Seymour Segnit Offers Entrepreneurial Advice


MAGFAST is a new company that provides charging devices using wireless technology. Seymour Segnit founded the company and serves as the CEO.

In an interview, when asked which was the most important between logic and feelings, Seymour Segnit indicated that he felt feelings were more important. He indicated that he used to use logic to make himself look smart to other people. It was not until he began using his verbal skills to make other people feel good, that he really discovered how important feelings are.

When asked about a book that has been particularly important to him, he stated that “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo, was very impactful to him. Seymour Segnit has approached communication in his company MAGFAST around information he received in the book.

His typical work day usually starts with some form of exercise. He then will have meetings between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. He does indicate that his productivity tends to be sporadic. At times he is extremely productive, but it is not a consistent thing. It varies depending upon where he is with an idea. New ideas spur great productivity in him. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Seymour Segnit finds that he does not always know how he will bring an idea to life, but he knows that once he gets started, the path becomes more clear as he moves through the process. With MAGFAST, he was profitable right from the very start. It was unprecedented as to the level of money he raised just in the first fifteen minutes of launching the business.

Seymour Segnit did not doubt the potential for success of the company. He felt that if people showed up to see the launch, the idea would sell. The only concern he had was whether people would actually show up. Luckily for the company, they did show and helped with the fast success of MAGFAST.


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A Calculated Approach to Female Empowerment Under Smita Shah

A quick glance around the social order of the 21st century world makes one single aspect particularly clear. The role of women in society has extended far outside of the house. There are parts of the world where women lead governments, represent districts, have high wealth, or simply run their own businesses. Women have achieved greater freedom than past generations would have ever dreamed. However, a closer inspection shows the adversity many of these women faced to reach this point. The barriers of centuries of suppression still have their lingering impacts. Smita Shah has spent much of her career challenging social norms in the workplace. During a recent discussion with Premiere Gazette, she shows how attitudes are moving a better direction.


As someone who presently carries the mission of generations of women’s rights activities, Smita Shah has expanded on her past on many occasions. While her fellow female peers were out having fun, she choose to remain inside glued to the books in front of her. Her parents and friends alike were amazed by her math skills. This laid the foundations of what Smita Shah would eventually become. Over the years she won a handful of competition, gained peer recognition, and acquired the self-confidence to trust in her own abilities. In 1998, SPAAN Tech, Inc. was founded on the backbone of her current state. Industry leaders from many corners found themselves keeping an eye on her presence.


While Smita Shah was fortunate enough to live under positive circumstances, many of her fellow women have not been so lucky. In the article, she describes how social limitations are placed on women during their childhood. They are taught to stand aside and let a man handle everything. In addition, they are told to stay put and know their place. While the number of women at the top has risen over the years, their are still many at the bottom who are subjected to distasteful language.


Smita Shah concludes her discussion with a series of tips for women who are able to enter the workforce. The first step is knowing your own skill set. In this industry, co-workers are always looking for any opening to gain an advantage over each industry. Any level of misjudgment could have affect one’s ability to develop strong connections. However, Smita Shah has one tip above all else for her fellow women. She wants them to feel loved and believe in their own potential. Your heart has to be in the game for success to flourish. Learn more:


Between the competitive environment of business and the position of women in the world, the raise to the top will be full of obstacles. However, reaching the summit is worth the journey.

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Maximize Time Like Max Salk

Max Salk is a generalist. As a generalist, Max Salk has a wide variety of many different talents that help him to use different parts of his brain. He takes pride in the fact that he is competent in varied fields like photography. Thanks to new technologies Max Salk and others can step outside of their comfort zone and continue to dive deeper into their talents and abilities.

Seeking Comfort Could Be Highly Toxic to Certain Aspects of Your Life

It’s important to understand that in the pursuit of comfort, the feeling that we often end up finding is indolence. We become complacent in the success that we have achieved, only to lose out on the triumph that we can obtain with a specific level of personal drive. 

