How Flavio Maluf is spearheading environmental conservation at Eucatex

The environment is the most critical resource to humanity which is why It is essential for businesses to operate sustainably. The good news is that as we advance further into the future, many companies are recognizing the essence of corporate responsibility and are continuously coming up with ideas and projects that enable them to be sustainable. Eucatex, a company led by Flavio Maluf is an excellent example of such businesses.

How Eucatex operates

For the last five decades, Eucatex under the leadership of Flavio Maluf has been setting the pace for other businesses in Brazil through the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products. The company is named after the eucalyptus tree and uses the tree as the primary raw material of all its products. Some of its products include wood fiber sheets, MDP panels, and varnishes. To ensure that Eucatex remains environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf spearheaded the firm’s reforestation project a few years after the company was established. This way, he created a win-win situation for both Eucatex and Mother Nature. On the one hand, his company is assured of a stable source of raw materials and achieves sustainability while, on the other hand, the environment benefits because for each Eucalyptus tree cut down, the company plants two. See more on Wikipedia.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a prominent entrepreneur based in Brazil. He was born in a highly influential political family in Brazil, and despite his affluent background, Maluf stands out for carving out his success through hard work and determination instead of relying on what his family owns. Flavio pursued a mechanical engineering degree but soon switched to BA when he realized that his desire was to become a full-time business person. Apart from Eucatex, today Flavio currently leads a series of businesses in the country such as Grand food. Read more:

Maarten Jeu Entrepreneurial Success In The Managerial Roles

Maarten De Jeu works as a strategic business advisor. He studied social science at Leiden University. He also pursued business education at the University of Oxford. In 2012, he established SVM Business Advisory. SVM Business Advisory is a company which provides investment services for wealthy individuals. The company has been instrumental in enabling their client’s growth. For example, the company was responsible for the growth rate of the Indian Life and Savings business. This was made possible through a growth strategy they implemented for them. The company was also able to collaborate with two companies to make a partnership with them. These companies, a Portuguese technology firm, and an engineering firm based in America partnered up, which resulted in a successful bid and formation of a contract.


Maarten De Jeu was the international strategy manager at TVDK Management Consultants. His senior positions were earned from his hard work in the company. Marten De Jeu has also been part of the establishment of Speakup, as a co-founder. This is a technology company which deals with helping companies to find solutions to compliance and ethics problems. They enable the management teams to make wise decisions for the company.


Maarten De Jeu has gained experience and skill set in the different avenues he has worked in. Before launching his company, he worked for Aviva Plc. This was an insurance firm in London. He served as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. During his time at this company, Maarten discovered multiple opportunities in eight countries. He also played an important role that would see the company develop strategies. This move placed Aviva plc. Company among the top 11 insurance companies. His managerial roles made him transition to other activities in 2008. He transitioned from his real estate consultant job and other roles he was playing in the company.


Maarten De Jeu values family time. When he is not busy at work, he loves to spend time with his family. He also takes part in sports activities such as tennis. He is part of community and business corporations such as Environmental Law and Policy Centre, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Museum of Science, Industry and the Economic Club of Chicago and University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, Dean’s International Council.


Maarten De Jeu has worked across global networks. Thus earning extensive international experience. He is recognized for his role in being able to lead in the decision-making process. He has built teams in companies. These teams are multicultural and multidisciplinary. In his company, Maarten De Jeu aims at helping other firms make decisions based on marketing plans, financial business plan, and operational infrastructure. His experience enables him to make informed decisions for the specific need of his client. Learn more:


Jojo Hedaya, the Brains behind

Your email is an easy way your family, friends, clients, or associates can use to get in touch with you. In the contemporary world of smartphones and smart devices, the use of email has been essential than ever.

All apps on your phone need access to your email address to back up relevant information. To understand the extent to which email addresses are important, you should know that without an email address, creating an online backup for all our contacts (personal and professional) would be too much of a hustle.

It is an irony that the importance of the email address is what makes it stressful to use. It is estimated that 80% of all emails delivered into your inbox are updates, newsletters, and subscriptions.

There are cases where your unread emails are at manageable double digits, and after a weekend of being offline, you find the unread emails skyrocketing to triple digits. When this happens, finding an important email from work, school, and sometimes from your family members becomes more of a time-consuming task that almost makes you dread visiting your inbox.

