Peter Harris: Maximizing Insurance Success by Offering Specialty Insurance Products

In the insurance business, many people and businesses are familiar with common insurance policies. Dental insurance, automobile insurance, theft insurance, and common medical coverage are some of the usual insurance policies that people are aware of. The same picture is reflected in the number of insurance companies offering the same services in the industry. However, other insurance companies operate in different and special sectors. This is where Peter Harris demonstrates his knowledge and experience.

The former Chief Executive Officer of CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in different parts of the world has played a key role in addressing some areas that are not covered by the mainstream industrial players. Peter Harris has brought into the industry what other companies in the insurance sector don’t offer — addressing insurance needs in very critical and unique sectors that are rarely covered by even the largest insurance companies.

Specialty insurance products include policies that address some unique insurance needs that make traditional insurance policies more comprehensive. Businesses and individuals need insurance companies that offer additional services and cover them against risks and uncertainties in some special areas. Peter Harris has been addressing these areas while at the same time ensuring that all the businesses and people in lookout for special insurance policies get them. This has been a huge reprieve in the insurance sector because businesses and employees know that their insurance needs are met.

Peter Harris, through CBL, has been addressing some of the most complex insurance demands that are not covered by other major players in the insurance industry. Some of these factors include life insurance, which is one of the most complex insurance products in the insurance industry. Other specialty insurance products offered by the company include short term and long term disability and critical accident coverage, among others.

About Peter Harris

Besides the professionalism and experience that Peter Harris has demonstrated in the insurance sector, the knowledgeable financial expert holds other influential positions and is a member of boards in various organizations. He is a board member at Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd and European Insurance Services Ltd, among others.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings provides their customers with a satisfactory loan that everyone is trying to get their hands on. People are only paying around 5 percent or less and it doesn’t matter what your credit score is they are trying to treat every person equally and provide them with the same contract as the other person. In order to get approved for this loan though you need collateral.

The Benefits Of Refinancing Your Vehicle With Ignition Financial

When you decide it may be time to refinance your car, there are many benefits in doing so. Todays interest rates have dropped drastically. They are historically so low, you are probably paying a lot more on your current loan. Refinancing may be an excellent opportunity to save money every single month. Take a look at what rate you are paying on your current auto loan, it may be much higher than you think. Interest rates have been getting lower every year, usually around one per cent or even more in some years. Once you decide to refinance, it’s easy. Just tell them to “slash my payments.”


Refinancing your car may improve your credit rating, making future purchases on a large scale easier and with a better interest rate. If you had bad credit when you purchased you car or if you had almost no credit at all, this translates into a much higher per cent on your financing. If you have been making your payments by the due date on your loan for a reasonable period of time, your credit has probably improved already and refinancing may be an excellent idea. There are online sites that enable you to check up on your credit score. This is usually a good idea because it will show you exactly where you stand. If you are having trouble making your payment, an extension of your loan may drop your payments to a level that is more affordable for you when you make your payment each month.


First, make certain you are aware of how much money you owe on your current car loan. You need the exact pay off figure, which is how much you will be refinancing. Then check on the value of your car through the newest book available. Ignition Financial is a superb source to go to when you decide the time is right to refinance. Their expertise lies in the area of finding the right loan for each individual. They will get you the best financing possible whether you are refinancing a car you leased, buying a vehicle from your company or a loan you currently have on your vehicle. There is no wrong time to save money.

The Midas Legacy Is Out To Help Individuals, Businesses, And All Of Society

The Midas Legacy has become well established as an advisory and wealth management company. This is not the extent of their services though, as they are willing to work with anyone regardless of their affiliation to business or whether or not they want financial success. They help people not only manage finances or reach their goals for wealth, but plan out their futures, live healthier and happy, and set up their retirements for the future.

The expert and dedicated individuals working behind The Midas Legacy are passionate about helping people living happy in life, and achieve their dreams. They want to help all people improve their lives and help all businesses flourish. When working with them, people will quickly find out how invested they are towards helping them achieve their goals.

The company also has a number of business leaders and experts come in to offer advice and give feedback to clients on different matters. A great deal of the information they offer is on financial management and investment strategies, as many entrepreneurs come to them looking for guidance on how to build successful businesses and maintain them for the future, which takes a fair amount of management skills.

The company offers The Midas Code to all of their client members, which is a guidebook full of information and basics to getting started with the company and gaining experience on different matters. It also helps individuals make a plan out for their lives and even their retirements, as everyone has to retire some day. Through their guide and representatives, they can help their clients reach their potential and live the lives they want.

The Midas Legacy is also active in philanthropic services and activities, and they donate to a variety of different charities to help out. This includes the Give Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to battle cancer for children and their families. The Midas Legacy thinks it is important to contribute and help out because many organization would fall under without the support of others, and it is these organization that are doing important hings to better the world.