In other words, we lose our ambition.

When this feeling of comfort vs. uncertainty is applied to business, it shows that those who seek comfort in everything they do actually tend to let go of their drive to take risks.

And it actually has adverse effects on them. 

You might have seen a lot of people who got “too comfortable” after getting a big promotion, and remained stuck to their position for the rest of their careers. They never grow after peaking at a certain point in this endless chase of comfort. 

On the other hand, you may have witnessed a very tiny portion of those who quit their longstanding jobs because they didn’t want to be “too comfortable,” only to achieve greater success in another job or their own business venture.

While there are too many people to remember in the former category who sacrificed ambition for comfort, there are a few names that come to mind for the latter category, who weren’t afraid of uncertainty and ended up building an empire out of taking risks. 

These names include but are not limited to Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight, who spent years selling shoes for others before starting his iconic company; Spanx’s founder Sara Blakely, who used to sell fax machines before launching the shapewear business that changed fashion forever; and Minecraft’s creator Markus Pearson, who worked as a computer programmer before developing a multi-billion dollar gaming franchise.

Jason Colodne Forges A Successful Financial Career Alongside achieving His Hollywood Dreams

Even the richest and most successful people in the world have dreams they wish to achieve over the course of their lives. A good example of those who have achieved success in one area of business and continue to strive for even more in another area os the Colbeck Capital Management financial expert, Jason Colodne. The co-founder and Managing Partner at Colbeck has taken up the executive producer role on a number of movies in recent years and proven he has an eye for choosing successful projects that can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

The career of Jason Colodne began in the mid-1990s when he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in History and Finance. The graduate did not wait around when it came to starting his career and set his sights high in terms of the financial institutions he was willing to work with. After leaving college in 1994, Colodne had arrived at Goldman Sachs in 1998 where he became the Head of Distressed Research, Investing, and Hybrid Lending. The New York-based investment specialist moved from Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley where he became the managing director of Strategic Financing and continued his expert role in identifying distressed business opportunities.

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Despite the success, he had achieved at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne found his most recent and long-lasting success with the decision to start his own Colbeck Capital Management brand. The company was formed with the aim of using the skills of Colodne as an expert in the identification of business opportunities with companies who are in some form of financial difficulties. The strategic objectives of Jason Colodne and his staff at Colbeck are to identify brands which can be aided in returning to good financial health. The work of Jason Colodne at Colbeck is all-consuming with the Managing Partner working to ensure all documentation, such as loan paperwork and the execution of loans that are created to protect all parties and maintain the excellent reputation of Colbeck.

Like most successful people, Jason Colodne has a long history of looking to help others in the best possible ways including providing his time for charitable organizations. One of the groups that are closest to the heart of Jason Colodne is the Young Professionals Organization-Metro New York. In giving his time and expertise to the young professionals of New York, the Hollywood film producer is giving back in terms of his own time and expertise.

Chasing his dreams is something Jason Colodne has chosen to do even after he has achieved success in the financial sector. For Colodne, the desire to enter the film industry was strong and was achieved in 2012 with his decision to take part in the production of “Act of Valor” as an executive producer. Jason Colodne did not rest on his laurels in the years after the successful release of “Act of Valor” and set out to follow this up with other movies. The release of “Beyond the Lights” in 2014 saw Colodne become involved in an Oscar-nominated movie and pushed him to achieve more than ever before in both his financial work and his movie industry dealings.


Vinod Gupta Will Never Forget Where It All Began

Regardless of the amount of money Vinod Gupta, the Managing General Partner for Everest Group, makes he will always remember where he came from. Gupta grew up in a small town in India and went to the village school. He did get accepted to the Indian Institutes of Technology where he studied agricultural engineering.

