Elite Worldwide Protection  for Government, Corporate, and Private Clients

Corporate, Government, and Business worlds have all seen moderate changes over the last few years. Adaptation is needed in order to survive and be successful and competitive. One of those vital changes– Security. Both logistics and business intelligence have rapidly upgraded systems and have increased to higher technology, all to improve reliability, accountability, and precision in today’s fast paced world.

Providing a complete business or private consulting service, TigerSwan, is a worldwide known Private Security Company. A number of valuable services can be provided: operational risk management, instability, training, logistics, risk mitigation, crisis management, business intelligence, global affairs, and security related issues in the personal or private sector.

TigerSwan was founded in 2007, by James Reese, former member of the United States Delta Force. Its office is located in Apex, North Carolina. James Reese served as an invaluable asset and Commander in Delta Force, with 25 years of operational and training services to others. His dedication and expertise has now carried through to his work at TigerSwan.

TigerSwan has four Private Security divisions: Enterprise, Families, Government, and Private. Each division has different needs. The common goal is to protect people, places, and assets.

In Enterprises, global exposure puts companies at a higher risk. TigerSwan is able to respond immediately in crisis situations, allowing company employees to concentrate on their normal tasks. Software, product shipments, and work locations are considered assets that all need protection.

In Government, critical infrastructure–a building’s physical security, can be guided by TigerSwan’s security consultants. Their experience and insight will develop a plan of action and implement changes to ensure safety.

In families and private sector, TigerSwan will prepare a Risk Management Plan and determine precisely what services are needed. Some families/persons are interested in traveling to foreign countries, needing assistance or assurance of their safety.

Whether it’s Government, Corporate, Business, or Private the Security Services provided by TigerSwan are professional, elite, worldwide, and state of the art. Internationally and in the United states, everyone wants to feel safe. Companies need vital assets protected. TigerSwan stands on the principle of all source protection and due diligence.

Read Tigerswan reviews here https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Tigerswan/reviews?fcountry=US&floc=Apex%2C+NC

Medical Entrepreneurship with Dr. Tim Ioannides

Entrepreneurship in the world of medicine can take on many forms. For Tim Ioannides, M.D., becoming an entrepreneur changed the course of his career forever. As the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, Ioannides has spent the last 15 years providing his loyal clientele with expert medical dermatology services. With a focus on treating clients proactively through preventative education and skincare, Ioannides sets the bar in the practice of medical dermatology practices.

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Medicine

As an entrepreneur and medical professional, Ioannides has a unique perspective that most business owners don’t share. In addition to his business prowess, Ioannides is a highly skilled dermatologist as he earned his medical degree from the University of Miami, completed an intense internship at the University of Florida, and finished a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Tim Ioannides began his foray into entrepreneurship after cutting his teeth in dermatology working for a plastic surgeon. This side of dermatology showed him the industry’s excessive focus on cosmetic procedures. This was all the inspiration Ioannides needed to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams by starting his medical dermatology business: Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Building Treasure Coast Dermatology

Dr. Ioannides holds that his business success comes from his commitment to stellar customer service and focus on bringing a sense of humanity to his field. Ioannides initially grew Treasure Coast Dermatology’s clientele with the relationships he established working at the cosmetic surgery practice. Continuing this practice of growing a loyal following by connecting to his customers, Ioannides often writes letters to clients to thank them for their business.

The success of Treasure Coast Dermatology can also be attributed to the way Ioannides runs his practices. Never one to use physician extenders, Ioannides always sees every patient himself. During his time with his clients, Ioannides focuses on truly listening and connecting with his patients by recording voice notes rather than using a computer. Always giving 100% of himself to his patients and his practice, Ioannides’ continued success certainly comes as no surprise.

For details: www.behance.net/timioannides

Maximize Time Like Max Salk

Max Salk is a generalist. As a generalist, Max Salk has a wide variety of many different talents that help him to use different parts of his brain. He takes pride in the fact that he is competent in varied fields like photography. Thanks to new technologies Max Salk and others can step outside of their comfort zone and continue to dive deeper into their talents and abilities.

