Mighty Fortress Church – The Global Ministry for Christ

Here are some of the most beautiful plus unique churches in the Minnesota state.

Church of the Assumption, Saint Paul

It’s the oldest church that exists in Saint Paul city, dating back to 1870. The Church of the Assumption was modeled after a Munich, Germany-based church and built in the style of architecture called the Neo-Romanesque that was common in that era. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly

The beautiful church features different shades of red and tan brick Gothic Revival architecture, as well as pointy spires that flanks its two asymmetrical steeples that are anchoring each side.

Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls

The church was built in 1903 and features a blend of Gothic and Tudor architecture styles. In the bottom section, it has local fieldstone construction, while on the top it has half-timbered stucco design. Architect John Sutcliffe from Chicago designed the church.

Mighty Fortress Church

The vision of the Mighty Fortress Church is to build a dynamic church that is multi-dimensional in the northern cities that are located in the Minneapolis plus the surrounding metro area. Their purpose is making disciples of Christ as well as celebrate the presence of God and power in people’s lives. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on facebook.com.

Also, Mighty Fortress Church focuses on applying the principles of the bible taught by their victorious Christian living leader. The Mighty Fortress International has managed to set an atmosphere that’s forgiving, loving, sensitive, worshipful, as well as accepting to others needs. They provide all Believers-Disciples with a place for encountering the presence of God plus His life-changing Word.

Their vision is also maintaining and further developing an atmosphere of forgiveness, acceptance, and love for all cultures and races. All members are sharing the love plus unity at the Mighty Fortress International. Their members and visitors value the love culture in the church.

The church brings the community to church so that they can win them to Christ. They also support other ministries internationally and nationally who reach people for God’s Kingdom. The vision of the Mighty Fortress Church is a global ministry for Christ.