GoBuyside Connecting Clients With The Most Qualified Candidates

GoBuyside is a global firm which was established to create a link between employers and highly qualified employees. It is headed by Arjun Kapur who is the founder and managing partner of the company. The organization has more than 400 clients from over 52 cities in the world ranging from Canada, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, China, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Most of their clients are companies which work hand in hand with other established companies and startups to provide services in acquisitions, buyouts, growth capital, mergers, ventures and investment strategies. Setting up an account at GoBuyside is very easy. You only need to share your personal details, certificates, work experiences and career interests. The organization has a team of professionals who will review your details before approving your account. If your account is successfully approved, you can customize your account changing the settings to connect with industry professionals and school alumni. Successful candidates can view the numerous opportunities available, qualifications needed and payment information. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

GoBuyside is an organization that values the privacy of their clients. Client’s data is encrypted with a top security system as it is a requirement under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR is a law which mandates companies to secure the data of the clients using their platform. The EU passed the bill in 2016. GoBuyside protects other firm’s data such as the personal information of their clients, portfolios, bank details, names and investment interests. The bill also directs data controllers to inform their clients in case of a breach within 72 hours. Users can also decide to delete the information held by the controllers when they want to. Clients also have the liberty to request data controllers to share details of how their information is being used.

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One of the advantages of being on the platform of GoBuyside is that the firm matches you with the best talents in the market thus companies are assured of hiring people with the best qualifications and experience. The data handlers on GDPR platform are either employees or service providers who have specialized in data encryption. These data handlers only hold data that is essential in processing personal information of their users and secure the information from falling into the hands of a third party. Clients registered under GoBuyside’s platform have the advantage of accessing necessary information which helps them to comply with the rules and regulations of GDPR. These companies use sophisticated technology in recruiting candidates by screening them according to the qualifications required. Initially, firms would use traditional methods to look for a suitable candidate for the position they need. The most popular method used was advertising on newspaper. This system was tedious since applicants would send thousands of applications thus making companies spend a lot of tie going through the tens of thousands of applications. However, with the evolution of internet and technology it is now easier to get a candidate of your choice. GoBuyside is one of the leading companies which has provided an optimum platform that connects candidates with recruiters. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.