Civil Engineers (Illinois chapter. She is the Head of the Delhi Sister Cities International Program.

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Smita Shah Helps Commemorate The Indian Community in Chicago

Smita Shah, born in Chicago but of Indian descent has demonstrated that perseverance and drive can give a woman everything she wants. Smita Shah used her intelligence at an early age. She recalls that while other kids were working on word problems, she was turning them into algebraic equations. Her intense drive led her to pursue a degree in electrical engineering and later an MBA in civil engineering. 


In the mid-1990s Smita Shah founded her own engineering firm in the greater Chicago area. She has since won many awards for her innovative projects including an award by Inc magazine as one of 1,000 top up and coming businesses. 

Over the years she has taken on jobs for the greater Chicago area that promote innovation and growth, and while she is a very dedicated businesswoman, she also takes an interest in her community. 

Smita Shah’s Other Interests

Aside from running her company, Smita Shah also promotes community growth and ethnic collaboration in many ways. One such project is the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. As the international representative for sister city, Delhi, India, Shah started the luncheon in 2014 as a way to commemorate the efforts made by the Indian American community in Chicago. This yearly luncheon motivates Indian business leaders and offers a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi and his work for human rights in India and his close connections with the United States. 

Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon Receives a Special Proclamation

This year at the luncheon, mayor Lightfoot, a special guest, made a proclamation that October second would be the official Mahatma Gandhi day in Chicago. The pronouncement thrilled Smita Shah as it was a recognition for the Indian community of Chicago, and for the importance, Mahatma Gandhi had for human rights movements throughout the world. This type of commemoration means Chicago is finally recognizing its ethnic communities. 

Smita Shah reflected her pleasure in working with Chicago and seeing that her efforts and those of the Indian community are noted. She says, “It has been an honor for the Indian American community to have this day officially noted. Smita also feels that it is a personal honor to have her work recognized in this way. The idea for the luncheon came about when she was named the international representative for Chicago’s sister city Delhi, India. She mentioned that Chicago is made up of many communities and each should be recognized for its efforts. Learn more:

Smita Shah hopes that this will strengthen the relationship between Delhi, India, and Chicago as well as the Indian community that lives within the city. Through these associations, the Delhi international committee hopes to see more cultural and business exchange relationships. Delhi, India has supported the luncheon through Smita Shah since 2014 and plans on continuing to do so to honor the similarities between Indian Americans and Indians.

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Elite Worldwide Protection  for Government, Corporate, and Private Clients

Corporate, Government, and Business worlds have all seen moderate changes over the last few years. Adaptation is needed in order to survive and be successful and competitive. One of those vital changes– Security. Both logistics and business intelligence have rapidly upgraded systems and have increased to higher technology, all to improve reliability, accountability, and precision in today’s fast paced world.

Providing a complete business or private consulting service, TigerSwan, is a worldwide known Private Security Company. A number of valuable services can be provided: operational risk management, instability, training, logistics, risk mitigation, crisis management, business intelligence, global affairs, and security related issues in the personal or private sector.

TigerSwan was founded in 2007, by James Reese, former member of the United States Delta Force. Its office is located in Apex, North Carolina. James Reese served as an invaluable asset and Commander in Delta Force, with 25 years of operational and training services to others. His dedication and expertise has now carried through to his work at TigerSwan.

TigerSwan has four Private Security divisions: Enterprise, Families, Government, and Private. Each division has different needs. The common goal is to protect people, places, and assets.

In Enterprises, global exposure puts companies at a higher risk. TigerSwan is able to respond immediately in crisis situations, allowing company employees to concentrate on their normal tasks. Software, product shipments, and work locations are considered assets that all need protection.

In Government, critical infrastructure–a building’s physical security, can be guided by TigerSwan’s security consultants. Their experience and insight will develop a plan of action and implement changes to ensure safety.

In families and private sector, TigerSwan will prepare a Risk Management Plan and determine precisely what services are needed. Some families/persons are interested in traveling to foreign countries, needing assistance or assurance of their safety.

Whether it’s Government, Corporate, Business, or Private the Security Services provided by TigerSwan are professional, elite, worldwide, and state of the art. Internationally and in the United states, everyone wants to feel safe. Companies need vital assets protected. TigerSwan stands on the principle of all source protection and due diligence.