His next step on the educational ladder was a trip to the United States to study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After graduation, Gupta went to work for Commodore Corporation. His job was to create a list of mobile home manufacturers and dealers within the United States. Gupta quickly realized that no complete list existed.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and ordered phone books to make his list. He borrowed $100 to create mailers to advertise database and to his surprise orders started to pile up. That was the start of his first business. A short 20 years his company was valued at a half of million dollars. It eventually sold for $680 million. Gupta’s success has not gone to his head and it is always important for him to give back.

One cause that is close to his heart is education, especially the education of women. Vinod Gupta returned to the place of his childhood and donated a million dollars to open the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic.

This school was opened specifically to educate women. Fields of study include web design, textile design, computers and more. In two years, women could walk away with a degree. Gupta also gave money to his own village so they could set up a school for younger girls. His goal is to close the educational gap between Indian girls and boys.

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Oren Frank on Why Online Therapy Is Very Beneficial To A lot of Clients

 Oren Frank is CEO and founder of the company Talkspace. He has used his platform to talk about the advantages of online therapy for quite some time now. We sat down to speak with Oren about his views on why online therapy, including Talkspace, is more beneficial than most people realize. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.


According to Oren Frank, it is perfect for people who live in remote areas. Some people cannot get to a physical location for therapy. Their mental health issues suffer due to this inconvenience. That is why places like Talkspace are a great alternative for those who live in remote areas who do not have access to the other conveniences most do.


We have found, according to Oren Frank, there are a lot of clients who have physical disabilities. They are either in wheelchairs or homebound for some health issue. That is what makes this situation perfectly. The clients can go online to Talkspace and speak with a professional therapist who can give them the help they need. There are a lot of inbound patients who suffer from severe mental health issues. They can get the same benefits of going to into an office as they can be sitting at a computer.


Most remote access plans, including Talkspace, offer convenient payment plans and pricing. Some places you have to pay $100 a pop for a visit that is less than an hour. According to Oren Frank, that can turn people off in a big way. That is why Talkspace was founded as an alternative. The information is also more accessible.

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Industrialization is taking a paradigm shift since women are becoming part of nation-building not only as a mother but also as engineers, doctors, and politicians. Some of the world’s re-known female luminary CEOs are committed to taking this world into greater heights in terms of development. The CEO of SPAAN technology is a woman named Smita Shah. She is just one of the many women who have decided to designate their place in society. Smita Shah runs a company that is legalized to operate in many states in the United States of America. Smita was an exemplary performer in mathematics both in high school and college. As a professional engineer with remarkable skills in engineering and business education, she has remained one of the most common names to come across in both local and international media.

She is also a keynote speaker that demands a high degree of dignity in the way you treat her. Courtesy of her influence in the field of both business and engineering has earned her such respect. Her achievements have made her win many awards in the world’s business award ceremonies. Her company came into the market in 1998. It is one of the companies with an exponential rate of growth. Some complications that require engineering solutions get solved by her company.

The dedication to her work is what makes her a mentor to many youths. International relationships have also improved because of her vast extent of partnership with other companies that share the same goal as hers. Policy organizations honor the civic leadership abilities that are making her consultant for strategic advice.

According to her, the more you become wealthy, the higher the responsibility you have for society. However, it is also easy to fall if your time management skills do not satisfy your obligations. As a female entrepreneur, she has managed to uphold the respect that people give her by being intolerant to people who address her by her first name. She believes that having the men and women around you address you by your full name leaves no room for questioning who the boss is. Learn more:

It is normal to find women being easy targets to fetch coffee in an office environment. Smita is out to advise women that being a victim of such incidents might put your career in jeopardy. She is suggesting that women should avoid providing such special treatment and also rejects such treatment from men in a work environment.

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Oren Frank Tries To Close The Gap Between Therapy And Patients Through Talkspace

Although there has been a lot of effort to cut the stigma in mental illnesses, there are still people who are afraid to get therapy. Oren Frank, the co-founder and the current CEO of Talkspace is trying to reduce the stigma and offer therapy for people who needs it through the use of the latest technology and the convenience of the Internet.

