ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Classroom

In the past, teachers were equipped with traditional and less effective tools to stimulate their students; meanwhile, parents were mostly kept out of the loop, only being informed of their children’s progress during parent-teacher conferences every other month.

ClassDojo sought to change these dynamics, and they did, through the use of their game-changing app. Teachers are now able to keep track of their students’ development through a points-based system, while also keeping track of attendance and school news. A social media feature also allows them to share photos and videos with parents, and personal-growth videos are used to teach students about empathy and perseverance.

The classroom communication app was created by teacher Sam Chaudhary and game developer Liam Don in 2011. ClassDojo is available in over thirty languages and has been used in over 180 countries. About ten million children in kindergarten to the eight grade use the app daily. The program was shaped by the advice and consultations of thousands of teachers and education professionals.

Competition in the classroom communication niche exists (platforms to upload homework, for example), though ClassDojo remains the preferred company due to their broader focus of connecting students, teachers and parents while providing enrichment opportunities through the use of innovative programs and interactive media. The company has received 250,000 drawings from young fans of the app’s monsters and mascots.

The company grew fast; in the beginning, the first version of the app spread to 35,000 classrooms in just twelve weeks. Half a decade later, the company managed to raise over thirty million from investors and is now worth about $100 million, according to Forbes.

ClassDojo creates a calmer classroom

ClassDojo is launching mindfulness lessons aimed at changing students’ behaviors and attitudes. They believe that students who are acting out or having trouble focusing can benefit from a few moments of meditation. Meditation can help them to regulate their emotions, dissipate anxiety, and feel less stressed. Most teachers and parents believe that this could help students, but only a small percentage of schools offer this coaching.

To help schools teach mindfulness, ClassDojo created a “mindfulness moment” lesson for all elementary schools to use starting on May 10th. This lesson was the kickoff to a week of short mindful lessons where students watch a video with a guided meditation. Marc Brackett, the director of the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale, helped create the lessons. The company’s vision is to create an environment for students where they will receive an education that they love. They believe that starting at a young age is key to creating enduring lessons in mindfulness and that both students and teachers can benefit.

ClassDojo was started in 2011 as an ed-tech startup. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created it as a social media-like platform for parents to interact with their children’s classroom. Educators can upload tasks, videos, or photos, and parents can then view and “like” them. Parents can also communicate with teachers through the app and see how their children are behaving using on a points-based system. It is estimated that the app is in-use in two-thirds of all schools in the United States.

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