The OSI Group and McDonalds Connection Could be a Catalyst for Healthy Foods

There debate against intensive animal farming and the downside health and environmental risks associated with livestock products got a boost in 2011, thanks to the research tabled by Stanford biochemistry professor, Patrick brown. His efforts culminated into the founding of Impossible Foods in 2011. Brown’s company specializes in the analysis of the molecular formation of animal products. The nutrients and proteins in the animal products are then highlighted and that very molecular formula replaced with similar plant-based proteins and nutrients to provide healthier alternatives to meat products.

The OSI Group is a meat processing firm with several hundred plants and operations in over 10 countries. Its major markets entail the extensive retail industry and the food services sector including other outlets in the US, China, parts of Asia and the majority of the franchise’s shops in Europe. This heavy command of the upstream meat supply chain could be directly affected, in a positive way, following the recent strategic alliance between the mega meat processor and Impossible Foods.

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Impossible Foods is well-known for its Impossible Burger and other plant-based meat substitutes. The innovation is major in the food industry and has been responsible for the significant surge in demand for Impossible Foods’ products, especially in North America.

The list of investors and strategic partners lining up to amplify Impossible Foods’ growth has increased drastically. The latest to join hands with the organic meat producers is the OSI Group McDonalds which aims to use its economies of scale in food production to accelerate capacity and production of the Impossible Burger at one of its facilities in Oakland, California.

How does this plan line up with McDonalds vision? Well, the changing customer preferences such as the growing interest in vegan diets and calls for food retailers to offer more healthy foods has forced the franchise to switch-up its menus.

Most of the franchise’s restaurants now serve salads, smoothies, fruits, and hopefully will include plant-based meat products such as the Impossible Burger and natural sausage products based on the new-found collaboration between McDonalds chief supplier and Impossible Foods. Several major retail food stations and brands have already started testing out Impossible Foods products and it would be advisable for McDonalds to jump on the trend.


OSI Group Mc Donalds provides insights on its hamburger making process

There have been lots of concerns about the food making and food preparation process OSI Group McDonalds. The concerns have become even more as the company has been doing quite well on the global platform of late. To deal with these concerns, this global fast-food brand offered to take the media on a tour of its factory in Gunzburg, Germany. This tour was aimed at providing the companies customers with an insight into its hamburger making process. Hamburgers are this global fast food brand bestselling offering recording more than 75 burger sells per second worldwide.

Dedicated high-standards of quality and hygiene

Eunice Koekkoek, the company’s representative who guided the media during with this tour, pointed out that they were dedicated to high standards quality and hygiene. She stated that all the meat coming to the factory is taken from the best animals. Moreover, the slaughterhouses sent their beef to the factory in large chunks to minimize the chances of bacterial contamination. This OSI Group McDonalds representative said that once the meat arrives at the factory, it is inspected and any contaminants like bones are removed. To make this process as effective as possible, x-ray inspection is standard.

Employees’ hygiene

This OSI Group McDonalds representative told the media that her company puts a lot of emphasis on employee hygiene in the making of its burgers. She stated that no employee was allowed to work if they had any viral or bacterial infection. They had to first subjected to treatment until they are well healed before resuming work. Additionally, Eunice Koekkoek said that the factory had numerous handwashing installations to make sure that employees can wash their hands regularly.

From distribution centers to restaurants directly

One of the reasons why OSI Group McDonalds burgers are of high quality is because they move from the food distribution centers to the restaurants directly. This means that as a consumer you get them while they are as fresh as they can be. Eunice Koekkoek said that this was possible as the distribution center was conveniently located next door to the Gunzburg factory. This convenience is replicated in other factories across the world.


Article Title: The OSI Food Solution Experiences A Continuous Expansion

Article Text:

OSI Food solutions food company majors in production of meat products. Its head offices are located in North America with other facilities distributed in various countries globally to cater for needs of its customers. The company gained trust in its customers as well as within its local community by production of high-quality meat product which meats the needs of the consumers. In addition, the company uses environmentally friendly process in whole cycle of meat production. This improves the hygiene as well as environment conservation which motivates many.

Since its establishment, OSI food company has witnessed a continuous expansion in business. It has achieved this through application of good business strategies in its production process. Moreover, the company has collaborated with various organizations which have drove the company to meeting global meat product demands by offering the best link to connect with the customers globally. Cooperation such as Alaska milk corporations has offered the OSI food solutions the best strategy to export its product in other countries.

Internally, the company has been able to implement new technology in some of its areas of investment such as poultry farms. It has used new equipment which are capable of multiplying the quantity of meat products being produced to a great extent. With this, it has been capable of meeting the increasing demand of these meat product in various regions globally.

In addition, the OSI food processing company utilizes its innovation center to develop new ideas as well as strategies to best manage its business. It is in this innovation center which has helped OSI food solutions company thrive best in business. The analysis of what the customers really needs as well as what aspects of the products needs to be improved are evaluated in this innovation center which was established in the year 2011.

The OSI food solution is one of the companies which are improving the economy of many communities. It offers employment opportunities to many people who are able to boost their living standards. The company also continually offers opportunities for new workers o join it in meeting its objectives.

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