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Peter Harris: Maximizing Insurance Success by Offering Specialty Insurance Products

In the insurance business, many people and businesses are familiar with common insurance policies. Dental insurance, automobile insurance, theft insurance, and common medical coverage are some of the usual insurance policies that people are aware of. The same picture is reflected in the number of insurance companies offering the same services in the industry. However, other insurance companies operate in different and special sectors. This is where Peter Harris demonstrates his knowledge and experience.

The former Chief Executive Officer of CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in different parts of the world has played a key role in addressing some areas that are not covered by the mainstream industrial players. Peter Harris has brought into the industry what other companies in the insurance sector don’t offer — addressing insurance needs in very critical and unique sectors that are rarely covered by even the largest insurance companies.

Specialty insurance products include policies that address some unique insurance needs that make traditional insurance policies more comprehensive. Businesses and individuals need insurance companies that offer additional services and cover them against risks and uncertainties in some special areas. Peter Harris has been addressing these areas while at the same time ensuring that all the businesses and people in lookout for special insurance policies get them. This has been a huge reprieve in the insurance sector because businesses and employees know that their insurance needs are met.

Peter Harris, through CBL, has been addressing some of the most complex insurance demands that are not covered by other major players in the insurance industry. Some of these factors include life insurance, which is one of the most complex insurance products in the insurance industry. Other specialty insurance products offered by the company include short term and long term disability and critical accident coverage, among others.

About Peter Harris

Besides the professionalism and experience that Peter Harris has demonstrated in the insurance sector, the knowledgeable financial expert holds other influential positions and is a member of boards in various organizations. He is a board member at Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd and European Insurance Services Ltd, among others.

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Smita Shah Is Proud To Be A Part Of A Distinguished Group That Is Coming Together To Celebrate A World Icon:

Respected Chicago area engineering businesswoman Smita Shah, the founder and CEO at SPAAN Tech, Inc. and the Chairwoman of Chicago’s Sister Cities Delhi Committee, recently joined Chicago’s distinguished mayor Lori Lightfoot for an an annual luncheon where the two talked about the decision to announce that the 2nd of October will now be known in Chicago as Mahatma Gandhi Day. These two distinguished women were also joined by several other prestigious panel members. These individuals included Senator Dick Durbin and Andrea Zopp. Andrea is the Chief Executive Officer with the organization known as World Business Chicago. For Smita Shah, Chicago has played a major role in her professional life as it is the headquarters for her highly successful engineering firm SPAAN Tech. She takes great pride in being involved in civic activities in the city and is proud to be able to be a part of declaring a day dedicated to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

For her part, Smita Shah has emphasized how proud that she is to be able to be involved with this project to celebrate one of the most important figures of the Twentieth Century. The Smita Shah Chicago connection is strong and she is proud to once again be a part of something that brings a positive attitude to the city that she loves. One of the points that all of these organizers agree on is the fact that Chicago is a city where diversity is celebrated. It is made up of many vibrant communities that have come together to forge a greater whole and the Indian community has always been a big part of that fabric. Being able to celebrate the life of one of India’s most important figures is something that Smita and this entire group of leaders are extremely proud of.

Smita Shah is an entrepreneur who has always been fascinated with fields such as mathematics and engineering. These have been her passions since she was a child and she has spent her professional life putting these passions to great use. She was still in her twenties when she first launched SPAAN Tech and since that time, the respected engineering and construction firm has grown rapidly to become one of its industry’s most respected institutions. The firm has garnered many prestigious contracts over the years that have helped it to establish an impeccable reputation for continuous excellence. The leadership that Smita Shah has provided plays a major role in this success and she is proud of being a leading female with an industry where women have often been underrepresented. Learn more:

Smita Shah is dedicated to community service in Chicago and this has led her to serve on the boards of many leading civic organizations. These organizations include the Museum of Science and Industry, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, and the Plan Commission of Chicago. Engaging in work that uplifts the Chicago community is something that she is proud of and this is a major reason behind her excitement regarding this recent announcement regarding Mahatma Gandhi.

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Business Expert Maarten de Jeu on Buying Commercial Real Estate

Maarten de Jeu has made a name for himself as a business advisor working with notable Fortune 100 companies and wealthy individuals in the US, Canada, and Europe, and even middling tech companies. One area of expertise is acquiring commercial real estate, covering everything from office space to hotels, industrial sites to apartment buildings. For those looking to invest in such a venture, de Jeu has some tips to get them started.