Seeking Comfort Could Be Highly Toxic to Certain Aspects of Your Life

It’s important to understand that in the pursuit of comfort, the feeling that we often end up finding is indolence. We become complacent in the success that we have achieved, only to lose out on the triumph that we can obtain with a specific level of personal drive. 

In other words, we lose our ambition.

When this feeling of comfort vs. uncertainty is applied to business, it shows that those who seek comfort in everything they do actually tend to let go of their drive to take risks.

And it actually has adverse effects on them. 

You might have seen a lot of people who got “too comfortable” after getting a big promotion, and remained stuck to their position for the rest of their careers. They never grow after peaking at a certain point in this endless chase of comfort. 

On the other hand, you may have witnessed a very tiny portion of those who quit their longstanding jobs because they didn’t want to be “too comfortable,” only to achieve greater success in another job or their own business venture.

While there are too many people to remember in the former category who sacrificed ambition for comfort, there are a few names that come to mind for the latter category, who weren’t afraid of uncertainty and ended up building an empire out of taking risks. 

These names include but are not limited to Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight, who spent years selling shoes for others before starting his iconic company; Spanx’s founder Sara Blakely, who used to sell fax machines before launching the shapewear business that changed fashion forever; and Minecraft’s creator Markus Pearson, who worked as a computer programmer before developing a multi-billion dollar gaming franchise.


The Life And Times Of Nature Author And Broadcaster Alastair

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish nature author and broadcaster. Born in 1913, he grew up in Rutherglen, Troon, and then Glasgow. Dropping out of school when he was 16, he started working in the newspaper industry as an editor and writer. He went on to write two of the most acclaimed books in Scottish history.

His first book, Always a Little Further, was a collection of his newspaper articles about his adventures in the Scottish Highlands. As a teenager, Alastair Borthwick became very intrigued with rock climbing. He wrote about this activity along with the personalities he met. With Scotland in the depths of the Great Depression, people without jobs took to the Highlands because it was inexpensive entertainment. So, he had a large cast of characters to write about. This book is regarded as a joyous classic.

In 1935, he joined Fleet Street in London to advance his career. He only stayed until 1936 because he was disappointed by the experience. However, a career as a radio broadcaster for the BBC came out of this journey. Alastair Borthwick showed a natural flair for the spoken word while sharing stories about the outdoors, mainly that of Scotland. 

When World War II broke out, he decided to sign up to fight the Axis powers. His served Scotland in Sicily, the Western Desert, and Europe. He attained the rank of captain and, in 1945, led a battalion of 600 soldiers behind enemy lines. His battalion caught the German by surprise, having dug in behind them.

In exchange for getting to miss parade drills, he wrote his second book, San Peur. This book covered the history of his battalion’s activities in the war. This book was widely praised. It provided an accurate and visceral depiction of what it was like to serve in the war from the view of an enlisted soldier.

After the war, Alastair Borthwick continued to work as a broadcaster, including on TV. Along with his wife, Anne, he moved away from Glasgow and settled in a cottage of coast of Jura. They both passed away in 2003.


Vinod Gupta Will Never Forget Where It All Began

Regardless of the amount of money Vinod Gupta, the Managing General Partner for Everest Group, makes he will always remember where he came from. Gupta grew up in a small town in India and went to the village school. He did get accepted to the Indian Institutes of Technology where he studied agricultural engineering.

His next step on the educational ladder was a trip to the United States to study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After graduation, Gupta went to work for Commodore Corporation. His job was to create a list of mobile home manufacturers and dealers within the United States. Gupta quickly realized that no complete list existed.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and ordered phone books to make his list. He borrowed $100 to create mailers to advertise database and to his surprise orders started to pile up. That was the start of his first business. A short 20 years his company was valued at a half of million dollars. It eventually sold for $680 million. Gupta’s success has not gone to his head and it is always important for him to give back.

