Betterworks your Continuous Performance Management Solution

Silicon Valley, the hub of technology, saw itself produce another outstanding technology known as Betterworks in 2013. This technology offers continuous management solution necessary for running a company smoothly. This is made possible through the user data and organizational tools it offers you to enhance the productivity of your company.


This software has unique features of its own, that helps you keep your team and yourself on the right track. Companies looking to grow steadily and keep track of their performance need this impressive betterworks software. All this is to give your entities and employees continuous performance management solution.

In a survey carried out through Betterworks, it clearly outlines the troubling state of talent management. It is important to realize that talent management is essential in playing a major role in improving the performance of individuals.


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Companies should also realize that the transformation of an employee to leadership is a big change. Leadership comes with the responsibility of leading others and assisting others in their work.

Companies should note that most of these leaders also require full support from the company. This is because, through Betterworks, it came to our realization that leaders do not feel supported at all.

Most people managers lack a sense of purpose. Performance and leadership practices frequently pressure them rather than help them. These managers lack purpose aligned with their company. It is by the fact that employees and managers who know their purpose in the company and share the same vision of the company, outweigh and outperform the market by 42%.

OSI Group Keeps Expanding Over The Last Century

OSI Group is one of the biggest companies of its kind in the food processing world and they have been recently expanding for the last several years across the globe and in the United States in particular. The company has been based in Chicago since it was first created more than a century ago, but it now has upwards of 65 facilities that are part o their company in 17 countries. This number is impressive for any company, but especially impressive when you consider that it all began as a family-owned meat market in Chicago. Now the company employs around 20,000 people and is one of the largest companies in the entire United States that is privately held. The strength that the company has when it comes to being able to offer their partners the service that they are hoping for cannot be rivaled by any other company.

When OSI Group first got its start all the way back in 1909, it was located in Oak Park, Illinois. The founder of the company that became OSI Group had only gotten to the United States from Germany two years before he started his tiny meat market. The humble beginnings are truly a story of the American Dream that managed to become part of the interesting history of the food industry in the United States. In fact, its history goes hand in hand with the growth of the fast-food giant McDonald’s, a company they have been partners with for decades.

Many large businesses choose to work with OSI Group because of their abilities to meet their needs on many different levels. They are willing to work with them to create the products that meet the taste and texture profile that they are looking for. While most of the products that the company sells are protein products, they also sell other items such as sauces and vegetables to their partners. Recently, they have been showing a strong focus on increasing their output capabilities when it comes to chicken. They have purchased a plant from Tyson in the United States and expanded one of their own in Spain. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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Jeunesse Global and Their Public Appeal

Part of Jeunesse Global’s public appeal is due to the amount of their resources they put into public efforts. Because they are brought up by the individuals who cared enough to support their company, they only feel that it is necessary to return the favor to the world. They have a grateful approach to life, and because of this, they tend to appreciate everything that comes their way

This is not just a way of living, it is a method of operating your business. Many corporations think that their success is secured simply because they have acquired it in the short term. The truth is that this is never the case. In fact, the idea of “success” is often very detrimental to a businessperson’s mindset. From the perspective of the founders of Jeunesse Global, this is a dangerous sense of comfort to attain in life. In general it should be avoided at all cost. Not that there is something wrong with feeling comfortable in your own personal life, but when you are in the competitive field, especially when it comes to the ever-changing market of the anti-aging product industry, you need to be on top of every technological progress and entrepreneurial breakthrough. Because of this, hard work is necessary for Jeunesse Global’s employees. Besides that, they need to be passionate about what they are doing. Anyone can force themselves to work for a duration of time, even if they do not like what they are doing, if they are given a high enough pay incentive. What many businesses do not realize, however, is that raising pay does not increase the quality of work from employees. It simply allows those who were never going to be a good employee in the first place to get a chance at attaining a specialized position. 

In short, while properly compensating your employees is necessary, Jeunesse Global also realizes that they need to find the right employees who will be motivated not only by their weekly pay but by their intrinsic drive to push the beauty industry forward. This is the prime motivation underlying every business action Jeunesse Global makes.


The Acquisition of Plants by OSI Group

Early this year OSI Group acquire Rose Packing a leading producer of pork products. Rose Packing is well-recognized in the meat industry and generates products for large food processing plants. Rose Packing is a privately-owned institution with headquarters in Barrington, Illinois and a manufacturing plant in Chicago. The senior executive vice president of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, is happy about the recent acquisition. Kevin states that the agreement will result in the merge of two large processing plants in the meat industry. Rose Packing provides a boost to OSI Group. It also expands its business by providing a larger operating facility with more manufacturing capabilities.

Dwight Stiehl, the CEO of Rose Packing and the executive team, is part of the new contract with OSI Group and will work to ensure continuous growth. Dwight is delighted to become a part of OSI. The two prominent firms have a few things in common; these include their dedication and focus to becoming the best. Both also believe in establishing a stable and robust relationship in business. The firms are also an excellent match since they have been a part of the meat business for many years.