If you think you are the only person suffering from a cluttered email, then you should know that you are not alone. If you’d ask ten of your friends if they were suffering from such a scenario, you would get at least five with a similar problem. Two 24-year olds found themselves in an unpleasant situation and chose to come up with a solution that will help individuals whose emails addresses are cluttered.

Jojo Hedaya and his business partner Josh Rosenwald realized that there was a problem that needed a solution once they stopped receiving email correspondence from each other. The two tried to find online solutions to the challenge and realized that the major Internet Service Providers did not offer a solution to the problem. cleans up and sorts your email almost instantly if it appears even slightly cluttered. After signing up for which is free, you will proceed to link the email you want sorting out by After adding the email, scans it and complies all updates and subscriptions into a Rollup, therefore, making it easy to find important emails.

Doe Deere’s Path To Founding Poppy Angeloff

For the past few years, Doe Deere has been well-known as the creator of Poppy Angeloff, a fashion brand focused on creating Victorian-era inspired jewelry. Throughout this time, the company has grown into quite a success and created a large market for itself across the world. However, what many people may not realize is that this isn’t the first successful brand that Deere has established over the past few years. Before founding Poppy Angeloff, she was perhaps best known for creating Lime Crime Cosmetics, which was first started as a clothing line based out of Deere’s apartment.

However, when she was advertising her products, Doe Deere didn’t have the finances needed to hire professional models. As a result, she had to model these clothes herself; instead of her clothing, however, she became more well-known for her unique makeup looks. Because of that, she quickly pivoted the business to a makeup line and began sourcing high-quality ingredients from across the world. These ingredients were chosen carefully, as Deere not only wanted the products to be high-quality but could still look great throughout the day. As a result, Lime Crime Cosmetics quickly became known for its performance-wear makeup and unique and diverse color palette.

A few years after starting Lime Crime Cosmetics, however, Doe Deere came across several family heirlooms and fell in love with much of the jewelry. This prompted her to start thinking about setting up a jewelry brand based on heirloom quality products that could be passed on through generations. However, it was only after an extensive amount of encouragement that Doe Deere began researching what she could do with the business. This resulted in Deere finding out about Victorian-era fashion, which ended up becoming the basis for much of her jewelry designs. With this in hand, the basis of Poppy Angeloff was formed, and Deere began selling many of her designs online. The brand was able to grow quickly because Doe Deere ensured that she didn’t cut any corners so that the pieces could be as high-quality as possible. Similar to Lime Crime Cosmetics, she also ensured that each of the materials used in the products are as high-quality as possible.


Jojo Hedaya founded Unroll.Me. He is also the CEO of Unroll.Me. On top of his role as the CEO, he also guides through the operations and development of products for Unroll.Me. The Unroll.Me mission is being driven by his passion for simplifying and coming up with the process of email unsubscribes so to assists its users take control over their inboxes.


In 2014, Slice Technologies acquired Unroll.Me and it has grown successfully since its inception. Unroll.Me has been featured in the App store where it has gained a top ten position in entire ranking. It has also made it appearance in hundreds of new stories. Unroll.Me has acquired itself millions of users for the last five years. This has been achieved through Jojo’s leadership.


Unroll.Me is an organization tool for emails. The Unroll.Me works by scanning the entire inbox in seconds and it brings up together a person’s all subscriptions to one email. This single email is referred to as The Rollup. From here, a person can scroll through their entire subscriptions and if they come across something that they do not like, one can unsubscribe with just a single click.


The most interesting part with this Unroll. Me is that a person can choose the time when The Rollup comes into their inbox. If a person is interested to check his or her subscriptions during lunch hours, they can do so by setting the time to noon hours.


Jojo says that it took them less than two months to come up with the initial version. He also adds that their initial version did not function well at all. He also says that despite all its disadvantages, Lifehacker and The Next Web featured Unroll.Me and this gave rise to new sign ups that added up to thousands.




Jojo and Josh says that one need to do something they are in love with. You have to come up with something if you need to come up with that something. You also need to come up with a plan before beginning and also come up with goals that will lead to your success.

Article Title: The Richard Liu Qinagdong Success Story

Article Text:

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the man behind Jingdong, better known as attended the annual world economic forum meetings where in an interview with Davos Klosters highlighted the ups and downs of his journey. Currently, his company, is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in China when it comes to revenue and is said to have a customer base of over 300 million, and a value of over $11 billion. During the interview, Richard Liu said that he is proud of his achievements but also added that getting it to this point has not been easy. He went ahead to give the story of his journey, and from it inspired thousands of struggling entrepreneurs across the world.

