Sentient AI And Personal Merchandising and Branding

Shopping has changed over the years. The most significant change was the introduction to online shopping which is now more popular than the regular going to the physical shop. It’s more convenient, faster and there are more options for different products online. However, retailers adapted and now will try to sell customers more things than they would initially want to buy. Sentient AI is one of the ways companies catch on the shopping history or merely find similar items to sell their customers. If it looks like a good deal, there is a high percentage of cases when people will buy it based on the suggestion.

Technology did not stop there and continued to expand the system and its capabilities. Now searches the system performs more in-depth than ever screening product categories and offering customers related items or sales currently going on at the time of searching. It also prompts people to write reviews based on their experience, and if AI gets involved in the process, it could speed it up making it easier for the company to collect different data for marketing purposes. It does not collect any personal data beyond that, so people don’t have to worry that their account information will wind up on the internet somewhere because they wrote a feedback message.


Merchandising and marketing are the two of the several essential aspects holding up businesses. Marketing specialists and personal branding professionals look at AI and see the future where they will be able to spend more time focusing on the big picture instead of the individual story of each product. The system already offers personalized search options than using an algorithm that helps it figure out what the customer might want to see first. It also works with advertising. The system knows what kind of products customer buy ad push the advertising based on this data.

It also allows the business to see the sales and revenue as well as the changes within the reception and then they can adjust their marketing strategy based on real market data. Using modern technology for merchandising would mean involving the system in the process, and the only human touch would eventually be the tweaks and optimization needed for each marketing campaign and project.

This kind of customer targeting is essential for businesses because it brings in people who are interested in specific products and services before their shopping trip to the online retailer.