One cause that is close to his heart is education, especially the education of women. Vinod Gupta returned to the place of his childhood and donated a million dollars to open the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic.

This school was opened specifically to educate women. Fields of study include web design, textile design, computers and more. In two years, women could walk away with a degree. Gupta also gave money to his own village so they could set up a school for younger girls. His goal is to close the educational gap between Indian girls and boys.

Contact Vinod Gupta: www.everestusa.net/team/profile/vinod-gupta

Sharon Prince and The Need For Talks

There are ways to make money from Climate change and the way that these companies intend to make revenue is by adopting different processes, such as trading in older processes for new ones. In some cases, it is by creating completely new initiatives that would lock down the capital they would need to survive the losses of changeover and adaption.

One thing that remains of note here is that the fossil fuel industry, which is generally projected to have the most significant losses due to the current changeover to environmentally practices, also reports estimated revenue of approximately $141 billion. This is unprecedented and seems quite likely, but the figures are still very much there in the report for everyone to see.

This has raised questions among some regarding the authenticity and the transparency of the findings that are shared in the report. These concerns are not only shared by the readers of the report, but also by CDP which has compiled the findings submitted to it by the participants of the findings.

The Initiative is the First of Its Kind

With that being said, this is the first time that large scale corporations have taken the initiative to assess the risks posed to them by climate change and the actions that they are taking to mitigate them.

The companies that joined the program to submit their findings included names such as Google’s parent firm Alphabet, global electronic conglomerate Hitachi, and large scale bank Banco Santander. Hailing from the U.S., Japan and Brazil, respectively, these organizations highlight the scale of participation by global organizations for the making of this report.

As such, Sharon Prince knows that the world needs to have more discussions, more forums and more expression. That is why she has worked on Grace Farms and keeps it vibrant and welcoming to a large community of people.

To know more click: here.

Mark Holyoake: Bringing Fitness to Auckland

Mark Holyoake and Tila Hamad have founded the Carbon Method Crossfit fitness center in Auckland, New Zealand. The studio focuses on providing the highest quality trainers so customers can achieve their full fitness potential. Both Mark and Tila have years of experience in training themselves and in training others.

A gymnast since age six, Mark Holyoake has dedicated his life to fitness. After he retired from competing in international events, Mark became a coach for the New Zealand Gymnastics National Team. He has always been interested in how the human body moves and how proper training can enable an individual to achieve a high level of fitness. Without following proper form, an athlete will not achieve the best results from his or her training; worse yet, poor form can lead to injury. Because technique is so essential, Mark and Tila put much of their effort into training the trainers.

Every trainer at Carbon Method Crossfit is a qualified instructor. In addition to overseeing the other trainers, Mark and Tila are available for personal training. Whichever trainer you work with at Carbon Method Crossfit, you will receive personalized coaching for your body type, your goals, and your current level of fitness. The Carbon Method Crossfit trainers will work with their clients to develop the best training program for the individual.

Mark is an excellent example of how no two people are alike. Many gymnasts specialize in one or two events, but Mark’s goal was to be a multi-discipline gymnast. He competed in floor routines, vault, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bar, and rings. Because of the wide range of events he participated in, Mark had to train for overall athleticism and endurance. In addition to training for specific events, Mark had to take a big-picture view in terms of his fitness.

Mark Holyoake earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Auckland University. He has participated in international gymnastics competitions – placing fourth at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In 2009, Mark set the world’s record for the most rotations on a pommel horse in one minute with 65 rotations.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Helping Improve the Global Standing of Jingdong

In the e-commerce sector, achieving success, such as Richard Liu Qiangdong is just extraordinary. It is why he has become a role model and an inspiration to so many young entrepreneurs across the globe. Coming from a humble background.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is today worth over $12 billion, and his company is netting in revenue of more than $70 billion. The company is listed in NASDAQ and has one of the largest logistics networks in China. Turning a small shop selling magneto-optical products into one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world is definitely challenging as well as miraculous, and it is what Richard Liu Qiangdong has done in over a decade.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knows the key to being successful in the online business is the mix of what they are offering to the customers. Apart from electronics, fashion and other goods, his platform sells fresh fruits from neighbouring countries such as New Zealand. When the company started it a few years ago, it thought that the demand would be less.

