Proficiency of LocationSmart in Business

 LocationSmart was launched in 1995. It was previously known as TechnoCom Location Platform. The company is location-as-a-service.

In 2003, LocationSmart was ranked as the fastest-growing entity by Deloitte &Touche. In 2018 media outlets brought it to the public that LocationSmart was able to provide real-time location of any phone using a wireless carrier.

Location methods used

LocationSmart uses cellular network location, which includes; IP address location, WI-FI location, and hybrid location through a software development kit. The organization offers services to 500 fortune organizations and initiatives.

Ways in which LocationSmart helps the business through IP Geolocation

A company should have the IP Geolocation as it enables secure communication with the clients. LocationSmart has been proved to offer those services effectively to institutions. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

The principal purpose of an IP address is that the host network to be aware of connected devices and users.

  • Compliance with legal rules

Some of the institutions have substantial agreements, and the rules may include the user’s geographical locations. Examples include online gaming and mobile lottery. A player’s site needs to be accessed before they can bet or even withdraw their bet.

Legal results may be applied to such institutions if they do not comply. The use of IP Geolocation has enabled them to locate the user’s locality.

  • Curb online fraud

Online fraud is a major scandal in business; it destroys an institutions name as well as the customer’s services. Any user getting services via e network can be traced. The use of IP location can detect an unknown user or device.

When such an activity is sensed, The business will use an appropriate method to confirm the user’s identity.

  • Real-time communication and Geo specific transaction verification

IP Geolocation enables the obtainment of real-time data about the user’s location when they connect to business amenities. Communication with the customers is accessible as they can see who is accessing their information online.

Communication between clients should be personalized and confidential. Details about the products sold should be given to the customers so that they can select the ones they want.

  • Protected networks and resources

IP Geolocation has network safety. It becomes easy to locate the devices connected in your system. The information will alert you of malicious activities or even hacking so you can take action.

  • Digital data and copyright safety

Many organizations rely on protected data, for example, the streaming of information. For an organization to benefit, they need to allow only the authorized individuals to access the report.

An institution cannot get any profit if pirates distribute the content illegally. LocationSmart has been in a better position to offer safety. IP Geolocation is in place to show when and where the material was accessed.

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