Advancements on computing devices and Internet connectivity bring a lot of services online, including therapy. He created a platform called Talkspace, which connects customers to licensed therapists. Talkspace has been helping people all around the world get the therapy that they needed, with the majority of clients using the platform had never received therapy before.

Talkspace is also beneficial for therapists who like to have a side hustle in order to supplement the income from their main job. Licensed therapists that work with the company can work in their best schedule and while at home. They can also decide the number of clients they’re willing to help. For more information, be sure to follow Oren Frank on social media including his Twitter page

Oren Frank was a senior marketing and advertising executive when the idea for Talkspace was born. “Therapy for all!”, both accessible and affordable is where the idea for the company came from. Frank and his wife Roni first hand experienced the effect of therapy when they attended sessions that helped save their marriage. Right now, the couple is living happily together with their two daughters. Roni left her career as a software developer in order to focus on Talkspace.

One of the habits that makes Oren Frank productive is to apply moderation in everything he does. He believes that the system in may offices are destructive to people. Employees should work reasonable hours, as well as have a healthy lifestyle and family life. Good work and life balance should enable an employee to enjoy other interest and alone time other than being in their jobs.

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How Recruiter Brian Torchin Brings Value To The Healthcare Field

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur in the staffing industry. He founded HCRC Staffing in January 2007 and is this company’s managing partner. He helps his clients by finding the best people to fill their open positions whether that’s a chiropractor, dentist, physician assistant urgent care doctor, front office staff, and more. He is based in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School he attended the University of Delaware, majoring in exercise science. He then attended New York Chiropractic College, graduating in 1995. Brian Torchin spent the next several years managing medical clinics along the East Coast.

HCRC Staffing is a full-service organization. In addition to matching people to open positions he also offers career consultation to people who are looking to apply their skills in the field of healthcare. As a chiropractor himself, he knows how difficult it can be to find a good position that is right for you. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

He is a detail-oriented person who makes sure that when he matches a company and potential employee they are both right for one another. This includes education, past experience, and whether they have the right temperament to fit into a company’s culture. He works with companies and individuals across the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

He fits writing about the job market into his busy schedule. Brian Torchin has written blog posts about subjects such as how to hire the best employees, what questions to ask during an interview, and what strategies to follow when it comes to online marketing. His goal is to satisfy the needs of both employees and employers so that everyone benefits. This includes making himself available to answer questions whenever his clients need and offering efficient and fast solutions. His clients say he’s a knowledgeable team player who has benefitted their organizations.

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Zeco Auriemo Carves Out a Path for JHSF to Follow to Prosperity

Zeco Auriemo is the President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a conglomerate in the development of projects including the Cidade Jardim, Fazenda Boa Vista condominium as well as the Fasano hotel chain. Zeco was recently received for dinner alongside Mariana in Edoardo Caovilla to grace the launch of an Italian shoe brand Rene Caovilla store in Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. The event which was held a few years ago and it was graced by invited guests only.

Zeco Auriemo has been part of the company’s growth for the last few decades and as a result of his contributions, it has been able to increase its streams of revenue. While still new at the company, he came up with the idea for the construction of Cidade Jardim. The idea seemed unrealistic at first with his father brushing the idea off. Zeco Auriemo’s father, however, came on board later to support his son to venture into the new niche. He led the company throughout the path to global expansion and getting into various industries including the fashion industry. As a result of his relentless efforts, he is always being invited to see off some great projects launched by their affiliates.

Zeco was also instrumental in the rebuilding of a structure on the famous 5th Avenue. He collaborated with other concerned partners to get approvals necessary to make the building the best luxurious building around. 5th Avenue is a prestigious location envied by many successful individuals and organizations across the world. Located on the east side of Central Park, acquiring the building on the location was a milestone.

JHSF has become a household name in not only the real estate industry, but also a number of other industries. It ventured into the real estate industry in early 1990s and since then, it has acquired and developed several prestigious and luxurious properties.