Back in 2016, OSI Group purchased Tyson Foods to expand its wares in Chicago. Though some of the Tyson Foods employees were retained at OSI, most of them lost their jobs. Alison Kovaleski, the spokeswoman of OSI, said that she could not reveal any information following the purchase. Most of the details were secretly kept to the extent that the number of employees retained was not disclosed. Recent news from OSI state that the new warehouse is close to other OSI plants; therefore, it will provide the infrastructure required to ensure continuous business development.

Tyson Foods previously provided prepared nutritional products to hospitality institutions. Tyson Foods faced a significant problem being a part of the food industry; their work was unable to meet the rising market demands. OSI Group is a prominent food processing plant with facilities in several states. The institution is privately-owned institutions dealing with all sorts of meat products. Kevin Scott is happy to be having this new facility as part of OSI.

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Article Title: Announces New Partnership With Grand Tokaj

Jingdong, or is the Chinese e-commerce and regular commerce giant of China. They are constantly introducing new products, as well as importing a huge variety of foods from all around the world for their customers to try. One of these new partnerships is with Grand Tokaj – a sweet wine producing company that is headquartered and based in Hungary. This company has not sold products online in China prior to this, so their decision to choose is a big one. Jingdong was chosen because of their advanced technology that can help sellers of e-commerce products with their unique analytics and information on what customers desire.

The Grand Tokaj winery makes high quality wines and they are a company backed by the Hungarian government. They are located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary, which is also famous for vineyards and the unique process used there. This process, called ‘noble rot’ which lets the grapes turn into raisins – but only partially. This gives the grapes an overall sweeter flavour. Thus, this creates a sweeter overall wine.

The wines made by Grand Tokaj Company had a promotional launch on in late April, just when the summer wine season was beginning. The launch was small, only 1,000 bottles of wine, but they were completely sold out within 10 hours of release. In addition, the specific online store allocated to the Grand Tokaj winery has garnered of 400,000 total followers on the site – a huge number.

Grand Tokaj’s success is not surprising, though.’s analytics predict that more than 75% of Chinese citizens prefer foreign, imported wine to the local Chinese ones. In addition, Jingdong’s huge platform and user analytics are an unparalleled tool in terms of selling in a e-commerce marketplace. So, Grand Tokaj makes a good wine, however, by partnering with, they are also giving themselves the absolute best tools possible for the job. is also the biggest alcohol seller in all of China as well. It will be exciting to see how this brand takes off in the future, once the brand joins on a permanent basis.

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Mr. Michael Nierenberg And The New Residential Company

Managing and finding the correct assets requires fearless guidance and Mr. Michael Nierenberg does just that. Current President and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential in 2013, Michael Nierenberg was also eventually made official chairman of New Residential in 2016. Before his succesful job at the New Residental company, Mr. Michael Nierenberg had become managing director along with being the leader of Securitized Products and Global Mortgages at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Prior to starting on with the Merrill Lynch company, Mr. Michael Nierenberg had actually worked with JP Morgan, serving as a staff member of the bank’s succesful, management committee. Mike Nierenberg had also worked around fourteen years along side of Mr. Bear Stearns in a variety of different senior leadership jobs. It was from 2006 untill up to 2008 that Mr. Michael Nierenburg became a member of Bear Stearn’s succesful board of directors. Michael Nierenberg also worked around seven years for Lehman Brothers successfully creating the company’s rate mortgage business. Michael Nierenberg views the company of New Residential in a very unique way and puts the New Residential company in a great position. Before coming on and working at New Residential with Michael Nierenburg and the company team, Mr. Nick Santoro was the official Chief Accounting Officer with FXCM starting from the year 2012 up untill 2015. Nick Santoro has 20 years of succesful financial management experience and has been a powerful and smart individual in the New Residential team. During his time at the company, Mr. Nick Santoro oversaw the accounting department, tax and financial planning events, and directed financial reporting. Click here learnm more



The Impact of Serge Belamant’s Innovations in Technology

Blockchain is one of the revolutionary technologies of all time. In 1989, the first version of blockchain hit the market. Serge Belamant came up with this version becoming the patent holder. As is that was not enough, Belamant made headlines by transforming the banking systems in mysterious ways that improved their efficiency. The speed and secure transaction methods that debit and credit card users enjoy today resulted from Belamant’s unmatched technical expertise. Visa can’t regret hiring the technology guru to remodel their older card models that didn’t have the COPAC, Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card application.

Serge Belamant grew in South Africa after relocating with his family at 14 years of age. His tiler father decided to shift in search of greener pastures. Serge Belamant adopted quickly and started by mastering the English language to ease communication. The indication of a bright career emerged in his high school days at the Johannesburg’s Highlands North Boys High School. Besides leading the school as the Head Prefect, his name also appeared in the top players in rugby, athletics among other competitive sports.

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Serge Belamant’s academic performance didn’t disappoint and joined Witwatersrand and the South Africa Universities with ease. The two institutions honed his computer systems, information technology, as well as engineering skills. After graduation, Serge made a debut of his career at 22 by joining Matrix engineering company. The exposure to the IBM computers provided him with the impetus he needed in his career.