But, the stock was sold out within a couple of days and they had to order another stock to keep up with the demand. After that, every year, they receive fresh fruits from different countries and offer it to the customers on the platform. In addition, Jingdong has been using its technology to help communities in China and helping build meat farms by providing interest-free loans to farmers in different places where farming is no long possible.

To know more visit @: re.jd.com/richard-liu-jd-ceo-about

Serge Belamant is a Legend in Bitcoin Technology

He has many years of experience in the industry, and some of his work has been featured in various platforms. Serge is one of the pioneers of Zilch Technologies and is a patent holder for several blockchain inventions. He believes that every entrepreneur must be ready to challenge themselves and their ideas for them to succeed. The French citizen was born and raised in the country until he became a teenager where they moved to live in Africa with his parents.

After completing his high school education in a local institution, he enrolled for a Computer Science course at Witwatersrand University. He has worked for several firms during his career, where his knowledge was crucial to develop technologies that facilitate banking processes around the world. He used his coding skills to come up with innovative transactions software. Serge Belamant is the brain behind a company called UEPS, which specialized in developing modern payment systems.

He attracted the attention of various international corporations through his innovations. In 1995, he entered into a partnership with VISA to help the company to develop an offline card that could be used by its clients. The use of the card has gained prominence in our modern lives as they facilitate financial transactions. One of the innovations by Serge Belamant that touched the lives of many residents in South Africa was a digital payment platform which could be used to transfer money to different parts of the country.

Currently, the payment system is used in various countries around the world, including Russia, Iraq, and emerging economies. Serge Belamant is one of the board members at several corporations in the United Kingdom, including Prism Group. During one of his interviews earlier this year, he said that the idea of developing financial products for young adults came from his son, Philip.

Serge Belamant makes a to-do list daily to enable him to accomplish some of the most important tasks during the day. He is still a member of management teams at several firms, and his insights have been instrumental in identifying any potential challenges and developing appropriate solutions for them as early as possible.

About Serge Belamant: www.vccircle.com/tag/serge-belamant

Max Salk is Astounded by Fascinating Companies and Stocks

When analysts see good companies or potentially good companies, analysts like Max Salk would want to stick with it for the long haul. Of course, analysts like Max Salk also need to see what makes them compelling. He needs to see why they will grow and be a wonderful company in the future as well. One can see that this may be true if they see that the company is in the same type of environment to see gains, as they were within the past. Said in a different manner, if the future is going to be like the past and the present, then the company may be a viable one to invest in if it did well within specific conditions.

An investment analyst like Max Salk would see that Walmart won over the past for a variety of reasons. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, doubled down and increased sales volumes by lowering prices. Lowering prices allowed him to bring in more customers and stay competitive with others. Of course, lower prices meant that he would have to lower his profit margin as well. Lowering the profit margin would work out over the long term if the company was able to grow, attract more customers, increase their cash flows and push out some of the competition within this manner.

The founder would shortly branch off from one store and add another store within the state of Arkansas. Just fifteen or so years later, the company would have about 24 stores and would be a major store within the state of Arkansas. Sales would increase to more than $10 million. Just a year later, the company would open up stores in other states across the United States. It would stay focused on the same strategy. The company would have already gone public and would conduct stock splits when it was only operating in a few states at the time.

The company would then progress to also moving forward and acquiring a couple of companies that were in line with its vision. The company would see value within these stores and would then move forward to expanding into other markets as well. The company kept it simple and focused on specific products at the start and then grew its specialized stores. After it grew to a specific number of stores would it then add on more product lines.