Financial Services Suitable for Individuals, Corporations, and Financial Institutions

NexBank has announced that it will gladly sponsor the Dallas Women’s 32nd Annual Luncheon with $100,000 to help the foundation advance the leadership and economic security of women. The 2017 Annual Luncheon was scheduled for 20th October 2017. The event was to feature an address from Dr Hope Jahren who is one of the top one hundred influential people in TIME Magazine.

Dr Hope Jahren is a renown scientist and also a bestselling author. The address was scheduled to be live streamed to twenty schools in order to reach more than ten thousand students in North Texas. The Dallas Women Foundation hosts the luncheon each year with over 1,300 civic community and business leaders present. Dallas Women’s Foundation is one of the world’s largest regional women’s fund and is considered as a reliable leader in championing for positive economic and social change for girls and women.

NexBank Capital is a financial service company that serves its clients through its core business which is commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. NexBank has assets worth $64b and a charter which dates back to 1922. NexBank provides customized banking and financial services to financial institutions, individuals, corporations, and institutional clients. NexBank Capital works towards the delivery of uncommon value at every opportunity through providing its clients access to custom tailored solutions that are delivered by experienced professionals who have a proven track record of success.

The business line of NexBank Capital is the provision of banking and financial services in the United States. NexBank has online banking services which allows the clients to transfer money between accounts, view account balance and their transaction history, and save time and money through paying their bills online. NexBank also offers personalized banking services following its client focused approach for close to one hundred years.

It does this in consideration of client’s need for tailored banking solutions. The leadership at NexBank Capital is made up of the executive team and the Board of Directors. The executive team constitutes of experienced individuals who are innovative and initiative with strong focus towards helping the company clients to achieve their financial objectives.