Belamant surprised many players in the industry by creating software that would help in predicting drought by detecting the water levels of the dams in South Africa.

The banking systems had issues in their switching and processing systems, creating massive difficulties in their transactions. However, SASWITCH, the company owned by the South African Banks, hired Belamnt to resolve the problem. Serge came up with National ATM switch connecting all the South Africa banks through fault tolerant system involving stratus computers.

Belamant left SASWITCH and started Net 1 technologies; a company that won the contract from Visa to advance its card system. The company improved the banking system in South Africa that eased the process of distributing grants to the locals among other operations. Zilch Technologies, Belamant’s latest innovation, provides financial solutions through mobile technology.

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Article Title: A Look At Wes Edens Philanthropy And Businesses

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Wes Edens is well-known as a private equity investor. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He is also a part owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Additionally, he is a philanthropist who has helped causes around the world.
He is a very savvy investor who invests in companies in multiple industries. His company manages more than $42 billion in assets under management. One of his investments is a private train service in South Florida, Virgin Trains USA. This company is also developing another train service that will run from Southern California to Las Vegas.

He also invests in liquid natural gas production through New Fortress Energy. His company built LNG production plants in both Jamaica and Miami. LNG is a clean and reliable form of energy. His company plans to supply this fuel internationally, especially in parts of the world where electricity is considered to be a luxury.

Wes Edens bought a share of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014. This team had been an also-ran for years. They are now one of the most competitive teams in the NBA and are widely picks to appear in the finals against the Golden State Warriors. In 2018, he also became a co-owner of Aston Villa Football Club in England. This team is playing in the Second League and the goal is to return them to Premier League play.

Along with his wife, Wes Edens has supported the missions of Partners in Health for a long time. This nonprofit’s mission is to bring modern medicine to parts of the world where it doesn’t exist. They also help provide clean water and food to people so that they remain in good health. He is an ambassador of this nonprofit and his wife, Lynn, is on its board of trustees.

Wes Edens also set up a $2 million professorship at Macalester College. The professorship funds professors who research health and medical geography. They research topics such as environmental health hazards, diseases, and how healthcare is best delivered.

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Article Title: Matt Badiali Talks Precious Metals On Medium

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Matt Badiali sure has a lot to say about precious metals. As a frequenter writer for Medium Badiali looks at the precious metals market from every angle. In recent articles he has encouraged the purchase of silver, gold, and explained why precious metal values have been falling. According to him the market is set for a strong comeback as may precious metals are vitally important to technology.

Medium is not the only place that Badiali shares his expertise. The investment guru also helms two newsletters for Banyan Publishing Hill Company. Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter chocked full of projections Matt Badiali has pulled from the source. As a trained geologist Badilai actually treks the world to personally oversee natural resource operations. The information he fill Real Wealth Strategist with is very accurate, and comes directly from the very operation he vouches for. When not interviewing CEOs and taking soil samples Badiali enjoys a healthy social media presence.

Matt Badiali also puts lots of information on his Facebook page. The entire page is a wealth of investment information with links to articles, and Badiali himself posting about recent developments. Badiali covers the entire natural resource market and his expertise touches everything from natural oil to cannabis futures.

Matt Badiali began his career as an advisor for natural resource companies. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a Masters in Geology, Badiali served as an advisor for a few years. It was not until he was urged by a friend to offers some investment advice that Badilai realized his true calling. He went to Wall Street and made it big, not an easy thing to do during a financial crises.

Badiali is also the man behind the publicized freedom checks investment. The investment is a perk that not many people are aware of. It stems from tax exemptions afforded U.S.-based resource companies. In order to take part the companies have to become Master Limited Partnerships and sell stakes. Stakes are the first cousin of stocks and are very similar. The purchase of stakes gives MLPs working capital that they pay back when dispersing their funds before taxes. As that disbursement is 90% of what they earned the return of capital payment, or freedom check, will be sizable no matter the contribution.

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Article Title: Organic Coffee From Organo Gold Is A Healthy Choice

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The premium coffee produced and sold by Organo Gold has an added powerful natural ingredient that is healthy for the body. The bold smooth flavor of Organo is reason enough to have won hearts of coffee drinkers around the world. It may also be good for the heart.

The results of two recent studies have cast a positive light on the health benefits of drinking coffee. These were studies found in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They noted that consuming coffee may be a beneficial factor to living a longer life. These studies reveal that they have reason to believe that drinking coffee can result in a lessened risk of some diseases. This includes a reduced risk of suffering from heart disease. It may also lower the risk of a stroke.

Researchers reported that the consumption of two or three cups of coffee day could result in a decreased chance of death from certain diseases by 18%. This was based on the findings of a 16 year study comparing coffee drinkers to non-coffee drinkers.

The Organo Gold coffee, and all of their beverages, contains ganoderma lucidum. This is an herb that is derived from a mushroom grown in Asia. Its history of having medicinal benefits dates back thousands of years to its origins as a healthy herb used in the ancient Chinese culture. The coffee is organic, and it boasts the robust taste of Brazilian coffee beans.

The company sells its products exclusively through a network independent distributors.

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