Commercial real estate is a solid way to diversify an investment portfolio, one that isn’t subjected to the ups and downs of the stock market. This doesn’t mean that risk is taken out of the equation. Like any investment, there’s some tested wisdom that applies when making financial decisions.


The appealing aspect of owning real estate is the ways it can generate revenue, through rent and fees and an increase in the property’s value. Addressing one can influence the other. For example, painting, changing lighting, updating appliances, and modernizing a property through a renovation can increase the property value, allowing the landlord to increase rent and fees or sell the property for a higher price.


It’s important to remember that commercial real estate, much like any other investment opportunity, is a business venture that requires diligence and time to reap any benefits. For this reason, de Jeu says investors need to regard acquiring real estate as a people business. Learn more:


Commercial real estate investors will have to spend time building relationships with other investors, lenders, and other interested parties who may come to an investor’s aid. As properties become more elaborate and expensive, it’ll become clear to any investor that they can’t cover all costs on their own. To get the assistance of other investors they’ll need to build relationships, and they must be rooted in trust.


Investors can grow their professional social networks by attending networking events. Those with the means might be able to host their own. Either way, they’ll have to make the right first impression. De Jeu suggests making a credibility packet, something to hand out to private lenders so an investor can establish their professional bona fides by sharing personal professional information, detailed business plans, testimonials, and other relevant information that will make an investor seem serious about their ventures as well as trustworthy.


Before private investors are willing to trust new players in the local real estate market, de Jeu says that investor has to be well-read on the business. Assessing potential properties is key to making investment decisions. This entails exhaustive research into the property itself, the neighborhood, the market, and all variables that will affect the value of the property. To do this, investors will have to attend more than their fair share of open houses, an opportune time to inspect the property and make note of any repairs that may have to take place once the property is purchased. Or decide to move on to another property as this one may incur too much risk.


However an investor chooses to move forward with a property, de Jeu says it’s typical to remain involved in the development of their acquisition. Making sure incoming tenants are satisfied with their new accommodations, and that the property manager the investor hires is up to the task. While there is still a great deal of risk in this venture, de Jeu believes that the right preparation, financial backing, and planning can, in time, pay off.


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu is an international business and financial expert and consultant. Graduating first in his class from the University of Oxford, he took his MBA to Aviva plc. After a time as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, I went to work for their office in London as an International Strategy Manager. There he caught the attention of TVDK Management Consultants, making professional relationships with industry leaders which lead to the launching of SVM Business Advisory in Chicago in 2012, where de Jeu helps smaller businesses reach the international stage.

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Luke Lazarus Changing the Australian Business World One Startup at a Time

 A Business Consultant Who Is Changing the World

How would you like to know you were changing the world? Maybe it wouldn’t be the entire world, but it would be a world that you were so familiar with. It was virtually the whole world.

Certain people are in the news every day who we have never heard of because they were off in a laboratory working on some formula or producing a cancer cure. The same happens in many professional businesses. We might hear of a lawyer who cracked a groundbreaking case before the Supreme Court, or a business person who landed a deal that allows free trade to go on unhindered in a third world country.

Bravo to those who think outside the box and end up changing the world because they thought they could. Such is the case of Luke Lazarus.

Business leaders in Australia have heard of Luke Lazarus because he grew up in Perth and had his first encounters with business as a young boy of eight years of age. It was then that he experienced how great it is to put his thoughts on paper and realize them in business.

Finding Business Success

Before Luke Lazarus could reap the benefits of the success, he felt destined for he first had to apply himself in his homeschooling and later in college.

He excelled in his studies as well as in sports in Perth, and by the time he wanted to attend college he had drawn attention from several universities, Ivy League and others, abroad, which offered him free education if he would cross the continents and go to a school in America.

Luke Lazarus decided to remain in his home country and enrolled at Melbourne Business School in its Masters of Business Administration. He graduated from the program at the top of his class.

Luke Lazarus was eager to get out into the business field and execute the business plans he had been working with, planning and contemplating during hi days at Melbourne Business School.

Starting Several Businesses

It wasn’t long before Luke Lazarus has his first business underway and was working with those who were making his business a success.

He felt drawn to develop several companies over several years after finishing his MBA. Luke Lazarus was experiencing what he had envisioned business would be like following study, application, and hard work.