In his words, began in 1998 after he established a small magneto-optical shop in Beijing. Given what he had been through trying to pursue his entrepreneurial dream previously, Richard Liu was now more experienced and skilled enough to avoid the mistakes he had done in the past. In just five years, he had expanded from the small rented space to 12 chain stores spread throughout Beijing. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the pleasure of running 12 chain stores for long, as the SARS epidemic struck, making it impossible for clients to interact with his staff.

The good news, however, is that Richard Liu Qiangdong has always been resilient and full of ideas. He, therefore, did not allow the SARS epidemic deter him from pursuing excellence. Instead, he began operating online and even diversified his product portfolio by adding IT and computer products in 2004. One decade down the line, what started as a simple move to keep his business alive is now one of China’s most prominent e-commerce companies. is particularly renowned for its cutting edge logistics network through which customers enjoy same and next day deliveries. Apart from serving its clients, Richard Liu Qiangdong also sets his company apart from the rest by upholding social responsibility. Under his belt, the company continuously comes up with innovative projects that aim at poverty eradication. He also ensures that all of’s operations are carried out in a highly ethical manner, so they don’t negatively affect Mother Nature.

Even though he came from a humble family, his success today is enough proof that with enough resilience, commitment, and hard work, it is possible for anyone to turn dreams to reality.

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Donata Mereilles Shares Her Top 7 Must-Have Accessories

Vogue’s Donata Meirelles is always exposed to fashion items being the Creative Director of Vogue Brazil. The magazine features a lot of products from a lot of luxury brands and other fashion brands in the world. In this article, Mereilles shared her seven red and black must-have accessories for everyone to try.

Best Black And White Hand Bags

According to Donata Meirelles, there are three worth-it bags that must be in every fashion enthusiasts’ collection. The first one in the list is Valentino Red and Black Handbag, which is a good item to spice up the night. With the golden accent in the handle that complements the red leather, supported by the black leather body, this bag is for partying. It retails at $6,850.

Valentino’s Red and Black Handbag has a pocket bag version. The Red Valentino Pocket Bag is for people who like a smaller version of the first bag. There is no black body, but it is still as sleek as the first one. It is priced for $14,350.

For people who like a more polished design, or prefers Gucci more than Valentino, Gucci’s Black Zumi Handbag is the perfect bag for you. It has a polished black body and delicate texture blended by silver accents. Although there’s no red in this bag, it still looks sexy and is perfect to add flair to your night. These bags are priced around $4,000 to $5,000. See more on

Best Pair Of Ankle Boots

For the footwear department, Donata Meirelles only chose one, and this is the Louis Vuitton R, an ankle boots that are perfect for fun night outs with friends. It is also adorned with laces that give a silver accent to the whole body. This shoes can be bought at Louis Vuitton for $6,200.

Best Bucket Bags Right Now

Mereilles also supports the revival of bucket bags in the current fashion trend. During the 1990s, bucket bags are very popular among teens and has been a successful fashion statement. Decades later, the bucket bag is coming back to steal the scene. The first bag in Mereilles’ list is the Prada Red Bucket Bag priced at $6,150. The item’s body is polished red and it seems spacious enough to carry everyday necessities and more.

Miu Miu’s black bucket bag is the most spacious one among the three and is priced at $8,150. It is decorated with silver chains in the lower part. The Valentino R bag is the smallest one and is priced at $6,200. Find out more about Donata at

Article Title: San Miguel And Strengthen Their Relationship

Article Text:

San Miguel is a citrus company in the Philippines. JingDong is an e-commerce company in China. Recently, the owners of the two companies met and decided to strengthen their relationship by joining hands to market more fresh products through, JingDong’s e-commerce portal. This follows reports that the Chinese company announced its recent initiative, Global Fruit Strategic Alliance, that is aimed at boosting the vegetable and fruit market activities in the country.

Cooperation Contract

The deal mentioned above does not only involve the companies mentioned above-other 17 globally-recognized companies are part of this deal. Wonderful Citrus and Zespri are among the 17 companies that have also signed up for this amazing deal. With this allowance, it is clear that San Miguel is among the leading companies in the world that produce citrus. The deal also helps to boost the company’s development through e-commerce. The company has a chance to expand its presence in the e-commerce market, a market with the largest global growth.

