Betsy DeVos and Thoughts About Charity

Betsy DeVos becomes uneasy any time she meets people who are greedy. That’s because the emotion of greed isn’t at all familiar to her. It’s something that feels extremely distant to the philanthropist and activist. Being a political activist is something that’s akin to breathing for this lady from the American Midwest. She’s been operating as an activist of sorts for many decades. Calvin College was a turning point for DeVos. She attended the Holland, Michigan institution of higher learning in the seventies. That’s when she realized that she wanted to hone her political abilities. It’s the place that made her have all sorts of relevant epiphanies.


“Elisabeth Prince” was an American college student who had excellent study habits. She was always alert in her classes. That didn’t detract from her devotion to political matters on campus, though. She always put 110 percent into advancing political causes that were important to her. Things that matter to this woman are never ever placed on the back burner even for half a second.


President Donald J. Trump know a lot of people. There’s one person he knows inside and out, too. He knows this person like he knows his wife, Melania. He knows this person like he knows his daughter, Ivanka. Betsy DeVos is a lady who makes President Trump feel completely reassured. He knows that he never has to fret over her getting things accomplished. He is aware of the fact that her work ethic is of world-class caliber. Hiring someone to work as an American Secretary of Education can’t be simple. It looked simple for President Trump, however. That’s because he knew deep down that DeVos had no rivals. She has so much integrity on her side. She has so much commitment on it as well. Giving up is something that bores DeVos. It’s something that’s never on the table for her. Giving up is never on the table for her diligent husband, Dick, either. They often bond with each other due to their avoidances of surrender.


Does Betsy DeVos want to transform the planet? She wants to do so more than ever. Making the planet a functional place is something that appeals to her. It’s something that makes her want to work rapidly day in and day out. She revels in her Education Secretary position. She grasps that it’s a position that gives her a lot of sway. She likes to be able to chat with parents in the United States who want to take action. She gets frustrated when she realizes that she cannot do much to push their causes to the front. That’s why she puts so much thought into the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


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ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Classroom

In the past, teachers were equipped with traditional and less effective tools to stimulate their students; meanwhile, parents were mostly kept out of the loop, only being informed of their children’s progress during parent-teacher conferences every other month.

ClassDojo sought to change these dynamics, and they did, through the use of their game-changing app. Teachers are now able to keep track of their students’ development through a points-based system, while also keeping track of attendance and school news. A social media feature also allows them to share photos and videos with parents, and personal-growth videos are used to teach students about empathy and perseverance.

The classroom communication app was created by teacher Sam Chaudhary and game developer Liam Don in 2011. ClassDojo is available in over thirty languages and has been used in over 180 countries. About ten million children in kindergarten to the eight grade use the app daily. The program was shaped by the advice and consultations of thousands of teachers and education professionals.

Competition in the classroom communication niche exists (platforms to upload homework, for example), though ClassDojo remains the preferred company due to their broader focus of connecting students, teachers and parents while providing enrichment opportunities through the use of innovative programs and interactive media. The company has received 250,000 drawings from young fans of the app’s monsters and mascots.

The company grew fast; in the beginning, the first version of the app spread to 35,000 classrooms in just twelve weeks. Half a decade later, the company managed to raise over thirty million from investors and is now worth about $100 million, according to Forbes.