Luke Lazarus — Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Lazarus enjoyed his work so passionately and the thrill of building something that consumers enjoyed and profited their lives that by the time he was eight years out of his MBA, Luke Lazarus had planned and executed four different successful businesses. Luke Lazarus chose to sell all four of his companies for a reasonable market price. He moved on to another expression of his business plans.

Why Is a Consultant Needed in the Business World?

While considering what he would do net Like Lazarus asked what he could do that would use all his experience and knowledge as a way to provide the best help to others in the business world and he came up with a plan which would allow him to provide guidance and insights or counseling to startups that were struggling.

In 2013 Luke Lazarus launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia. Luke Lazarus crosses the great Australian continent where he can work with struggling startup businesses.

His goal was to lead startup businesses to a new level of success. He has experienced many of his startups go from practically nothing in sales to launching a successful IPO on the floor of a major stock exchange. Anyone who wants to inquire about Luke Lazarus Consultancy can do so here.

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Maarten De Jeu Shares What It Takes To Be A Corporate Development Professional

There are companies that are just getting started and that need a leader. Those companies can rely on someone like Maarten De Jeu and the advice that he has to offer. This man is available to coach those who have startups that they are working on and he is also available to those who have companies that they are leading that have been around for some time. This man also offers his advice to individuals who have a lot of money and who are looking to know how they should use that money to find financial prosperity. He knows what it takes to be in his position and he has shared information to help others who want to take on a role similar to his own.


Maarten De Jeu has shared information about what a corporate development professional does so that those interested in working a job like his can know what will be required of them. He has shared that these professionals complete research related to their specific industry. He has shared that these professionals also analyze data and that they figure out what other companies are doing so that they can know what their company should be doing to find success. When one company acquires another, a corporate development professional will work on making sure that the second company is fully integrated with the first. Learn more:


Those who are wondering what types of skills they need to have to be successful as a corporate development professional can learn through what Maarten De Jeu has shared. He has said that such people need to be good at communicating with others. He has shared that these people also need to be able to present information and share it in a way that others will understand. It can be helpful for those people to have a persuasive nature and to be able to get others to agree with them. This man has shared that those who want to be successful when working as a corporate development professional must be confident and they must be able to make decisions.


Maarten De Jeu attended the University of Oxford and did well there. He is a family man who enjoys playing tennis. He is involved in many different associations, including the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This man believes that those who would like to do well as he has should focus on building relationships, being innovative, and staying up to date on all that is going on in the world.

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When International Business Owners Need Sound Advice, They Turn To The Services Of Maarten De Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is an individual who is serious about finding ways to help today’s international business owners and he has the educational and professional background to back up the suggestions that he makes. As the founder of SVM Business Advisory, he is a leader in providing some of the world’s top advisory services to international business owners. One of the most impressive points that Maarten de Jeu brings to the table is his impressive educational background.
This background includes time studying at Leiden University as well as the University of Oxford. He earned his MBA in business as a result of these efforts. Beyond the work that he does as a business and financial services professional, Maarten de Jeu is also a dedicated family man and respected civic leader. He is highly respected for the work he has done with some of the most beloved
community organizations in the Chicago area such as the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Council On Global Affairs. Maarten also regularly provides his insights to the business public. He recently commented on some of the key points that international business owners must consider when they desire to succeed in this vibrant sector of the market.
Though it might seem to many that this goes without saying, the fact is that the importance of maintaining quality cannot be understated. For this reason, Maarten de Jeu puts this at the top of his list of suggestions for international business owners to consider in their quest for profitability and growth of their business enterprises. He wants business owners to remember that quality is a
reflection to the customer on the overall culture of a company. When quality wanes, customers will lose interest in doing business with a company and they will go elsewhere. For this reason, Maarten continually emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality in everything that an international business does. Learn more:
Another area of importance in regard to doing international business is holding strong respect for the differences that will be found around the world in customs, culture, and language. It goes without saying that local customs and culture must be respected to garner business success in a specific region, but business owners might also need to consider points such as learning other languages in order to better communicate with business partners and customer bases.
Careful planning is an area that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes to a great degree as well. He points out that having a detailed business plan and following that plan is even more important in international business circles than it is in domestic ones.
These are just a few of the key points that Maarten de Jeu recently elaborated on in providing advice for international business owners. His distinguished level of success in international business makes him an individual to take seriously in this regard.

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