Reports from JingDong

During the presentation event, the general marketing manager at JingDong Fresh, Wu Zhengzhi had a lot to say about the initiative. He said that the initiative has a mission to reach masses across the globe encouraging them to improve their eating habits. JingDong Fresh wants the production to consumption processes to be done well. The company intends to help its partners reach to masses in the Chinese market, and this will result in a win-win for all those involved.

Andrés Haloua, San Miguel’s commercial manager, said that the alliance would help get them closer to their customers. He believes that e-commerce will help the company deliver various products to Chinese consumers. He is glad to be partnering with a global giant in e-commerce because JingDong’s experience in the sector will help San Miguel grow even further. The company’s management team is proud of its work because the initiative is a confirmation of the trust and value that consumers place on their products and leadership. San Miguel aims at innovation and development. It daily activities are meant to offer its clients quality produce using more and improved channels. This company aims to meeting the needs of all their clients.

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A Look into the Skin Care Solutions being provided by Jeunesse Global LLC

Jeunesse Global LLC has been offering its products and services since 2009. The corporation deals with the manufacture of skin care products. They also produce various health supplements globally. One of the popular skin care products produced by Jeunesse Global LLC is Luminesce; this is a product that makes sure that the vitality of a person’s skin is restored. The wrinkles that usually appear with time will also disappear.

People who want to nourish their skin should opt for Luminesce. It is in the form of a lotion, and it is very gentle on the skin. When you use Luminesce, you will get back your youthful skin. Regardless of your age, this is a product that can help to alleviate the wrinkled patches that appear on your old skin. Jeunesse Global LLC has also been able to come up with a serum solution known as Instantly Ageless; this is a remedy that helps to get rid of the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Other products that are produced by Jeunesse Global LLC include AM & PM ESSENTIALS; these are dietary supplements. They are very nutritious since they contain nutrients, vitamins, and other extracts. These essentials also help to maintain healthy body composition. There is also RESERVE, a supplement that helps to repair the skin when it has been tampered with by free radicals. Such a supplement will also safeguard your cells from any future harm. Jeunesse is also producing FINITI tablets; this is a supplement that is produced using fruits and greens. It helps to fight aging. Additionally, it tampers with the cell’s DNA thus delaying the aging process.

Jeunesse Global LLC also prides itself in producing ZEN, a supplement that carries out body cleansing. ZEN also comes in handy for the people who want to lose weight. The supplement has grape seed extract, milk thistle, and dandelion root. All the mentioned ingredients have been used for many years as herbal medicine. Their composition is also highly valued. Jeunesse also produced an energy drink called Nevo. It has been manufactured using a few natural ingredients. Other supplements include MIND which is categorized as a dietary supplement. Jeunesse Global LLC makes sure that there is inclusivity as a way of making sure that their clients are satisfied with the products and services that they offer.

Louis Chenevert Reveals Some Of His Thoughts About How Technology Has Changed Over The Years

Louis Chenevert is a technology entrepreneur who has his ear to the ground when it comes to the latest technological advancements. He has been fascinated by the rapid pace of growth in the sector and wonders what wle industry, alone, hill coming next in the world of technology. In a recent article, Chenevert commented on how the automobias gone through many changes over the years. He pointed out that cars started out being powered by steam and then changed over to the gas engine later on. Today, self-driving cars are on the horizon, and who knows what is coming tomorrow?

Louis Chenevert has also been amazed at the pace of the changes that have taken place in the movie industry over time. In the beginning, there were only films without sound. Then the 1930s came along and changed this. It wasn’t until 30 years later that color began to make its way on the screen. Chenevert has reminisced about the fact that people could only watch films at the theater in the early days and that VCRs didn’t even come around until much later on.

Louis Chenevert understands the ins and outs of the tech industry because he worked in it for many years. He has served as the CEO and president of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in the past and also worked with Pratt & Whitney before this. UTC mainly serves the aerospace industry and has even worked with NASA. Chenevert helped the company to grow through recessions and other troubled times and did so by investing in new technologies.

Louis Chenevert started out his career with General Motors, and he stayed with the company for over a decade before making the decision to work with Pratt & Whitney. During his time with UTC, he was able to help it come up with some of the most innovative aerospace technology to have ever been invented. He was a large part of the improvements that were made to the F135 engine and also helped to improve the GTF engine, which is still used by airline companies today. He envisions a future where technology continues to rapidly grow and offer people many new ways of doing the things they love the most.