The World-Renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman, is a pediatric surgeon and is the Founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health. His career is filled with accomplishments, and he has provided children with outstanding healthcare for many years. His specialties include Neonatology, Short Bowel Syndrome and Biliary Atresia.

Holterman, was raised on a farm in Wisconsin, where he helped his father with the family construction business. It was in his youth that he developed a passion for learning. He became interested in Biology and began studying at Yale University. Then he pursued a combined MD and PhD Program at the University of Virginia, and completed his fellowship training at Seattle Children’s Pediatric Surgery.

When Holterman, completed his residency at the University of Virginia, he began working as a Pediatric surgeon (Markjholterman). He has worked at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center and Seattle’s Children Hospital. He has also worked as a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.

Dr. Mark Holterman, has made a significant impact and advancements in healthcare. He has worked as chief surgeon at the Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois. Additionally, he has done charitable work in Vietnam and helped Vietnamese children receive medical care. Holterman, has won numerous awards including the Award for One of America’s Top Doctor’s, the Patient’s Choice Award and the One Time Doctor Award.

Currently, he is a Pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of OSF Healthcare and a professor at the University of Illinois ( Holterman, is continuing his research at his company, Mariam Global Health. His company provides financing to innovators dedicated to researching oncology, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy and medical devices.

Along with being a successful Pediatric Surgeon, CEO and Professor, he is a favorite among his patients. His patients describe him as being a good listener, fast decision maker and having a good bedside manner. Dr. Mark Holterman, has provided outstanding care for his patients and shared his expertise with the medical community. He is an innovator and provides the best pediatric medical care possible.